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IP Address
IP Address Lookup Geo Location

This tool allows you to look up the location of an ip address using geo location data. You can add a custom ip addres or use the one that this tool has located.

3:29 am, April 6, 2023
date and time
generate date time id stamp

This should take the current date and time and generate a unique id from it, this is based on the sites time zone. So maybe slightly off to your own timezone.  Timezone: 'Australia/Sydney' Form..

12:13 am, January 11, 2023
number formatting
restyle and shorten number

Format a number 1k 1mil etc Takes a number like 1000000 and converts it into 1mil. I also have a version of this that adds an abbr tag to the output in case you want to see the exact value.  1m..

5:27 am, December 5, 2022
file extention
Return a file extention from a string

This is a limited function, and it has an issue where if there is more than one . in the string it may return not the file extention, but it basically extracts the ".txt" or the end part after the dot..

5:37 am, December 2, 2022
unique id
create a unique id from a html string

Type in a string or a html string and this utility will produce a unique and url safe id from it, so it strips out all the spaces and other characters that urls and browsers generally dont like. ..

2:48 am, December 1, 2022
number calculations
calculate a percentage difference based on two numbers

This calculation takes two numbers, the Total Value and the Difference from the Total Value and returns the Difference and the Difference as a Percentage. I still cant remember why i made this functi..

2:30 am, November 30, 2022
user name generation
Generate a Random Username - Version 1

This utility will generate a random username every time its run it uses an array of random names and can also apply a prefix to the username.  This will generate 10 usernames randomly each time ..

8:55 am, November 29, 2022

This is my test area for webdev. I keep a collection of code here, mostly for my reference. Also if i find a good link, i usually add it here and then forget about it. more...

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