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AEIOU1980 - unconfirmed

A fascinating world of sand animation where a child fights monsters, dragons and ghosts with the power of his violin's sound, a melody that is able to make all these scary characters run away.


A smart-mouthed creature, ALF (aka Alien Life Form), crash-lands in a suburban garage. His spaceship is beyond repair, he's ugly, he's short, he's got a bad attitude. What's a family to do? Why, take .. more

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters1994 - 1997

Ickis, Oblina and Krumm are monsters-in-training at the Monster Academy.

Adventure Island1967 - 1972

Adventure Island is an Australian television series for children which screened on the ABC from 11 September 1967 to 22 December 1972. It was jointly created by Godfrey Philipp, who produced the serie.. more

Adventures Of Pete And Pete1991 - 1996

Originally a series of minute-long shorts that aired between programs on Nickelodeon, "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" features two brothers, both named Pete but referred to as Big Pete and Little Pe.. more

Agros Cartoon Connection1989 - 1997

Agro's Cartoon Connection was an Australian children's television show that aired on the Seven Network from 1989 to 1997.

Alex Mack

Known as The Secret Life Of Alex Mac

Alfonzo Bonzo1990 - 1991

Alfonso Bonzo is a 1986 children's book by Andrew Davies and a 1990 children's television mini-series adapted from the book by the author.

Alias The Jester1987

Alias the Jester is a British animated series created by Cosgrove Hall Films, airing in 13 episodes on ITV starting on 13 November 1985. The show also aired in Australia in 1987 during the Australian .. more

Angry Beavers1997 - 2001

The Angry Beavers is an American animated television series created by Mitch Schauer for Nickelodeon.

Animals Of Farthing Wood1993 - 1995

It followed the animals of Farthing Wood, who were forced to flee their homes after humans started destroying the wood to build suburban tract houses. Led by Fox, and guided by Toad, the animals left .. more

Animaniacs1993 - 1998

Animaniacs is an American animated comedy television series created by Tom Ruegger. It is the second animated series produced by Amblin Entertainment

Animorphs1998 - 1999

Five kids are given the power to morph into any creature they wish to help them fight villainous Visser Three and his fellow Yeerks, a breed of parasitic aliens threatening Earth.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?1990 - 2000

This spooky anthology series for kids recounts ghost stories told by the young members of the Midnight Society as they gather around a campfire. Each episode opens with members of the Midnight Society.. more

Art Attack1990

Arts and crafts show designed to spark imagination and creativity in children.


Bespectacled aardvark Arthur Read demonstrates to kids how to deal with such childhood traumas and challenges as homework, teachers and bullies. He also has to contend with his sisters, but loves play.. more

AstroboyApril 3, 1952 – March 12, 1968

Astro Boy, known in Japan by its original name Mighty Atom, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka. It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine from 1952 to 1968. The origi.. more

Atom Ant1965 - 1968

Atom Ant is a cartoon ant and superhero, created by Hanna-Barbera in 1965.


Babar the Elephant is a fictional character who first appeared in 1931 in the French children's book Histoire de Babar by Jean de Brunhoff. The book is based on a tale that Brunhoff's wife, Cécile, h.. more

Baggy Pants And The Nitwits1977

Baggy Pants and the Nitwits is a 1977 animated series, produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises and broadcast on NBC.

Banana Splits1968 - 1970

Before hitting the big time with "H.R. Pufnstuf," puppeteers Sid and Marty Krofft lent their psychedelic touch to the costume design and sets of this late '60s Hanna-Barbera children's series, a laugh.. more

Bananaman1983 - 1986

Bananaman is a fictional character appearing in British comic books. Bananaman is a parody of traditional superheroes, being portrayed as a schoolboy who is transformed into a muscled, caped figure wh.. more

Bananas In Pyjamas1992

Bananas in Pyjamas is an Australian children's television series that premiered on 20 July 1992 on ABC. It has since become syndicated in many different countries, and dubbed into other languages. The.. more

Bangers And Mash1989

Bangers and Mash was a British children's cartoon series broadcast on CITV in 1989, and repeated until around 1993.

