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1:46 pm, June 4, 2021

RS3 Construction Log


91 - 99 Construction using portable workbench

Ok just a few calcs for this one:

Doing Flatpacks on skilling portables world. Gives me about 18 seconds between banking. Which is really annoying. 

Mahogany Table Flatpacks

Exp per 18 seconds is 6593 doing mahogany tables. 

To bank and make more tables takes about 7 Seconds, man that is annoying due to lag i think as im waiting for the bank to load then the portable to load even with a preset. Yeah tried again and got 6 seconds, so maybe shave a second off if lag is less of an issue. 

So say about 25 seconds per 6593 exp with pulse cores.

And then 4395 with no cores (when i run out).

XP Left til 99 is 6,713,000 to go. 

Time to level with pulse cores is:

1018 banks, x 25 seconds = 25455 seconds, 424.25 Minutes, 7.07 Hours. 

XP Left til 99 is 6,660,000 to go. 

Time to level with no pulse cores is: 1515 banks x 25 seconds = 37883 seconds, 631.39 Minutes, 10.52 Hours. 

Exp per hour with cores is. 949k exp per hour.

Exp per hour with no cores is 633k exp per hour. 

Pulse cores make a massive difference, but i dont think i can use them for that long. 

Ill have to look at getting the construction outfit which will add another 6% not sure how to get that one. 

Yeah so apparently this one adds 6% more.

The wiki said you can do a ton of temple trecking to get it, or then i noticed this:

Hmm.. i wonder if i could just go and buy it, probably not. 

Ah yeah i remember that guy now something about trading bonus exp for items, i guess thats what it was for. 

Missed that one, oh well guess ill not get that set then. 

I was doing mahogany wardrobes before as they are a higher level and more afk but i think the time will be greatly increased. 

Mahogany Wardrobes Flatpacks

42 seconds + 5 bank

Exp (cores): 7416xp per 47 seconds

Exp (no cores): 4943 per 47 seconds. 

Definately slower than Tables

92 Half Way there with Construction

had about 6k mahogany logs already, then spent 20m on another 10k logs. So total spent so far is.

Total Spend Construction: 20m. 6500 logs left at the moment. 


4451 logs left.

Total Log spend so far: 

I already had 6k logs to start, at 91 so idk what that equals. 

2809 left from all of them, so will get another 10k and see how that goes. 

im going to have to do some afk fishing or mining to pay for all of this!

somehow they are still going up in price. (maybe cos im buying too many...)

20k logs in and level 93 so far. 

how much gp is that?... $37,840,000 so far. 

this is going to be an expensive skill to level. 


11,571 logs left at 94. 

Level 95, seemed kinda fast, but i was using the dxp buff and the meditation stone buff as well, so i guess that is double the speed than normal.

9118 planks left. 

4,260,000 xp left til 99.

8,774,319 current xp

8,956,753 current xp .. start 1 hour grind.

after an hour, 10,088,936. 5045 planks left.

1,132,183xp in an hour using dxp bonus and meditation stone, and passive 6% and core buffs. 


2,945,495 left. So if i use buffs, i could be done in another 3 hours of hard grinding it.

Not sure how many planks ill need, maybe just get another 5k and see how it goes. 

Think ill go do something else for a while now, as that gets pretty boring. 

97 Construction

Planks Left : 3508

Exp to 99 : 2,338,000

Still a bit of a grind to go. Maybe 2-3 hours ish. Might need more planks...

5k more planks, 9,490,000

Plank Total: 8512

Exp to 99 :  2,338,000

Lets start the 1hour grind and see how much i can get. 

Ok one hour done, and 98. Man that was a grind, but netflix helps.

What is the xp left til 99? 


So in the last hour i got... 1,196,390 xp 

so one more hour of that to go and then no more construction for a while! yay! why do i even leve it, must get 99 for some reason. Max cape is the target. 

Logs Left: 5247

From 97-98 i used 3265 logs, so i should not need to buy more. 

$37,840,000 + $9,490,000 + ~$20,000,000 = $67,330,000

Total spend is close to 70m, but i feel that i spend more than that.

Anyway 1 hour to go, maybe will do that tomorrow if i can be bothered. Now its time for sleep.

Ah finally done 99 Construction

No more flatpacks yay!

Took me a while to find the construction cape! keep looking through the menus and you will find it. 

Hmm looks like i built my self a small portable toilet. Well i guess thats still better than flatpacks. 

So after all of that i managed to make $67m in planks into $313k in flatpacks. Eh thats sad, but at least no more flatpacks!

Construction Done!

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