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Guide to maxing in RS3 F2P ironman - ver. 1.1c

Guide to maxing in RS3 F2P ironman - A path to 99 all by Maghda ver. 1.1c Join the F2pironmanfc friends chat and discord! ( :) Link to image version: This is not intended to be a definitive F2P ironman EHP speedrun guide, rather it is a selection of fairly efficient methods strung together into a reasonably sensible path to 99 all. Feel free to skip steps and come back to them later, or try out alternative methods. Most importantly, HAVE FUN :D! It's a long road to maxing a F2P ironman, but thankfully there are many different ways to get there, so play the way that you enjoy. ----- 0.00 Dailyscape This section details the thankfully short list of dailies that are handy to do on a F2P ironman 0.01 Buy feathers daily (1k from Lumbridge and 1k from Port Sarim) 0.02 Daily challenges are great, do them unless you're trying to force a daily 0.03 Do daily shooting star until you feel you don't need the income (usually after 75 fletching, but feel free to keep doing them. Too much cash is a good problem to have) 0.04 Buy water/earth/fire runes until you have enough for urns, air runes for combat, and nature runes when you feel you can afford it. Rune shops are in Burthorpe, Port Sarim, Varrock and the Mage Arena bank in deep wilderness 0.05 Evil trees and goblin raids are optional but do provide resources that will add up over time. Goblin raid completions also have a chance at Gud raider gear, the BIS melee 1h axe, shield and body armour 0.06 Weekly broken home replay is a huge lamp for ~20-25 minutes effort. Becomes worthwhile when the XP from the lamp is more than you'd get from 20-25 minutes of training 0.07 Potions from Warrior's Guild are a moderately useful gold sink 0.08 If you really have cash to burn, buy sets of rune armour from Champion's Guild + Ozaich. Having sets of armour ready to go will skip a step while making burial armour sets, speeding up your smithing training ----- 1.00 A strong foundation This section is about getting you started with a strong foundation for your F2P ironman adventure. If you get stuck or have any questions, feel free to join the F2pironmanfc friends chat or discord ( and ask questions, we're here to help! 1.01 Unlock all F2P lodestones, do blood pact quest while in Lumbridge and pick up pathfinder gear while in Port Sarim from Gudrik 1.02 [Recommended] Mine a shooting star ("Star Find" fc for calls) and buy your 2k daily feathers (Lumbridge and Port Sarim fishing shops) 1.03 Train your P2P skills to 5 (20 for archaeology) and block their daily challenges at the challenge mistress south of Burthorpe bank. If you mined a star and have the cash, buy 18 bagged plants and a house in Falador and 3 watering cans from Taverley farm tutor for fast 5 construction and 5 farming at your POH in Rimmington 1.04 Train to 20 attack, strength, magic, ranged at Burthorpe troll cave NW of Burthorpe lodestone 1.05 Head to the docks south of Taverley and travel to Daemonheim island, then dungeon skill until 20 fish, 20 cook, 23+ craft, 20 fletching, 10 smithing. (Complete C6 floors collecting resources, after the boss return to the smuggler and sell your resources to buy desired skilling supplies) 1.06 Buy some thread from Jack Oval south of Burthorpe or Dommik in Al Kharid. Train to 50 attack, magic, ranged and 40 strength at corpse spiders making spider silk bottoms to sell at general store until you have ~150k GP, then switch back to Burthorpe trolls if you prefer (trolls are faster, but no GP). If you need food, fly fish in the river Lum for trout to cook (recommended), or steal cakes from Lumbridge market 1.07 Head to the dwarf mines and buy a pickaxe of each tier from Nurmof 1.08 Head to uncommon gem rocks in Al Kharid scorpion mine and cut gems to 40 crafting if not yet 40. Buy a gem bag from your earlier dungeoneering, or mine 1 cut 1 drop 1 - If not yet 20 mining, get 20 mining mining iron at Varrock SW mine. You'll need to keep 10 iron ore (6 for ore box, 4 for knight's sword), the rest can be dropped 1.09 Knight's sword quest for 30 smithing 1.10 Mine enough ores for 2 of each available bar and make a mithril ore box - If not yet 30 mining, return to gem rocks or mine whatever ore you like to 30. You will use the gems but not the ores, so gem rocks are slightly preferable here 1.11 