Basil Brush1963 - 2000

Basil Brush is a fictional anthropomorphic fox, best known for his appearances on daytime British children's television. He is primarily portrayed by a glove puppet, but has also been depicted in anim.. more


Adventures with the metal-winged, pint-sized crimebuster and his partner, Karate.

Beavis and Butt-Head1993 - 1998

Beavis and Butt-head are, as one of the early preshow disclaimers read, "dumb, crude, ugly, thoughtless, sexist, self-destructive fools. But for some reason the (boys) make us laugh." During the show .. more

Belle and Sebastian1965

Belle and Sebastian was a popular TV children's TV serial based on the novel Belle et Sébastien by Cécile Aubry.

Big Square Eye1991 - 1992

Big Square Eye is an Australian children's game show aired on ABC TV from 1991 until 1992 and was repeated one last time in 1993. It was hosted by Bob La Castra, with future musician Paul Mac as "Knuc.. more

Bill And Ben1952 - 1972

Flower Pot Men is a British children's programme, produced by BBC television, first transmitted in 1952, and repeated regularly for more than twenty years. A reboot of the show called Bill and Ben was.. more

Black Hole High2002 - 2006

The exploits of five ordinary pupils at Blake Holsey High who form a secret science club.

Blinky Bill1993 - 2004

Koala Blinky Bill wanders in the Outback in search of adventure.

Bobby's World1990

An imaginative 4-year-old escapes into his own world.


The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum.

Bump In The Night1994 - 1995

The adventures of Mr. Bumpy, a sock-eating green monster, and his friends.

Captain Planet1990 - 1996

Gaia, the spirit of the planet, assembles a diverse team of "planeteers," who are able to combine their powers to summon an elemental warrior that takes on the appearance of superhero Captain Planet. .. more

Captain Pugwash1974 – 1975

Captain Pugwash is a fictional pirate in a series of British children's comic strips and books created by John Ryan

Carebears1985 - 1988

The Care Bears is an animated television series based on the Care Bears franchise, which aired between 1985 and 1988 in syndication on the ABC network.

Catweazle1970 - 1971

Catweazle is a British fantasy television series, starring Geoffrey Bayldon in the title role, and created by Richard Carpenter for London Weekend Television. The first series, produced and directed b.. more

Charlie Chalk1987 - 1989

A clown named Charlie Chalk arrives on the island of Merrytwit after falling asleep on his boat. He befriends the inhabitants of the island and gets into many adventures.

Chocky1984 - 1986

Chocky is a 1984 children's television drama based on the 1968 novel by John Wyndham and was broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom. Two sequels were produced. All were written by Anthony Read and pro.. more

Chronicles Of Narnia1988 - 1990

The Chronicles of Narnia is a BBC-produced television serial that was aired from 13 November 1988 to 23 December 1990 and is based on four books of C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia series.

City Of Gold1983

The adventures of a boy who joins a voyage to the New World in search of the lost Cities of Gold.

Couch Potato1991 - 2001

Couch Potato was an Australian children's television show broadcast on ABC TV in Australia and a staple of Classic ABC. Airing on Sunday mornings

Count Duckula6 September 1988 – 16 February 1993

Count Duckula is a British animated comedy horror television series created by British studio Cosgrove Hall Films and produced by Thames Television as a spin-off from Danger Mouse, a series in which t.. more

Crystal Tipps And Allistair1971 - 1974

Crystal Tipps and Alistair is a British cartoon produced for the BBC. The title characters are a girl and her dog who are joined by their friends Birdie and Butterfly. There are 50 five-minute episode.. more

Danger Island1968 - 1969

Danger Island is a live-action adventure serial produced by Hanna-Barbera and originally broadcast in 1968–69 as a segment of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour.

