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5:34 am, April 28, 2019

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Graceful outfit

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What are the best ways of slaying Metal Dragons?

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pi hole and hassio

1:11 am, August 24, 2018
What is Pi Hole?Pi Hole is basically a firewall that sits on your home network and blocks out all the adversiter and tracker sites. So if you want to block a large percentage of the dodgy/ad/tracker..

Windows is now trying to upsell on the volume mixer icon

6:38 am, August 14, 2018
Windows is now trying to upsell on the volume mixer icon

How to record audio from chrome into a file

3:56 am, April 18, 2018
I had an issue the other day where i needed to record audio from the browser, surprisingly this is not too hard you just have to have the right application and settings.

Windows 10 on a 32 Gig eMMC Drive with Updates - Solved

1:16 am, April 18, 2018
I have had this issue a couple of times now. You get a cheaper end laptop with a 32gb main drive, and after the 1st round of windows updates. No Disk Space error.

database file: /home/kruxor/Dropbox/
comments_dbfile: /home/kruxor/Dropbox/ ($db_comments)
views_dbfile: /home/kruxor/Dropbox/
$dbfood_file: /home/kruxor/Dropbox/
db_linx: /home/kruxor/Dropbox/
Classes Loaded:
Class Extend Loaded: class/extends/expenses.extend.php
Class Extend Loaded: class/extends/gary_cummins_timeline.extend.php
Class Extend Loaded: class/extends/moo.extend.php
Class Extend Loaded: class/extends/osrs_item_data.extend.php
Class Extend Loaded: class/extends/osrs_slayer.extend.php
Class Extend Loaded: class/extends/osrs_slayer_monsters.extend.php
Class Extend Loaded: class/extends/searches.extend.php
Core Database Connected: expenses.db
expenses add_to_menu:
Class Extend Auto Initialized as: expenses
Core Database Connected: gary_cummins_timeline.db
gary_cummins_timeline add_to_menu:
Class Extend Auto Initialized as: gary_cummins_timeline
Core Database Connected: moo.db
moo add_to_menu:
Class Extend Auto Initialized as: moo
Core Database Connected: osrs_item_data.db
osrs_item_data add_to_menu:
Class Extend Auto Initialized as: osrs_item_data
Core Database Connected: osrs_slayer.db
osrs_slayer add_to_menu:
Class Extend Auto Initialized as: osrs_slayer
Core Database Connected: osrs_slayer_monsters.db
osrs_slayer_monsters add_to_menu:
Class Extend Auto Initialized as: osrs_slayer_monsters
Core Database Connected: searches.db
searches add_to_menu:
Class Extend Auto Initialized as: searches
user access level:
$start_val (page_number x page_step):0
$total_items: 32
$page_nums: 0