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3:38 am, July 18, 2021

the next steps after maxing in runescape

So now im 99 in all skills what do i do now?


Well that is an option, but i still like playing, and while grinding to 99's i have skipped a few (lot of ) things

Now i am maxed i feel less pressure to do stuff, and can take the game a bit slower.

I think ill work through quests, i only have ...

189 quest points out of 421 thats a bit to catch up on. 

then there is the diaries i have a lot missing there as well. 

I also have an old spreadsheet of all the quests i need to do. So many left!

plenty to do, im checking them off in order of apearance so some will be already done. 

also have to make sure i have saved up 20 bonds by Dec / Jan for the prem membership. 

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