Danger Mouse28 September 1981 to 19 March 1992

Danger Mouse is a British animated television series produced by Cosgrove Hall Films for Thames Television. It featured the eponymous Danger Mouse who worked as a secret agent. The show was a parody o.. more

Daria1997 - 2002

Brainy, sardonic Daria Morgendorffer tries to fly under the radar at Lawndale High School, and she's doing a pretty good job of it: Her self-esteem teacher can't even remember her name. Not that low s.. more

Degrassi High1989 - 1991

Degrassi High is a Canadian CBC Television teen drama series that was produced from 1989 to 1991, and is the third series in the Degrassi franchise. The show was filmed in downtown Toronto and at Cent.. more

Degrassi Junior High1987 - 1989

Degrassi Junior High follows the exploits of Canadian youngsters in the late 1980s. The first soap opera for kids, Degrassi Junior High doesn't sugarcoat the problems facing Canadian (or American) you.. more

Dr Who1963 - 1989

Doctor Who is a classic science-fiction programme with a cult following. The Doctor is called a Time Lord, a time-travelling scientist from a far off planet, who travels through time and space in a sh.. more

Elly And Jools1990

Elly & Jools is an Australian children's television series that originally aired on the Nine Network in 1990. It starred Rebecca Smart as Elinor 'Elly' Lockett and Clayton Williamson as Julian 'Jools'.. more

Ewoks1985 - 1986

Ewoks is an American/Canadian animated television series featuring the Ewok characters introduced in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. It aired for two seasons between 1985 and 1986.

Fatty And George

Feral TV11 April 1994 - 26 June 1995

The Ferals was an Australian children's comedy television series which screened on the ABC from 1994 to 1995. It was created by Wendy Gray and Claire Henderson.. more

Fireman Sam1987

This animated children's program follows the adventures of the title hero and his colleagues as they protect the citizens of the Welsh town of Pontypandy. Whenever the alarm sounds, brave Sam and his .. more

Fraggle Rock1983 - 1987

The fertile imagination of Jim Henson spawned this colorful puppet program that was not only an international hit during the 1980s, but remains a much-loved favorite of viewers to this day.

Funny Bones1992

Funnybones was a British children's television comedy series, which originally aired on S4C in Wales, and BBC One elsewhere in the United Kingdom from 29 September to 15 December 1992.


G-Force: Guardians of Space is the second American animated television adaptation of the Japanese anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, following Sandy Frank Entertainment's initial 1978 effort B.. more

GOGS1993 - 1998

The comical antics of animated Stone Age characters.

Ghost Writer1992 - 1995

A group of teens solves neighborhood crimes and mysteries in New York with the help of a spirit who can only communicate through writing.

Gigantor1963 - 1966

A young boy named Jimmy Sparks commands Gigantor, a large robot of his father's creation that Jimmy calls upon whenever the world faces danger.

Grange Hill1978 - 2008

Children's drama looking at life in a London comprehensive school.

Grimm Tales1989 - 1991

Grim Tales is a British children's television program based on fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, featuring Rik Mayall as the storyteller dressed in his pyjamas and dressing gown. The twenty-two episo.. more

GumbyThe Gumby Show (1957–1969) Gumby Adventures (1987–1989)

Gumby is an American clay animation franchise, centered on a green clay humanoid character created and modeled by Art Clokey. The character has been the subject of two television series, a feature-len.. more

Heartbreak High1994 - 1999

Heartbreak High is a popular Australian television program that ran for six years, through seven seasons from 1994 to 1999 on both Network Ten and ABC.


The adventures of the cartoon cat Heathcliff and his friends.

Henry's Cat1983 - 1993

Henry's Cat is a British animated children's television series, created by Stan Hayward and directed by Bob Godfrey

Herculoids1967 - 1969

The Herculoids is an American Saturday-morning animated-cartoon television series, created and designed by Alex Toth, that was produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions. The show debuted on September 9, 1.. more

Hey Arnold!1996 - 2004

Young Arnold lives with his grandparents in the city of Hillwood. The fourth grader with a football-shaped head takes on adventures to help solve classmates' problems or come up with solutions to his .. more


The show follows the adventures of a group of children at the Westmere, home for children.

