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12:03 am, December 13, 2021

tools i still want to create

This is my inspiration list, or when i have a tool idea, i should add it here so next time i have nothing better to do, create one of these tools. Once created i will move the tool link over to this completed tools list

Meta Tag Checker ✅

Add a url and show the meta tags and h tags, and also give a seo score based on the included tags and the content of the tags. 

Tool Completed: Meta Tag Checker

Tool Notes: I completed this one a while ago, it seems that my site gets a fairly average SEO score based on this tool.. I should probably fix it. 

Toggle Item Generator

So i can add a title and content, and as many items as needed, such as a FAQ list and it will generate the code for accordion or toggle items. 

Font Awesome Icon Search

Allow the font awesome icons to be searched and when found by keyword display the icon and embed code. Font Awesome Icon Search

Base 64 Image Encoder

Allow uploading of image files and encode them into base 64 string, for css embed and show the css code for the image. 


Those annoying spam SMS's add a list of numbers to block here, and the number of times they have been reported for spam. 

Image OCR Text Extraction

there is a library that can extract text from images here. Tesseract OCR for PHP

echo (new TesseractOCR('german.png')) ->run();


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