how to add a darkmode toggle to switch css and remember it dark mode

So it seems the trend lately is to add darkmode to everything...

Dark Mode

Light Mode

Its actually not that hard to switch style sheets and add a dark version of the same style, it seems to be a bit laggy in switching though as its quite a large script, but it does work.

This was actually harder than i thought, you can just switch out the whole style sheet, but if its a big one it flashes and then loads the alternate one after each page load.

So i had to add a function that replaced the class names with the dark version.

You can view the code here.

Update: actually i never finished this post but i did solve this problem. I originally had one that just switched the style sheet and saved it to local storage (in the browser) as well to remember it.

Code is below... for real this time! πŸ˜‰

Actually i just realised this was content rather than code, so ill link the code post.

darkmode toggle switch with local storage to remember the last selection 

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