Inspector Gadget12 September 1983 - 1 February 1986

Inspector Gadget, a bumbling detective, needs lots of help and luck to solve cases assigned by short-tempered Chief Quimby. That help comes from his young, but smart-beyond-her-years niece, Penny, and.. more

Into The Labrynth1981 - 1982

Into the Labyrinth is a British children's television series. It was produced by HTV for the ITV network between 1980 and 1982

Johnson & Friends1990 - 1995

Johnson and Friends is an Australian children’s television program broadcast on the ABC from 3 September 1990 to 30 October 1995. It was produced by Film Australia and lasted for four series. In the.. more

Joshua Jones1991

Joshua Jones is a British stop-motion children's television series produced by Bumper Films in 1991. Bumper Films also created Rocky Hollow and Fireman Sam. The series was about a cheerful gypsy fello.. more

Kenny The Shark2003

A friendly tiger shark named Kenny decides to move out of the ocean.

Kimba The White Lion1950 - 1954

The adventures of Kimba the lion and his jungle friends.

Lift Off1992 - 1995

Lift Off is an Australian educational television series that was broadcast on ABC Television from 1992 until the series ended in 1995. Each episode featured a live action storyline about a group of yo.. more

Little Blue1976

A Yorkshire Television show about a little blue elephant, the theme song is very distinctive and tells the tail of an elephant biting a fountain pen and turning blue.

Lucky Luc1984 - 1985

Lucky Luke is a French-German-American animated television series based on the comic book series of the same name

Madeline1993 - 2001

Madeline is a television series, part of the Madeline media franchise. It began as a series of television specials, and then was continued as various seasons of the TV show.

Magic School Bus1994

The Magic School Bus is a Canadian/American Saturday morning animated children's television series, based on the book series of the same name by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. The series has received cr.. more

Marine Boy1969 - 1971

Marine Boy was one of the first color anime cartoons to be shown in a dubbed form in the U.S., and later in Australia and the United Kingdom. It was originally produced in Japan as Undersea Boy Marine.. more

Metal Mickey1980 to 1983

The television show was created under LWT's Humphrey Barclay who described Metal Mickey as a show "with the appeal of Star Wars, the Daleks and Mork and Mindy". It ran from 1980 to 1983.

Monkey Magic

Saiyūki (西遊記, lit. "Journey to the West"), also known by its English title Monkey, also commonly referred to as Monkey Magic (the show's title song), is a Japanese television dramabased on the .. more


Morph is a series of clay stop-motion comedy animations, named after the main character. This character was initially seen interacting with Tony Hart, beginning in 1977, on several of his UK TV progra.. more

Mr Bean1990 - 1995

Mr Bean turns the most ordinary situations into moments of excruciating embarrassment.

Mr Men1974

The Mr. Men characters were adapted into two animated television series in 1974 that consisted a total of 28 episodes

Mr Squiggle1959 - 1999

Mr. Squiggle is an Australian children's television series, and the name of the title character from that ABC show.

Mulligrubs1988 - 1996

Mulligrubs was an Australian television series that aired on Network Ten from 3 October 1988 to 27 December 1996. The series was made by affiliate ADS in Adelaide and was aimed at pre-schoolers. About.. more

My Secret Valley1980

Secret Valley is an Australian children's television adventure series first shown on the ABC in 1980. It was produced by the Grundy Organisation in association with Telecip, S.A. and Televisión Espa.. more

Mysterious Cities Of Gold1982 - 1983

The adventures of a boy who joins a voyage to the New World in search of the lost Cities of Gold.

Mystery At Castle House1982

Two boys (Jeremy Shadlow, Scott Nicholas) and a girl (Simone Buchanan) find a tunnel leading to a dungeon under an old woman's mansion.

Nellie The Elephant1990 - 1991

Nellie the Elephant was a British children's cartoon series created by Terry Ward on behalf of FilmFair, Flicks Films and 101 Film Productions Limited in the United Kingdom that ran from 8 January 199.. more


Noddy is a fictional character created by English children's author Enid Blyton, originally published between 1949 and 1963. Noddy was illustrated by the Dutch artist Eelco Martinus ten Harmsen van de.. more

Oakie Doke1995 - 1997

Oakie Doke was a British children's television programme that was broadcast from September 1995 until September 1997 on the BBC.

Orson And Olivia1993

Orson and Olivia is a French/Italian/British animated comedy-drama television series produced by Ellipse Entertainment and Collingwood O'Hare and aired on TF1. It features the trials of two orphans li.. more


Pingu the Penguin, his family and friends live happily together on a polar ice cap.

