Rs3 Market Watch

RS3 Market Watch monitors the latest prices changes Runescape or RS3, it monitors the price rises and falls. Usually this is updated every hour or so if the feed api is working. You can list by latest price changes, price rises and price falls. You can also search for an item in the item search box below.
Access the API for this data here - Runescape RS3 Price Market Watch Item Data
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Item Name Rise / Fall Change Change %
Rubber turkeyprice fall9,563-8%
Uncut jadeprice fall133-8%
Cooked meatprice fall25-8%
Manuscript of Jasprice fall3,784-8%
Zamorak arrowsprice fall17-8%
Clean toadflaxprice fall272-8%
Super energy (3)price fall358-8%
Grimy toadflaxprice fall254-8%
Crest of Serenprice fall2.1m-8%
Orb of the Cywir elder...price fall1.3m-8%
Rooster (unchecked)price fall125-8%
Raw crayfishprice fall50-8%
Barrows totemprice fall194-8%
Small plated mithril s...price fall56-8%
Poison slimeprice fall21-8%
Air orbprice fall76-9%
Red topazprice fall92-9%
Green dragonhideprice fall85-9%
Raw chickenprice fall164-9%
Super magic potion (1)...price fall220-9%
Croesus flakesprice fall30-9%
Mystic clothprice fall673-9%
Hairprice fall151-9%
Zygomite fruitprice fall35-9%
Yak milkprice fall24.2k-9%
Sunchoke seedprice fall33-9%
Orichalcite oreprice fall306-9%
Radiant energyprice fall28-9%
Rocktailprice fall112-9%
Cobalt blueprice fall727-10%
Tunaprice fall7-10%
Body runeprice fall2-10%
Black dragonhideprice fall200-10%
Onionprice fall132-10%
Powder of burialsprice fall32.6k-10%
Seahorse Balloonprice fall15.0k-10%
Toadflax seedprice fall60-10%
Ring of Luckprice fall818-10%
Blue blubber jellyfish...price fall585-10%
Mycelial webbingprice fall236-10%
Silver stone spiritprice fall9-10%
Pouchprice fall1-10%
Animal fursprice fall845-11%
Logsprice fall126-11%
Ball of woolprice fall166-11%
Rune barprice fall540-11%
Pufferfish Balloonprice fall33.5k-11%
Starfish Balloonprice fall19.1k-11%
Purified staff tokenprice fall9,258-11%
Astral runeprice fall82-11%
Phoenix Mimic tokenprice fall364-11%
Uncut sapphireprice fall58-12%
Blue dragonhideprice fall217-12%
Chocolate barprice fall70-12%
Mithril barprice fall160-12%
Splintering arrow tips...price fall41-12%
Teak logsprice fall28-12%
Saradomin brew (4)price fall707-12%
Fremennik equipment pa...price fall703-12%
Third Age ironprice fall532-13%
Chaotic brimstoneprice fall764-13%
Lockpickprice fall29-13%
Fleeting bootsprice fall1.9m-13%
Manuscript of Fulprice fall2,439-13%
Mimic helmprice fall6,859-13%
Wand of the Cywir elde...price fall3.2m-13%
'Party' title scrollprice fall71.4k-13%
Steam runeprice fall196-14%
Luminiteprice fall264-14%
Warforged bronzeprice fall1,123-15%
Smoke runeprice fall69-15%
Carrot Lance tokenprice fall26.9k-15%
Resonant anima of Ful ...price fall15-16%
Slice of cakeprice fall46-21%
'One of the Many' titl...price fall119.8k-22%
Phoenix Wing backpack ...price fall1,589-22%
Wilderness shoulder ca...price fall10.1m-28%
Elder seedprice rise6,795+6%
Grimy guamprice rise38+7%
Raw sharkprice rise56+7%
Fire orbprice rise43+7%
Silkprice rise37+7%
Fire talismanprice rise16+7%
Clean snapdragonprice rise103+7%
Wyvern bonesprice rise1,380+7%
Yak-hideprice rise14+7%
Drakolith stone spirit...price rise11+7%
Ascension shardprice rise21+7%
Light animicaprice rise425+7%
Portable wellprice rise212+7%
Clean kwuarmprice rise87+8%
Steel nailsprice rise6+8%
Orgoneprice rise525+8%
Super ranging potion (...price rise869+8%
