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4:51 am, July 25, 2021

RS3 Post 99 Leveling Log

I will be adding all future levels here from 99 up. 

102 Slayer

Half a billion XP

103 Dung

still going, i missed the screen shot!

i hope they close the beach event soon so i can go and do something else!

104 Dung

yep the event is still going, but im out of ice creams now.

100 Arch

I started leveling arch again for some reason, i think its benificial to get to 120 in this skill and its fairly easy and satisfying.

101 Arch

DXP and im not sure what to level at the moment

100 Farming

brutish dinos hey, hmm have not heared of them

105 Dung

I missed the level! but 105 dung done. 

105 Arch

pretty easy to level mostly afk and then restore some artifacts to level

At level 105, return to Everlight and begin excavating the stockpiled art pile. While excavating, you will get between one and ten mosaic pieces. Use 300 mosaic pieces and the restored Hallowed Be the Everlight painting on the elevator to finish the Hallowed Be... mystery. This does not consume the painting. Going up the elevator, use the four bucklers, found while excavating piles/caches on each island, on the statues to start a light puzzle. Complete the puzzle, use the elevator to go up again, and use a kantharos cup on the light to complete The Everlight mystery.

I found this video helped on how to open that section for 105 arch

106 Arch

i think this is my highest single skill now, pretty easy to level, just a bit grindy and expensive. 

Now what do i do?

Level 106
Total experience between these levels is 2,713,437. 

At level 106 return to the Orthen Dig Site and teleport to the Observation outpost. Enter the site, interact with the Dragonkin Pylon and complete the puzzle by changing the symbols on the Pylon as follows: 3-1-5, 4-1-4, 1-6-7. This results in obtaining a Strange device. Interact with the device and then walk to the Moksha ritual site. At the site, interact with the Dragonkin statue and enter the following chat options: Sha, Cra, Lith, Kab. Then, as before change the symbols as follows: 5-1-6, 4-1-8, 5-1-4. Now you can enter the site and activate the Orthen teleportation device after completing first Incomplete Portal Network II and having 20 unnoted Orthenglass in your inventory. Use of Signs of the Porter is useful at this location. Otherwise, banking can be done by using the Portal Network to teleport to Base Camp and back to the Moksha Ritual Site.

I did a quick video on how to solve this one. its a bit annoying.

107 Archeology

i get lazy when typing and dont bother to type in the whole skill... yep. But sometimes i do.. ;)

where too next at 107 i wonder. a have a massive tab in my bank now, filled with arch stuff its getting to be a worry actually, as moving up to the bank limit thanks to this tab! annoying tab!


Look at this arch tab, and its not even all the items showing! cant really clean it up until i max out arch either. very annoying. 

107 arch ancient magic munitions location

i have no idea where this actually is in karet et dig site. hmm.

The wiki mentions it is here, and only accessible if the pylons are active or powered or something whatever that means. 

Guess i just have to wait out side until the pylons are active or something. Or just get some pylon batteries and power these up to access it. 

I have not added an update here for a while now well it seems like it anyway. 

106 Dung

While fishing, yep thats how many exp lamps i have used, i usually add them to slayer or dung.

103 slayer

yep its a slow one, but i have 3mil bonus exp, but still slow.

108 Arch

nice and easy, afk archeology. just doing the yak track at the moment. I think this will be my 1st 120. 

110 Arch

and i missed it, oh well still have the text.

95+ Divination Training

I have to grind these things almost every day to get enough porters for Arch training. 

I was just sitting and converting memories at the Level 95 poison wastes when i saw a message asking about the nightmare muspah familiars which act as a divination pak yack pretty much so all the memories you grab from the rifts go into them making it a slightly less painful process to harvest, the pouches are about 38k each so pretty good investment and last for about 60+ minutes. 

I think its a worth wile pet to have while training, and also make sure you hop to world 79 as there is pretty much always a community there doing the 95 div training, and there is always a enriched spring which makes it nice. 

101 Farming

yes i actually bothered to check my farm

Tom Cruise

I didnt realise he played?... ;) I guess he has a lot of spare time now. 

111 Arch

That was a quick level!

Back to stormguard again, just have to see where exactly. 

2800 skill total!

I quit my current clan as there was never anyone online anyway and the citadel was always locked, oh well. 

104 slayer

doing fire giants, just doing some easy tasks

113 Arch

half way there apparently to max? or to 120 i guess. dam. 52 million exp in arch. that is a lot.

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