Pinky And The Brain1995 - 1998

Cartoon chaos with the genius mouse and his stupid sidekick who try to conquer the world each night.

Plasmo1996 - 1997

Plasmo is an Australian children's science fiction claymation TV series that consisted of a half-hour short film made in 1989 followed by thirteen 5-minute episodes made in 1996 which aired on the ABC.. more

Play School1966

An Australian programme encouraging preschool children to wonder, think, feel and imagine, with a range of different hosts.

Portland Bill1983

The Adventures of Portland Bill is a British stop motion animated children's television series made in 1983. It is set in a fictional lighthouse on the Guillemot Rock, just off the coast from the fict.. more

Postman Pat1981 - 2017

This classic children's series follows the adventures of everyone's favourite postman as he carries out his mail rounds in the village of Greendale. Created by John Cunliffe.

Power Rangers1993 - 1996

Power Rangers is an American entertainment and merchandising franchise built around a live-action superhero television series, based on the Japanese tokusatsu franchise Super Sentai.

Press Gang1989 - 1993

The activities of a children's newspaper produced by pupils at their local comprehensive school.

Prince Planet1965 - 1966

A member of the Universal Peace Corps visits Earth on a mission, and adopts an Earthling persona.

Professor Balthazar1967 - 1978

Professor Balthazar has no enemies; he is one of the few cartoon characters who solves problems with knowledge and imagination - without using violence.

Professor Poopsnaggle1986

Professor Poopsnagle's Steam Zeppelin was a popular Australian children's television series and a spin-off from the 1980 series Secret Valley that aired on the Nine Network

Puddle Lane1985 - 1989

The tales of a magician who can tell stories by moving his finger around in a puddle.

Pugwall1989 - 1991

Pugwall is an Australian children's television series which first screened on the Nine Network in 1989. It revolves around the title character Peter Unwin George Wall, "PUGWALL", and his friends as th.. more

Raggy Dolls1986 - 1994

The adventures of a motley collection of rejects from a toy factory, who live in a reject bin there.

Robo Story1985

Robo Story is a French cartoon series that was created by Michel Pillyser and Bernard Kessler for the French production company Belokapi and first televised in 1985.

Rocco's Modern Life1993 - 1996

Rocko is a wallaby who has moved from his native Australia to the United States. But life in the United States isn't as idyllic as he had hoped it would be, for he is surrounded by annoying neighbors,.. more

Rockie And Bullwinkle1959 - 1964

The adventures of a moose and flying squirrel in Frostbite Falls, Minn.

Rocky And Bullwinkle1959 - 1964

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends is the blanket title for an American animated television series

Roger Ramjet1965

A patriotic superhero tries to save the world.

Roobarb And Custard1974, 1988, 2005

Fun and adventures with loveable dog and cat, Roobarb and Custard.

Round The Bend1989 - 1991

Round the Bend was a satirical British children's television series, which ran on Children's ITV for three series from 1989 to 1991. The show was a Hat Trick production for Yorkshire Television.

Round The Twist1989 - 2001

The adventures of a father and his two children who live in an old lighthouse.

Rugrats1991 - 2004

Rugrats reveals the world from a baby's point of view. Everything looks bigger, more mysterious and uncontrollable. Angelica, the oldest, likes to terrorise her cousin, Tommy, and his friends, and is .. more

Rupert1991 - 1997

Rupert is an animated television series based on the Mary Tourtel character Rupert Bear, which aired from 1991 to 1997 with 65 half-hour episodes produced.

Santo Bugito1995

Insects have fun on the Texas-Mexico border.

Scooby Doo Where Are You1969 - 1970

Brainiac Velma, jock Fred, fashionista Daphne, hippie Shaggy, and Shaggy's highstrung, talking Great Dane, Scooby-Doo, climb into their green van, the Mystery Machine, and hit the road in search of we.. more

Secret Squirrel1965 - 1966

A bucktoothed squirrel is the James Bond of the rodent world.

