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Bank Setup for Farming

Making Super Compost

The easiest way i found to do this, is just buy 15 melons from the GE and add them to a compost bin, i used the one below Falador. Close the bin and then wait 90 minutes, i think you have to bring back 15 buckets with you to fill with super compost. 

Melons cost only about 250 per melon, and super compost costs about 700 so its worth making your own. 

You can then make this into Ultra compost by adding 2 volcanic ash to the buckets, but i have not yet tried this. 

Planting Trees & Saplings

Tools Needed: Watering can, pot, acorn, trowel

You will need 15 farming to plant oak trees.

Get an empty plant pot and a gardening trowel, goto a farming patch and fill the pot with soil.

Plant the Acorn in the Pot and water it, then you have to wait until it grows into a sapling and you can plant it in a tree patch like the one in Falador. 


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