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1:48 am, February 18, 2022

Dust Devil - RS3 Slayer Monster Locations and Techniques

Dust Devils

I was going to add this one, and then i forgot, whoops.. Ah well i will add it now. 

Weakness: Some kind of mallet? Maybe a pixel mallet. Is mallet even a thing?

Why is it that whenever i get a new slayer task i have to google the mob and where to find it, how hard it is to add something to the mini map or something, without google or some kind of search engine no one would be able to even play this game.

Apparently they are in the Smoke Dungeon, and you need a slayer helm or ear muffs, or something else. Ill have a look how hard they are to get rid of. 

Go to Sumona in Polonivitch (spelling?) and head down to the well there, put your mask on. 

Seems you have to go a bit more west and then head down that hole.


Then they are directly where you spawn in there pretty much

Dont seem too hard to kill, so should be a fairly easy task. 

Dust Devil Combat


Agression potions seem to work well here for a bit of AFK slaying. 

If you are having a hard time keeping your health up on the Dust Devil's you can just eat the kebabs they drop... Mmm... kebabs!


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