Sesame Street1969

A longtime favorite of children and adults, and a staple of PBS, "Sesame Street" bridges many cultural and educational gaps with a fun program. Big Bird leads a cast of characters teaching children nu.. more

Shaun The Sheep2007 - 2016

Shaun the Sheep thinks and acts like a person in a barnyard, which usually gets him into trouble. The farmer's sheepdog, Bitzer, tries to keep Shaun and his friends out of trouble. The farmer is obliv.. more

Ship To Shore1993 - 1996

The show centres around the lives of a group of children living on Circe Island, a fictional island off the coast of Perth, in Western Australia. Three series of the show were shot, one each in 1992, .. more

Shoebox Zoo2004 - 2005

An American student in Edinburgh receives a box of carved animals which come to life.

Snorks1984 - 1988

Multicolored underwater creatures that use their built-in snorkels to dart about and make music.

Speed Buggy1973

Speed Buggy is an American animated television series, produced by Hanna-Barbera, which originally aired for one season on CBS

Speed Racer1967 - 1968

An 18-year-old driver competes on the international racing circuit.

Spiderman1994 - 1998

One minute he's Peter Parker the college student, and the next he's Spiderman.

Star Blazers1979 - 1984

A courageous crew is tasked with fighting a tyrannical intergalactic enemy to save the human race.

Sticken Round1996 - 1999

Young best friends Stacy and Bradley have a unique ability that allows them to bring their fantasies to life. The kids are able to draw their own cartoons, bringing their imaginations to life.

Supergran1985 - 1987

Adventures of a grandmother with superpowers as she battles her arch nemesis, The Scunner Campbell.

Superted1983 to 1985

SuperTed is a British animated television series about an anthropomorphic teddy bear with superpowers, created by Welsh writer and animator Mike Young. Originally created by Young as a series of stori.. more

T-Bag1985 - 1992

The adventures of sisters who obtain magical powers by drinking tea.

Take Hart

Tales From Fat Tulip's Garden1985 - 1987

Tales from Fat Tulip's Garden was a children's TV program in the mid-1980s, starring Tony Robinson. It was produced by Debbie Gates for Central Independent Television and aired on British TV network I.. more

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1987 - 1996

The adventures of a quartet of humanoid warrior turtles and their friends.

Tekkaman Blade1992 - 1993

Tekkaman Blade is a 1992 Japanese anime television series produced by Tatsunoko Production and Sotsu Agency. The series was directed by Hiroshi Negishi and written by Mayori Sekijima and Satoru Akahor.. more

The Afternoon Show1987 - 1993

The Afternoon Show is an Australian children's afternoon magazine television series that aired on the ABC from 16 February 1987 to 17 December 1993.

The Arabian Knights1968 - 1969

Arabian Knights is an animated segment of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, created by Hanna-Barbera Productions. The series is based on the Arabian Nights, a classic work of Middle Eastern literature.. more

The Baskervilles2000

The Baskervilles is a British-French-Canadian animated children's TV show about a British family living in the most twisted theme park in the world.

The Busy World Of Richard Scarry1994 - 1997

Busytown is a magic place whose residents -- mainly talking animals -- are ready to tackle problems and conflicts that arise. Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm, Bananas Gorilla, Sprout Goat and others participat.. more

The Chipmunks1983 to 1987

Alvin and the Chipmunks is an American animated television series featuring The Chipmunks, produced by Bagdasarian Productions in association with Ruby-Spears Enterprises from 1983 to 1987, Murakami-W.. more

The Demon Headmaster1996 - 1998

The Demon Headmaster is a British television series based on the children's books by Gillian Cross of the same name. Made for CBBC, the drama was first broadcast between 1996 and 1998.

The Dinosaurs1991 - 1994

Plot. Dinosaurs is initially set in 60,000,003 BC in Pangaea. The show centers on the Sinclair family: Earl Sinclair (the father), Fran Sinclair (née Phillips - the mother and Earl's wife), their thr.. more

The Famous Five1978 - 1979

The adventures of a group of young children and their dog Timmy during school holidays.

The Ferals11 April 1994 - 26 June 1995

The Ferals was an Australian children's comedy television series which screened on the ABC from 1994 to 1995. It was created by Wendy Gray and Claire Henderson and featured a mixture of people and ani.. more

The Flinstones1960 - 1966

The Flintstones were the modern Stone Age family. Residing in Bedrock, Fred Flintstone worked an unsatisfying quarry job, but returned home to lovely wife Wilma and eventually daughter Pebbles

The Genie From Down Under1996 - 1998

Penelope Townes finds of an opal pendant when she explores the attic of her family's mansion.

