Rs3 Market Watch

RS3 Market Watch monitors the latest prices changes Runescape or RS3, it monitors the price rises and falls. Usually this is updated every hour or so if the feed api is working. You can list by latest price changes, price rises and price falls. You can also search for an item in the item search box below.
Access the API for this data here - Runescape RS3 Price Market Watch Item Data
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Item Name Rise / Fall Change Change %
Yak tuftprice fall23-6%
Iron stone spiritprice fall1-6%
Shadow nihil pouchprice fall12.9k-6%
Dinosaur scaleprice fall1-6%
Rocktailprice fall61-6%
Extreme ranging (3)price fall938-6%
Noxious staffprice fall17.7m-6%
Hexcrestprice fall10.2k-6%
White candleprice fall12-7%
Bronze hatchetprice fall309-7%
Sapphire ringprice fall109-7%
Needleprice fall10-7%
Raw rabbitprice fall82-7%
Zaryte bowprice fall843.2k-7%
Kwuarm seedprice fall80-7%
Obliterationprice fall3.1m-7%
Corrupted magic logsprice fall43-7%
Virtus glovesprice fall689.7k-7%
Dragon arrowheadsprice fall49-7%
Raw pawya meatprice fall131-7%
Salmonprice fall9-8%
Tinderboxprice fall31-8%
Bucketprice fall2-8%
Swamp tarprice fall23-8%
Cheeseprice fall68-8%
Raw beefprice fall88-8%
Raw bear meatprice fall265-8%
Mystical sand seedprice fall3,743-8%
Super restore flask (6...price fall2,103-8%
Virtus wandprice fall874.5k-8%
Sailfishprice fall215-8%
Vibrant energyprice fall34-8%
Dragon pickaxeprice fall2.5m-8%
Blood runeprice fall204-9%
Red topazprice fall99-9%
Ball of woolprice fall117-9%
Infernal ashesprice fall122-9%
Adamantite stone spiri...price fall4-9%
Ashesprice fall25-10%
Virtus maskprice fall2.0m-10%
Raw bird meatprice fall116-10%
Christmas jumper token...price fall1,085-10%
Cockatrice eggprice fall15-10%
Rosesprice fall10-11%
Yew seedprice fall383-11%
Ultracompostprice fall637-11%
Water runeprice fall35-12%
Supercompostprice fall101-12%
Dragon hatchetprice fall25.5k-12%
Ruby bakriminel bolts ...price fall299-12%
Cadmium redprice fall1,077-13%
Steam runeprice fall209-13%
Grimy harralanderprice fall99-14%
Irit seedprice fall388-14%
Torstol seedprice fall1,624-14%
Lantadyme incense stic...price fall3,164-14%
Obsidian palmstoneprice fall677-15%
Light animica stone sp...price fall136-15%
Archers' ringprice fall3.3m-16%
Dragon Rider bootsprice fall4,182-16%
Bucket of sandprice fall62-17%
Hardened dragon bonesprice fall3,225-17%
Off-hand rubber turkey...price fall1,534-19%
Cadantine seedprice fall380-21%
Kwuarm incense sticksprice fall5,363-21%
Rune boltsprice fall136-24%
Santa costume bootsprice fall9.7m-26%
Frosty shoulder capeprice fall3.6m-27%
Santa costume topprice fall10.5m-27%
Santa costume glovesprice fall10.0m-27%
Santa costume legsprice fall10.4m-27%
Frozen shoulder capeprice fall40.0m-28%
Christmas pudding ball...price fall1,266-28%
Rubber turkeyprice fall3,091-30%
Woolly pudding hatprice fall5,846-30%
Christmas tree kiteprice fall4,078-30%
Christmas tree cape to...price fall2,475-30%
Red dragonhideprice rise170+10%
Kebabprice rise164+10%
Super energy (3)price rise549+10%
Super magic potion (4)...price rise1,089+10%
Super magic potion (3)...price rise629+10%
Armadyl page 2price rise18.4k+10%
Strip of clothprice rise306+10%
Vecna skullprice rise44.8k+10%
Marrentill seedprice rise220+10%
Acadia logsprice rise101+10%
Teak plankprice rise80+10%
Stripy featherprice rise7+10%
Dark bowprice rise174.3k+10%
Copper stone spiritprice rise42+10%
Ascension Keystone Qua...price rise18.7k+10%
Ascension Keystone Sex...price rise19.4k+10%
Powerburst of sorcery ...price rise13.0k+10%
