so i guess i will have to re-think my comments strategy

so i wrote a quick and well not that spam free (apparently) comment system for this site.

while i was adding it inbetween test comments i found there was already spam being added, before i had even finished the code!

I had already added google recapcha to it, but i did not do the call back to check if the recap was successfull, so the bots must be bypassing it using another method. 

No actual real comments have yet been added. 

I might have to just disable it until i figure out how to stop the spam. 

I have noticed the same kind of comment spamming happening on wordpress sites as well so its not just me. 

Are people really that desperate for spammy back links?

I will try adding a spam score function, to check the comments for dodgy keywords, as i get more spam, i can add to the filter to make it more accurate. 

i have added that function to the comments add page, it seems to work quite well, if it finds 2 of the words in the array, it just returns the spam score rather than actually adding the comment. 

Now ill just monitor it and see if any new spam comments get throught the filter. 

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This is my test area for webdev. I keep a collection of code snippits here, mostly for my reference. Also if i find a good site, i usually add it here.


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