RS3 Dailies

  • Vis Wax
  • Buying Runes
    • Edgeville
      • (Slayer Master Mandrith/Zam Mage (1st))
    • Burthorpe
    • Yanille
      • Magic Guild
    • Varrock
      • Loadstone then into the city and east a bit
    • Port Sarim
    •  Void Knight Outpost
  • Buy Feathers from Sophenheim 
  •  Slayer Master Broad Arrow Heads

RS3 Tree: Locations

  •  Lumbridge North of loadstone
  •  Falador: Park
  •  Taverly: North loadstone
  •  Varrock Palace, Dwarves Tele and east
  •  Tree Gnome Stronghold: Spirit tree tele
  •  Prif: South East

RS3 Herb: Locations

  •  Ardougne (Player Owned Farm)
  • Draynor (Loadstone and then North West)
  • West of Port Phasmatys, East Canifis (Loadstone to Canifis, Or Slayer Cape to Mazchna)
  • North of Catherby : Loadstone to catherby. Run north west. 
  •  Inner circle of the Crwys district of Prifddinas
  •  Roof of Troll Stronghold
  •  North of the Wilderness Volcano in the Wilderness


  •  Herb 50k
  •  Agil Prif ~20k Max
  •  Thieving (spice and fur ardy)
  •  Cooking
  •  Crafting
  •  Firemaking (1-5 invent Logs)
  •  Fletching (1-5 invent bows)
  •  Rune Crafting
  •  Hunter
  •  Summoning
  •  Dung
  •  Div (one cache)
  •  Construction
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