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12:48 am, April 28, 2022

Fix Mouse Scrolling Lag on Mac OS, Remove Smooth Scrolling on Mac OS

Have you ever plugged in (or connected) a non apple mouse to your mac to have the scroll behave weirdly, slow and laggy?

Well this is due to built in scroll inertia which cant be turned off unless you have access to its setting, which does not appear on non apple mice (sometimes). 

This app to the rescue. Install this and it should solve the issue. 

girhub mac mouse fix

When you run the app, it might give you a warning message, you need to go into preferences and security and then allow the app to run. 

After seeing this message go into preferences, and then security and privacy. 

Once you get it running you need to click on enable.

Then you will get this screen

This is almost correct, but you need to check the following for the mac mouse fix to work.

Now just uncheck these two items. Smooth Scrolling and invert. And scrolling should be back to normal on your non apple mouse.

This may also work on apple mice, i have not tested it. 

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