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RS3 Herb Run Notes

Just some random notes i found on RS3 Herb Runs.

Quick Herb Run

Can do this one in 5 - 10 mins easy, if all the herbs survive makes good prof, even if they dont still overall makes good money.

Herb Run:

  1. Start at ardougne loadstone, do the animal paddicks if you want while there.
  2. Plant your kwuarm seed in the patch there (or whatever herb seeds you are currently using). Kwuarm seems to sell for a bit so worth it. 

    Ardougne herb patch

  3. West of Draynor, woodcutting skill outfit (sentinel) to the elder tree there. or draynor loadstone and go north west.

    West of Draynor

  4. West of Port Phasmatys : if you dont have the ecto phile, just loadstone to canifis and run east.

    West of Port Phasmatys

  5. North of Catherby : Loadstone to catherby. Run north west. 

  6. Roof of Troll Stronghold
  7. Inner circle of the Crwys district of Prifddinas
  8. North of the Wilderness Volcano in the Wilderness


Grab greenfingers aura (available up to legendary), active for 20 min cooldown for 60 so it is ready to be used every herb run, patches won't be diseased for the entire time it is active, chance to gain another herb.

Use juju farming pots, either buy them from GE or make them yourself. Lasts 5 min, chance to gain another herb.

Wear: Explorers ring, ardougne cape, farmer outfit (botanist head if you don't have farmer head), wilderness sword, fally shield, greenfingers aura (magic secateurs in toolbelt)

Inventory: 6 super compost, 6 seeds, ectophial, botanist head(only for 3 times a day tele), crystal tele seed, trollheim tablet, juju pot

  • Start at a bank, withdraw preset

  • break trollheim tab, run to patch, use juju pot and activate aura

  • ectophial to canifis patch

  • explorers ring to falador patch

  • ardougne cape tele to patch

  • botanists head/lode to catherby patch

  • crystal tele to cryws patch, could also do bush patch here if you want

  • BANK, withdraw 2 super compost, 1 bloodweed seed, 1 ugune seed (or whatever highest seed is if you aren't making juju pots), juju spirtbag

  • juju bag to herblore habitat patch, plant ugune

  • (you could bank here using wildy sword if you don't want to risk whatever before wildy)

  • wildy sword to herb patch, run south after (if tasks completed you can use wildy sword tele in level 30 wildy, otherwise youll need a glory ammy)

  • BANK i will do my mushrooms afterwards every 4 hours, so withdraw 1 super compost and 2 morchella spores, tokkul zo (yanille lodestone/crystal tele to amoldd otherwise)

  • tirannwyn lode to mushroom patch (requires medium tirannwyn tasks)

  • tokkul zo to fight cave for fairy ring to canifis mushroom patch (disease free after morytania tasks)


I personally start at:

  1. prif herb patch,
  2. ecto to canfis patch,
  3. run to mushroom patch,
  4. loadstone to other mush patch,
  5. load to catherby patch,
  6. load to ardy patch,
  7. load(or cabbagespeak ammy tele) to draynor patch.
  8. Some people start at troll patch but i dont ever bother.


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