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calculate a percentage (dec) difference based on two numbers 693error Warning: getimagesize(uploads/583517f49099a.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in SimpleImage.php on line 1198 633Oldschool Runescape Ironman guide By OzirisRS 494atom editor useful keyboard shortcuts 436emoji data - version 1.0 368Efficient OSRS Maxing Guide 348still more comment spam 316Slick Slider Carousel with Custom Next and Prev Buttons 286RS3 Best AFK training all skills 284Where do i get a skinning knife if im a night elf? 267hero widget header - creates a nice looking hero item from a target uid and class 260linking search results to view pages [finished] 🤣 252load google sheet data into json string with jquery 236replacement slider for ken wheeler's slick carousel tiny slider 2 [testing] 223center mode slick zoom testing 216Changing the default hero image based on the category name [not yet done] 204center mode slick zoom testing 204Testing Playwrite on for Node 202scroll down the page using a button click 196Efficient OSRS Maxing Guide 194RS3 Best AFK training all skills 189stacktable jQuery plugin for stacking tables on small screens 186calculate a percentage (dec) difference based on two numbers 176Slick Slider Carousel with Custom Next and Prev Buttons 172Using Flexbox rather than Floats 166highlight a button with an animation css 165atom editor useful keyboard shortcuts 161responsive three box section with tabular data or table data 160sqlite fetchArray into another array 157RS3 Dailies Lists 157fancybox modal popup example 154@import and html link to Montserrat font family google font 152css grid for layouts and how to use it 144install codemirror for textareas [added] 139find and replace hrefs in existing page links using jquery 133fixing error Call to undefined function simplexml_load_string 132Footer Design and Redesign 127inline fancybox modal testing 126page scroll indicator research 126video not auto playing issue in chrome and brave 125adding background blur to an image using css fill screen 123views list function for checking what views have been made on the current week 119loading content into fancybox modal using ajax 119Slick Slider Carousel with Fade Transition 118get the value of an input form element (input value) 116get the value from a textarea element 113passing in arrays to your functions rather than using variables 111Your Hardware Enablement Stack (HWE) is supported until... 111enable tinymce on a target textarea by id 111@import and html link to Montserrat font family google font 111loop through a complex object json javascript 110convert a string into its html entitles using php htmlentities function 110slick carousel jump to a slide on element hover 110calculate a percentage (dec) difference based on two numbers 109counting the occurrence of words in a multidimensional array 106extracting the useful bits of bootstrap 104How to Pass Props to a Stateless Functional Component in React 104more complex responsive tables css 103css grid for layouts with no rows 103check box highlight text area css 101Adding HTML Templates into TinyMCE Editor 100css double page document preview with shadow 99Common and Uncommon Meta Tag's and Social Meta Tags 98add a youtube video preloader function, lazy load youtube [fixed] 98Oldschool Runescape Ironman guide By OzirisRS 96Where do i get a skinning knife if im a night elf? 95RS3 Runescape Archaeology 1-99 Leveling Guide List (of where to dig) 95recreate marquee element using css 95top bar overflow issues [fixed] 94using php parse_url function to remove the query string from a url 94scroll to top html css and js 94Slick Slider Carousel with Fade Transition 94Spam IP Database and delete button 93jquery page search [testing] 93fixing the website footer and making it less ugly 93set transparent menu over background image 93css slow zoom in animation 92404 Error Page Codepen 92validate an email address from a form field - version 2 92Level 3 to All Capes - Ultimate Runescape Guide 91using babel for react compiling in browser 91Using props with Stateless Functional Components in React 91load json with vanilla javascript no jquery 88Factorio Blueprint Books 86find all elements add class jquery 86twitter json feed testing 84making the search page nicer 84submit form with javascript 84Nginx Server Block with Rewrite 84fix for Uncaught (in promise) Error: reCAPTCHA placeholder element must be empty 84using clamp js to clamp lines of text 83wordpress enqueue slicknav and slick slider 82wordpress get the current category id name and slug 81Slick Slider Showing Multiple Items at a time 80function to delete older sqlite records when the limit is reached 80add paging to wp list query 78image Checkbox Replacement for Forms 77log the console log output to a div 76Converting PHP to Javascript for State Extraction by numeric value Australian State Names 76show the difference between two dates in years, months, days, hours and seconds 76

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