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4:05 am, July 17, 2021

Music that you can play while streaming or recording to upload videos, non copyright.

Yeah so i keep getting copyright flags on youtube if i just use whatever is streaming in the background, which is annoying, so while gaming if you want to have some music you can play while streaming and not have it flag it this is my list of music.
I like progressive house mostly as its chill, and i can still think.

Melodic Progressive House (Original Mix) Royalty Free | Copyright Free 

EDM MIX 2020 - No Copyright Music for Twitch & Youtube 

GAMING EDM MIX - No Copyright Music for Twitch 2020 | PS5 Special

No Copyright Music (Royalty Free) Progressive House Mix - Perfect for YouTube Videos

EDM MIX 2021 - No Copyright Music for Twitch & Youtube

Proximity - 2020 Gaming EDM Mix (Free to stream/DMCA Free)

Ultimate No Copyright Music Mix: 1 Hour Free Electro Music

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