The Girl From Tomorrow1990 - 1993

The Girl from Tomorrow is an Australian science-fiction children's television series created by Film Australia. The series is based around Alana (Katharine Cullen), a girl from the year 3000.

The Goodies1970 - 1980

The Goodies is a British television comedy series shown in the 1970s and early 1980s. The series, which combines surreal sketches and situation comedy, was broadcast by BBC 2 from 1970 to 1980.

The Jetsons1985 - 1987

With George O'Hanlon, Janet Waldo, Mel Blanc, Penny Singleton. The misadventures of a futuristic family.

The Kenny Everett Show1978 - 1981

Featuring music set to imagery, concert footage, and a choreography segment.

The Magic Boomerang1965 - 1966

The Magic Boomerang is an Australian children's adventure series set in rural Australia. It was produced by Pacific films and aired on the ABC in Australia

The Magic Roundabout1964 - 1990

The Magic Roundabout is an English-language children's television programme that ran from 1965 to 1977.

The New Adventures Of Blinky Bill1984 - 1987

The New Adventures of Blinky Bill was an Australian-live action series that featured actors, interacting with puppets that ran on ABC Television from 1984 to 1987

The Nutty Squirrels1959

The Nutty Squirrels were a scat singing virtual band, formed in imitation of The Chipmunks, that had a Top 40 hit in late 1959 with the song "Uh-Oh".

The Phoenix And The Carpet1997

Four young children hope for anything to happen and, when they become owners of the Phoenix, their adventure begins.

The Ratties1987

The Ratties is a British animated series about a family of six rats who live in the wall of a country house. The rats try to emulate the human family who own the house. The idea for The Ratties was co.. more

The Red And The Blue1976

Ahead of key elections in Texas, Gary O'Donoghue encounters the larger-than-life politics of the Lone Star State.

The Rugrats1991 - 2004

Rugrats reveals the world from a baby's point of view. Everything looks bigger, more mysterious and uncontrollable. Angelica, the oldest, likes to terrorise her cousin, Tommy, and his friends, and is .. more

The Secret Life Of Alex Mac1994 - 1998

After getting splashed with an experimental chemical, junior high-school student Alexandra Mack finds that she has uncanny new powers such as the ability to shoot electricity from her fingertips and m.. more

The Smoggies1988 - 1991

The Suntots join forces to stop evil garbage mongers from polluting the world.

The Sooty Show1955 - 1967

The adventures of the small yellow bear and friends. Sooty, Sweep and Sue.

The Story Teller1987 - 1989

An old storyteller tells European folk tales to his sarcastic dog.

The Sun Beneath The Sea1985 - 1987

Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea is a French animated series created by Nina Wolmark

The Transformers1984 - 1987

Giant alien Autobots and evil Decepticons wage war with Earth's fate at stake.

The World Of David The Gnome1985

The World of David the Gnome, originally titled David, el Gnomo (also known as David, the Gnome), is a Spanish animated television series based on the children's book The Secret Book of Gnomes

Thomas The Tank Engine1984

Based on a series of children's books, "Thomas & Friends" features Thomas the Tank Engine going on adventures with his fellow locomotives on the island of Sodor. Thomas is apt to get into trouble by t.. more

Thunderbirds1965 - 1966

This classic British science-fiction series follows the missions of the International Rescue team, a life-saving organisation who have advanced technology to aid them in their rescues.

Tin Tin1991 - 1992

Follow the adventures of a boy reporter and his dog, Snowy, as they travel the world.

Tiny Toon Adventures1990 - 1992

Tiny Toon Adventures is an American animated comedy television series that was broadcast from September 14, 1990 through December 6, 1992

Tom Slick1967

Tom Slick is the cartoon star of a series of shorts that aired within the half-hour animated television series George of the Jungle. It was the work of Jay Ward Productions, the creators of Rocky & Bu.. more

Tomorrow People1973 - 1979

The Tomorrow People are British teens who have special powers. They can communicate to each other using telepathy.

