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Fixing PHP SQLite database is locked warning - Unable to execute statement: database is locked Apparently this error is caused by not closing the database after using it.  Warning: SQLite3::query(): Unable to execute statement: database is locked. You can close the database using the following code: PHP$db->close(); unset($db); // you can also set a busy timeout for sqlite $db->busyTimeout(3000); Posted in php 12:24 am, August 26, 2020 Other Items in php Fix for Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function file_get_dom() simplehtmldom simple_html_dom Fixing PHP SQLite database is locked warning - Unable to execute statement: database is locked simple usage for php password_hash change string to capital words ucwords change upper case case string to lower case (uppercase, lowercase) convert a string to uppercase with php php substr return part of a string php countries array check if a timestamp is older than one hour making var_dump look nice php mysql table exists function how to display a php file as html with php php convert date now into a sql timestamp Generate a Random User Name return a state name from an australian postcode get the average of a number list using an array in php IP Address PHP Finding the position of a string in another string using strpos PHP str_replace - find and replace part of a string Random string generator function in php suniqid using the disk free space function in php create a mysql or sqlite current timestamp with php Cut a string when it finds a certain character with PHP validate a url using php with FILTER_VALIDATE_URL function to create a uid from html calculate a percentage (dec) difference based on two numbers check if a user is logged in using sessions PHP MySQL vs SQLite Count Items Function How Many Days Since a Date and other Calculations Date Conversion PHP Generate a random title from an array echo todays date and time in a nice format Generate Sub menu using Core page load timer class human_filesize php for loop set variables $p1,$p2.. etc as blank sqlite check table name exists get current class name with get_class assign array to variables in a loop generate a random color rgb code with php Regular expression breakdown regex preg_replace php replace anything in brackets in a string using preg_replace regex php for loop with a 5 increment Get Current Page URL PHP Get the document root path in php $_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT] remove all of an element in a string count the elements in an array wordpress register enqueue javascript require jquery show errors in php with toggle wordpress show the post content for use in a template
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