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watts to kwh power cost converter

Enter your device Watts and your Power Cost per kWh

You can find the Power Cost per kWh on your power bill statement. You can also get a monitor that will tell you the real time watts usage of the device if it does not specify.

For the default values i use my latest power bill (NSW, Australia) and a 60 watt bulb as an example running all the time.

All results are approximated and will probably have other connection fees and such added to the total, this is just to give you an idea of how much things are going to cost in their raw state.


Raw Values

kWh value:

Hours Running Per Day:

Hourly Cost: $

Daily Cost: $

Weekly Cost: $

Monthly Cost (28 days): $

Qtr Cost (84 days): $

6 months Cost (183 days): $

12 months Cost (365 days): $