Touche Turtle1962 - 1963

Touché Turtle and Dum Dum is one of the segments from The New Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Series, produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1962.

Transformers: Beast Wars1996 - 1999

The Maximals battle to save the universe from tyranny.

Trapdoor1984 - 1986

The escapades of loveable monsters that live in an old castle with a mysterious trapdoor.


Raised in New York, Tupu is a semi-wild girl who has many adventures and mishaps in Central Park.

Twins Of Destiny1991 - 1992

The Twins of Destiny was a 1991 animated television series produced by French writer Jean Chalopin. It followed the fictional quest of two children, Jules and Julie, in their travels across Eurasia se.. more

Ulysses 311981 - 1982

Tune in for sci-fi action as Ulysses continues his quest to find Hades and return to Earth.

Vicky The Viking1974

Vicky the Viking, known as Wickie und die starken Männer in Germany and Austria and Chiisana Viking Bikke in Japan, is a German-Austrian-Japanese animated television series which tells the adventures.. more

Victor & Hugo1991 - 1992

Victor & Hugo: Bunglers in Crime (shortened name: Victor & Hugo) is a British animated series made by Cosgrove Hall Productions for Thames Television and screened on Children's ITV from 6 September 19.. more

Vidiot1992 - 1995

Vidiot was a children's/teenage television game show broadcast from 1992 to 1995 on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It was hosted by Eden Gaha for the first two series, then Scott McRae for t.. more

Vision On1964 - 1976

Vision On was a British children's television programme, shown on BBC1 from 1964 to 1976 and designed specifically for children with hearing impairment

Voltron1984 - 1985

Teenagers transported from Earth become pilots for robotic lions to fight in an intergalactic war. The Paladins of Voltron must learn to work as a team to assemble the robot Voltron and use its power .. more

Watch This Space1982

Watch This Space is an Australian children's science fiction television series which ran on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation from 7 April to 13 June 1982.

Watt On Earth1991 - 1992

Watt on Earth is a children's television programme that ran for two 12-episode series in 1991 and 1992, shown as part of Children's BBC. It was written by the Doctor Who writers Pip and Jane Baker.

Where's Wally1991

Where's Wally?: The Animated Series (called Where's Waldo? in North America) is a joint venture between American/Canadian/British animated television series production, animated by DIC Entertainment a.. more

Widget1990 - 1992

Widget also known as Widget the World Watcher is an animated television series created by Voltron creator Peter Keefe, directed and produced by Tom Burton of Zodiac Entertainment, which debuted in syn.. more

Widget The World Watcher1990 - 1992

Widget also known as Widget the World Watcher is an animated television series created by Voltron creator Peter Keefe, directed and produced by Tom Burton of Zodiac Entertainment, which debuted in syn.. more

Willo the Wisp1981 - 2005

Willo the Wisp is a British cartoon series originally produced in 1981 by the BBC and narrated by Kenneth Williams. It became popular with children and adults as it bridged the gap between the end of .. more

Wind In The Willows1984 - 1988

The Wind in the Willows is a TV series that was originally broadcast between 1984 and 1988, based on characters from Kenneth Grahame's classic story The Wind in the Willows

Wizard Of Oz1990

The Wizard of Oz is an animated television series produced by DIC Entertainment in 1990. The series featured thirteen episodes and premiered on ABC, starting on September 8, 1990.

Wombles1973 - 1975

The Wombles is a stop motion animated British television series made in 1973 – 1975. The Wombles are creatures that live underground, collecting and recycling human rubbish.

Woof1989 - 2007

Woof! is a British children's television series produced by Central Independent Television about the adventures of a boy who shapeshifts into a dog.

You Can't Do That on Television3 February 1979 - 25 May 1990

You Can't Do That on Television is a Canadian television program that first aired locally in 1979 before airing internationally in 1981. It featured pre-teen and teenaged actors in a sketch comedy for.. more

Your Mother Wouldn't Like It1985 - 1988

Your Mother Wouldn't Like It was a children's sketch show broadcast on ITV between 1985 and 1988. A unique aspect of the show was that the performing cast were almost entirely children.