Cosmic runeprice rise41+11%
Cabbageprice rise116+11%
Cup of teaprice rise117+11%
Orangeprice rise94+11%
Juju vial of waterprice rise1+11%
Slice of cheesecakeprice rise1+11%
Extreme magic (3)price rise466+11%
Clean cadantineprice rise264+12%
Garlicprice rise38+12%
Onionprice rise131+12%
Iron barprice rise246+12%
Manuscript of Bikprice rise469.8k+12%
Games necklace (8)price rise477+12%
Accursed ashesprice rise66+12%
Pale energyprice rise31+12%
Grimy ranarrprice rise512+13%
Ropeprice rise43+13%
Sapphireprice rise32+13%
Woad leafprice rise3+13%
Armadyl page 3price rise23.9k+13%
Mahogany tableprice rise19+13%
Beach armour override ...price rise366.3k+13%
Red dragon egg (unchec...price rise56.7k+13%
Yak milkprice rise17.0k+13%
Ascension Keystone Pri...price rise86.9k+13%
Raw sardineprice rise53+14%
XP Capacitor 5000 (cha...price rise426.0k+14%
Small crate (historic ...price rise144.5k+14%
Law talismanprice rise160+14%
Armadyl page 4price rise24.9k+14%
Frosty Cerberus gloves...price rise5,350+14%
Abyssal fleshprice rise942+14%
Mimic kill tokenprice rise7,183+14%
Augmentation dissolver...price rise2,220+14%
Sapphire bolt tipsprice rise4+14%
Luminiteprice rise287+14%
Spark chitinprice rise80+14%
Raw lobsterprice rise71+15%
Knot skipping ticketprice rise38.9k+15%
Reinforced dragon bone...price rise5,734+15%
Avantoe seedprice rise604+15%
Poison ivy berriesprice rise167+15%
Resonant anima of Ful ...price rise9+16%
Elemental anima stoneprice rise17+16%
Oak plankprice rise69+16%
Golden dragonfruit see...price rise1,953+16%
Carambola seedprice rise1,506+16%
Manuscript of Fulprice rise1,577+17%
Gift wrap scytheprice rise280.8k+17%
Trail-be-goneprice rise633+17%
Snapdragon seedprice rise661+17%
Cakeprice rise141+18%
Manuscript of Wenprice rise32.8k+19%
Saradomin brew flask (...price rise5,246+19%
Ascension Keystone Ter...price rise31.8k+19%
Arbuck seedprice rise17.4k+19%
Iron oreprice rise213+20%
Unpowered orbprice rise39+20%
Bucket of milkprice rise81+20%
Chaotic hurricane cosm...price rise13.9m+21%
Harralander seedprice rise1,652+21%
Steel barprice rise439+23%
Chaotic berserk cosmet...price rise43.9m+23%
Key to the Crossingprice rise98.5k+32%
Lockpickprice rise1+33%
Santa claws tokenprice rise5,465+56%
Azure sunshine cosmeti...price rise204.9m+86%
Ashesprice fall18-8%
Ball of woolprice fall97-8%
Morchella mushroomprice fall809-8%
Sweetcorn seedprice fall22-8%
Annihilationprice fall3.8m-8%
Corrupted magic logsprice fall55-8%
Spider silkprice fall26-8%
Mystic orbprice fall1,353-8%
Off-hand Blightbound c...price fall38.7m-8%
Prickly pear seedprice fall34-8%
Spirit wolf pouchprice fall111-8%
Vibrant energyprice fall33-8%
Rocktailprice fall82-8%
Extreme ranging (3)price fall1,365-8%
Vulcanised rubberprice fall533-9%
Hardened dragon bonesprice fall1,691-9%
Frosted wreathprice fall63.7k-9%
Granite (2kg)price fall331-9%
Granite (5kg)price fall833-9%
Ruby bakriminel bolts ...price fall203-9%
Adamant boltsprice fall17-9%
Bronze bolts (unf)price fall2-9%
Drygore maceprice fall2.0m-9%
Mithril stone spiritprice fall14-9%
Cerberus claws tokenprice fall1,902-9%
Cheeseprice fall89-10%
Raw bear meatprice fall317-10%
Steam runeprice fall156-10%
Torstol seedprice fall1,209-10%
Sailfishprice fall283-10%
Grimy harralanderprice fall79-11%
Water runeprice fall33-11%
Blood runeprice fall236-11%
Swamp tarprice fall32-11%
Irit seedprice fall319-11%
Red topazprice fall133-12%
Cockatrice eggprice fall18-12%
Supercompostprice fall106-13%
Dragon hatchetprice fall27.4k-13%

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