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2:51 am, June 30, 2021

RS3 Dungeoneering Leveling Log

One of my final 99 Logs. Only two to go, Invention and Dungeoneering.

I use some acronyms here so here they are:

  • ED3 = Elite Dungeon 3
  • Dung = Dungeoneering (as i cant spell)
  • Trash = All the non boss mobs
  • Mobs = Umm.. NPC's?
  • Run = going through the level and then resetting it

One of the easier ways to level it is just running ED3 and killing the trash there. Its fairly AFK so can be done with not too much attention. I just use a lege pet and ring of life incase i get distracted so usually i dont get killed in there. 

Current Level 89 Dung, 10 Levels until 99.

Decent money from ED3 as well. Here is my current chest loot box. 

90 Dungeoneering 

Lamps... hey it was only 100k exp.

How much exp per ED3 trash run

Just want to see how many runs i have left to do

This is with bonus exp and cinder cores, so going to get slower again once they all burn out. 

5,366,548 pre run

5,402,993 after run

With Bonus Exp and Cinder Cores the exp per run is... 36,445 per 8 min run. 

How much Exp until 99.

7,631,000 / 36,445 = 210 runs.

210 x 8 minutes = 1680 mins worth of runs.

28 Hours worth of runs left, and thats with bonus exp and cinder cores. Thats a bit!

So maybe double that with no bonus exp.

Well keep grinding. 

The grind is slow on this one. and very non afk, if you do afk then there is a high risk of dying. which is annoying, but the pet and ring of life makes it less risky. 

Runs with No Bonus

just wanted to test how long my runs were and the exp and loot while im doing it.

Run 1: the 1st run here seems off xp wize, 10k xp for a run?

Run 2: i got lucky with the loot on that run, at 1.2 mil for a run. But still only 10k per 10 min run... thats bad.

# Run Time Dung XP Start Dung XP End Total XP Mini Boss Loot Value
1 10:28 6,309,718 (missed start) 6,319,468 9,750 1 Unknown
2 9:32 6,319,468 6,329,881 10,413 0

3,848,633 (start)
5,128,827 (end)
1,280,194 (total)

3 8:40 6,329,881

(not complete, ran out of food on boss...)

13,077 2

5,124,566 (start)
5,296,309 (end)
171,743 (total)

how many runs at 10k per run?

Just wasted 3 pulse cores on magic xp argh! remember to toggle that off...

6,704,550 / 10,413 = 643 Runs Left

643 x 9:32 = 5,992.76 Minutes

5,992 / 60 = 99.86 Hours

So that is a lot of runs... Left, /sad

I wonder if there is a better way to level it and invention. 

I just did a search for fastest dungeoneering on rs3, and all i get is do the sink holes and also just do floors, but i really dislike doing the floors on dungeoneering, and i much prefer the loot and combat exp i get from doing the elite dungeons, so even though its quite a bit slower i think ill still stick with it. 

there is just something about doing the floors in deamonheim that really annoys me. plus you dont really get anything out of it except for the xp which is annoying. 

ill just stock up on bonus exp and pulse cores for it to make it a bit quicker i guess.

Here is a quick video on me doing a run!

92 Dung

93 Dung

discounted lamps! :)

94 Invention

im going to add invention here as well as its kinda paired with dung

94 Dung

its a slow grind.

96 Invention

actually seems easier to level than dung.

97 Invention

Its happening... much faster than dung! :P

98 Invention

yep pretty easy, couple more runs and i should be done. dung is still going slow. well 95 dung, still... 4.2m to go.

99 invention

yep a whole 2 levels in invention and still 95 dung. /sad

Yay Beach Event has an AFK Dung hole!

IDK what this was... but it gave free beach items.

Ok so exp before the evnt started was 660,000 until 96. Easier than ED3 anyway. 

100 invention

it really does seem to go quick!


96 Dung

Finally a level!.. takes sooo long.. well it seems too anyway.

ok so the beach is making it a bit faster, so fast i missed 97 somehow...

97 Dung!

two to go.

The last 98

98 Dung

One level until.... max!

Hmm not a good look... or is it. 

So close and now im over heated from the beach. Also i discovered that if you are overheated then even drinking the advanced cocktails does not allow you to go back into the dung hole.

So finally i have done it, 99 in all skills. Its taken a while but im here. 

Ill add some videos of hitting 99 and also getting the max cape and going to the guild for the 1st time as well. 

99 in all skills and 99 Dung!!

Here is the video

100 dung

yep still going

prob time for bed now

and dung 101 is here

i know i said i was going to stop at 99, but i just cant give up the free exp from the dung hole... plus the chat about the hole is kinda funny.

clawdia shows up every few hours and everyone pops up out of the hole to take her down, and then back down in the hole again.

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