Mine ores and train smithing to 50, upgrading your ore box at 40. Keep an adamant armour set and upgrade your adamant pickaxe to +2, the rest doesn't really matter 1.12 Make a set of rune +3 armour and maces +3, a rune ore box, a rune hatchet, and a rune pickaxe +3. Add the tools to your toolbelt 1.13 Fly fish to 50 fishing, cooking and banking your fish 1.14 [Optional] Nexus in Lumbridge swamp for 40 prayer 1.15 With 50 attack and 40 strength, grab your maces and food and head to deadly red spiders under Karamja volcano for 40 defence 1.16 Quest to 33 QP 1.17 Complete dragon slayer with your adamant armour, rune weapon, anti dragon shield and salmon - [Optional] If you're not confident about this step, fish and cook an inventory of lobsters for the Elvarg fight 1.18 Train to 50 strength and 52 defence at deadly red spiders (52 defence for rejuvenate) 1.19 Buy a set of T50 ranged and magic gear from Champion's Guild (bodies from Ozaich in Edgeville) Congratulations, you now have a solid foundation to continue your F2P ironman adventure. You have access to all lodestones and shooting star locations, T50+ armour, weapons and skilling tools, and access to many of the skilling methods you'll be using later on. ----- 2.00 Intermediate goals This section will cover a few of the tasks that will further prepare you for the journey to 99 all. Some of these steps are quite long, so feel free to swap between them if you get bored. 2.00 [Optional] Start completing goblin raids for resources and a chance at Gud raider gear 2.01 Make some (~2k) rune throwing weapons, kill ghosts in the bottom floor of stronghold of security until you unlock cremation - [Alternative] Revenants can also drop cremation 2.02 Make some (~1k) rune bolts and kill ~340 green dragons with ranged (1h crossbow + anti dragon shield), cremating the bones for 45 prayer. Bring logs with you to extend trips 2.03 Dungeoneer (magic primary, melee secondary) until you have nature staff, the three level 55 necklaces and gem bag. At this point you can also pick up gravite knife or bow or both 2.04 [Optional] Complete Lumbridge diaries, this will require some skilling. If you're going to do this, do it early as the free daily alchemy casts will add up 2.05 Kill Giant Mole (or greater demons) until you have 3100+ pure essence 2.06 Make urns needed for 99 all at crafting guild using the runes you collected daily. Bracelets of clay speed things up a little bit, but overall will only save you a couple of hours - [Alternative] Collect clay from goblin raids, use skull sceptre to Barbarian Village, make urns then bank using War's Retreat or clan vex - Plain fishing: 4,344 (water rune) - Plain cooking: 2,286 (fire rune) - Plain runecrafting: 3,103 (pure essence) - Plain woodcutting: 2,633 (earth rune) - Strong smelting: 272 (fire rune) - [Situational/optional] Strong mining: 5,431 (earth rune) -- Only make mining urns if you intend to DG craft, or if you value post-99 XP 2.07 Train to 75 fletching. If you plan to cremate bones for prayer (highly recommended) make oak (u) then willow (u) bows, otherwise make ~900k arrowshafts then add feathers until you hit 75. The rest of this guide assumes you will be cremating dragon bones 2.08 [Optional] Finish F2P quests. Not too much to gain from this, but included for the sake of completion Congratulations, you're now about ready to start knocking out 99s! ----- 3.00 The big steps What follows is a blend of common and efficient methods in a fairly efficient order, but in general the F2P ironman maxing order is fairly flexible. I've made note of more efficient alternatives that are usually disliked and ignored (DG craft, 0-time firemaking etc), but obviously if you hate doing them don't feel pressured to do those. Unlike the previous sections, the following are split into method sections relating to each skill or skills involved with each method. [Note] Block daily challenges once you hit 99 in a skill (though unfortunately dungeoneering can only be blocked at 120) --- 3.00 Start buying nature runes and alching if you haven't already. Decent alchables include salvage, dragonhide armour, cut rubies and rune arrows. If aiming for efficiency, 0-time alch while doing other skills or combat --- 3.01a Train woodcutting to 99 cutting willows - [Efficient] 0-time 83 firemaking while chopping (there's a guide under lossless FM on YT) 