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11:43 pm, January 13, 2022

add a live reloading server with one npm command

I work on a lot of html sites, and usually i go into the editor make a change, go back into the browser and hit reload or clear cache and reload, repeat process.

I saw all of these NPM's and other things like that that have live reload, i tried a script that also does this but it didnt seem to work well.

Then i googled it again and found this article that describes how to install live-server from npm, and its really that easy if you have node and npm installed. Why have i been manually reloading all this time!!

Install live-server

sudo npm i -g live-server

once this is installed just open a terminal at your location you want to live reload.

and run the command


then this will open a browser with all the files in that location, just click a html file in there and its auto live reloading, make a change and its there!

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