Aligning Images in TinyMCE or Floating them left and right

This might be a bit of a obvious one but i only just discovered that you can do this with images the other day rather than just using it for text content.

I'll use this editor as the test one for now: 

and more text!

Ok lots of text now, and we add a random image, and resize it to about half the screen or editor width.

then if you have a look at the source code, and look for the image tag you will notice it does not have any specific styles on it just yet. 

So rather than adding the code style="float:left;" you can just click this button. and it will align the image to the left of the text, if you want a margin added as well, you will need to add the code. margin-right:10px; or something similar to the style tag that is added to the image. 

Now you can see that the text is right up against the image, so we just want to add a bit of margin in there. to the left or right depending on which way you align the image. 

You can add this in the advanced settings for the image.

Update: actually i tried using the advanced settings, and i could not type in there properly, so might be a bug in there. But by checking the source you can add the margin in there fairly easily. 

Click on the image and then click on the little image icon in the top right up there. 

Just view the source and find the image style tag and add the code in there:



So your image tag will now look something like this:


<img style="float: left; margin-right: 10px;" src="" width="332" height="265" />

That is pretty much it, i will link the simple code below so you can have a try in the demo editor here. Just copy and paste in the source code in there. 

Aligning Images in TinyMCE or Floating them left and right (code)

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