Dark mystic robe topprice rise774+8%
Ranarr seedprice rise157+8%
Mahogany plankprice rise144+8%
Off-hand rune dartprice rise6+8%
Desert goat hornprice rise18+8%
Masterwork helmprice rise854.9k+8%
Extreme strength (3)price rise772+8%
Extreme magic (3)price rise294+8%
Guarana seedprice rise485+8%
Grimy tarrominprice rise20+9%
Clean iritprice rise59+9%
Clean avantoeprice rise117+9%
Clean cadantineprice rise82+9%
Bucket of sandprice rise33+9%
Scrimshaw of sacrifice...price rise128.0k+9%
Impious ashesprice rise276+9%
Codex of lost knowledg...price rise16.4m+9%
Palm tree seedprice rise211+9%
Yew rootsprice rise139+9%
Piscatorian cottontail...price rise533+9%
Crimson skillchompaprice rise174+9%
Raw rocktailprice rise139+9%
Leather bootsprice rise58+10%
Water talismanprice rise48+10%
Cakeprice rise82+10%
Grapesprice rise835+10%
Tarromin seedprice rise37+10%
Luminite stone spiritprice rise44+10%
Ascension Keystone Sec...price rise25.9k+10%
Luminous energyprice rise22+10%
Springprice rise76+10%
Black woolprice rise21+10%
Iron oreprice rise60+11%
Wheatprice rise40+12%
Strawberry seedprice rise37+12%
Dwarven stout (m)price rise30+12%
Dagannoth bonesprice rise971+12%
Sirenic scaleprice rise10.7k+12%
Dinosaur bonesprice rise1,879+12%
Tomato seedprice rise29+13%
Clean harralanderprice rise213+14%
Curry leafprice rise747+14%
War tortoise pouchprice rise3,696+14%
Strength potion (1)price rise91+15%
Fragile fishing urn (n...price rise228+15%
Accursed ashesprice rise122+16%
Sweetcorn seedprice rise34+16%
Grimy cadantineprice rise121+17%
Shortbowprice rise268+18%
Grimy kwuarmprice rise146+19%
Infernal ashesprice rise250+19%
Silverhawk feathersprice rise398+19%
Common brown rabbit (u...price rise871+20%
Cabbage seedprice rise47+21%
Mithril stone spiritprice rise35+22%
Woad leafprice rise4+40%
Armadylean yellowprice fall544-8%
Tunaprice fall6-8%
Puzzle box skipping ti...price fall286.6k-8%
Red topazprice fall81-8%
Green dragonhideprice fall73-8%
Chocolate barprice fall46-8%
Mithril barprice fall104-8%
Rune barprice fall441-8%
Kerapac's wrist wrapsprice fall221.2k-8%
Manuscript of Jasprice fall4,029-8%
Sana's fyrtorchprice fall9.2m-8%
Powder of burialsprice fall25.5k-8%
Lava runeprice fall61-8%
Yanillian seedprice fall23-8%
Papaya fruitprice fall473-8%
Lantadyme incense stic...price fall1,556-8%
Rocktailprice fall104-8%
Unicorn horn dustprice fall154-9%
Leather scrapsprice fall205-9%
Willow shieldbowprice fall91-9%
Large crate (timeworn ...price fall72.5k-9%
Logsprice fall106-9%
Uncut sapphireprice fall44-9%
Blue dragonhideprice fall179-9%
Scripture of Jasprice fall1.3m-9%
Asgarnian seedprice fall20-9%
Saradomin brew (4)price fall540-9%
Astral runeprice fall74-9%
Light animica stone sp...price fall60-9%
Raw pawya meatprice fall147-9%
Raw cavefishprice fall118-9%
Grimy marrentillprice fall145-10%
Air orbprice fall83-10%
Uncut opalprice fall51-10%
Raw chickenprice fall176-10%
Grimy toadflaxprice fall292-10%
Games necklace (8)price fall418-10%
Harralander seedprice fall46-10%
Yak milkprice fall24.3k-10%
Clean tarrominprice fall37-11%
Third Age ironprice fall455-11%
Warforged bronzeprice fall820-11%
Chaotic brimstoneprice fall665-11%
Small plated mithril s...price fall76-11%
Emerald ringprice fall452-12%
Black dragonhideprice fall228-12%
Croesus flakesprice fall41-12%
Steam runeprice fall173-12%
Zygomite fruitprice fall50-12%
Dragon arrowheadsprice fall58-12%

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