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12:21 am, May 23, 2022

15k Protean Traps - Hunter AFK Leveling RS3

Yep well almost 15k traps anyway. I used a few hundred already. 

Total Traps: 15445

Current Hunter XP:  14,682,486

So 15+k traps, plus double XP week, plus pulse cores and jadincos. Lets go!

I guess the DXP timer is a good time indicator of time trap spending, or time spent trapping...

Trying over in this jadinco jadinko spot, probably not the best xp here, but its quiet, i think the carrion ones are always taken esp on dxp weeks.

Img Sauce +

Mmm Protean 


  • 14300 Traps Left
  • XP Total : 16,491,000
  • DXP Timer: 41:01:00

Time Spent (so far):

42:23 - 41:01 =

1 Hour and 22 Minutes.

Traps Used: 

15443 - 14300 = 1143

Total Exp

16,491,000 - 14,682,000 = 1,809,000

Experience Progress

So in 1 Hour and 22 Minutes using Protean Traps and Pulse Cores on Double XP week, I gained 1.8 Million hunter experience using a total of 1143 Traps on Shadow Jadinkos. 

Now if i check how many traps are left, and then times that by the 1.8 million i can see how much exp i can expect, except that i will probably run out of pulse cores. I think i went from 65 cores to 48 cores. 

How much more XP can i expect?

14300 / 1143 = 12.5

12.5 * 1.8million = 22.51 Million exp

So 22 Million exp more, and about 10 hours of time spent (ish).

That's actually more hunter experience than i started with in total, as i only started with 14 million exp.

A Few hours in update

i actually cant really be bothered even AFKing this! so i just do it for a few mins here and there. 

Traps: 11792

XP: 20,428,000

DXP Timer: 37:52


Time: 41:01 - 37:52 = 3 Hours+ (ish)

XP: 20,428,000 - 16,491,000 = 3,937,000 xp

Traps: 14300 - 11792 = 2508 (i may have opened more protien traps, hmm or not)

XP Per Hour (lazy):  3,937,000 / 3 =

Current XP Per Hour

1,312,333 XP per hour. 

Protean Powerups for Traps

I always wondered but didnt bother checking if the powerups work on traps, well apparently...

These have no effect on traps, so dont bother. 

Update: yes i got bored of this, and didnt bother logging back in... DXP or not. 

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