3.01b Train firemaking to 83 bonfiring willows 3.01c Fletch 20.8k willows into 520k arrowshafts 3.01d Fletch the remaining willows into shieldbow (u)s for roughly 92 fletching. It is recommended to do this early so that daily challenges will give more XP, freeing up feathers for fishing --- 3.02 Train runecrafting to 12.7m xp in runespan. Finish 99 by using unstable essence at the body altar (body talisman from guards or hill giants, skillers can use GOP to reach the body altar) --- 3.03a Mine 34k runite and 34k luminite for roughly 96 mining 3.03b Smelt 192 rune bars and smith them into 2 burial sets for 57 smithing (double bar chance) 3.03c Smelt the remaining rune bars, you should end up with ~37.4k bars after double bar chance 3.03d Smith 6930 rune bars into 520k arrowheads 3.03e Train to 99 smithing with the remaining ~30.5k bars into rune burial sets --- 3.04 Train dungeoneering to 99+, using magic as primary and melee as secondary style. Doing DG early will keep combat scaling in your favour. The 91 combat bosses might be annoying, but overall your avg time/floor will be faster - [Efficient] DG craft by making proto bodies at the end of every dungeon before ending the floor - [Kinda efficient if you play more than 5 hours a day] Fish and cook as you go, freeing up feathers for fletching arrows --- 3.05a If you play less than 5 hours per day or can spare the feathers, fly fish and cook until you have ~35k cooked salmon - If you play more than 5 hours per day or prefer to AFK, fish and cook ~20k lobsters 3.05b Kill ~48k blue dragons to 99 ranged (gravite knife, or 1h crossbow + rune bolts), banking hides and cremating bones - If you did DG craft, you can stop banking hides once you have enough for 99 crafting. You can bring logs for cremation instead of banking each inventory, or switch to greens (bringing logs) if you prefer 3.05c Kill ~24k blue dragons with magic, banking hides and cremating bones for 99 prayer and 99 firemaking - If you reach 99 magic early, switch to melee for remaining kills, or continue to range/mage with defence XP selected 3.05d Tan and craft your hides into blue dragonhide shields for roughly 90 crafting. Alch your shields --- 3.06 Train to 99 crafting at uncommon gem rocks (and roughly 101 mining) - [Efficient] Mine 1 cut 1 drop 1 is faster than banking - If you did DG craft and already have 99 crafting, mine runite or luminite to 99 mining --- 3.07 Train to 99 attack, strength and defence at hellhounds (weak to slash). Bring twisted bird skull necklace, area loot and bury bones for prayer restore - [Alternative] Deadly red spiders (weak to crush) are almost as fast and are not in wilderness, but they do not offer prayer restore and are not aggressive --- [Note] Magic, fletching and fish + cook are recommended to finish last due to the limited nature runes and feathers per day --- 3.08 If not yet 99 magic from dungeoneering, combat and alchs, train to 99 magic at lesser demons or hellhounds --- 3.09 Train to 99 fletching by making your rune arrows --- 3.10 If you play less than 5 hours per day, you should have feathers to train to 99 fishing and cooking by fly fishing. Once you hit 99 cooking, start dropping your fish - If you play more than 5 hours per day, you may need to finish off fishing and cooking with lobsters --- Aaaaaaand we're done! Thanks for reading this far and I really hope you found this path or its methods useful. It's a long journey but a very rewarding one, hopefully you find fun in F2P ironland! ----- 4.00 Resources 4.01 has a tremendous wealth of information about RS3 4.02 "Star Find" friends chat for shooting star calls. F2P calls will be noted as "F" 4.03 "F2pironmanfc" friends chat ( is a great community and are always happy to help if you have any questions about F2P ironman 4.04 "F2P Ironman" clan is another great place to guest or join 4.05 F2P Ironguide ( has many methods detailed with a focus on maximum efficiency --- Changelog 0.1, 25/06/21 - Pastebin release 0.1a, 27/06/21 - Added Gud gear, included ore box into path, swapped primary melee method from DRS to hellhounds. Some formatting improvements and speelcheck 0.1b, 28/06/21 - Added resources section, some minor tweaks 1.1b, 29/06/21 - Image release 1.1c, 30/06/21 - Section 1 fishing goal changed to 50, some formatting changed for consistency
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