Rs3 Market Watch

RS3 Market Watch monitors the latest prices changes Runescape or RS3, it monitors the price rises and falls. Usually this is updated every hour or so if the feed api is working. You can list by latest price changes, price rises and price falls. You can also search for an item in the item search box below.
Access the API for this data here - Runescape RS3 Price Market Watch Item Data
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Item Name Rise / Fall Change Change %
Fire talismanprice fall42-17%
Super strength (4)price fall1,865-17%
Antifire (4)price fall3,632-17%
Artisanal gearsprice fall108-17%
Cactus spineprice fall319-17%
Supercompostprice fall160-17%
Overload ingredient se...price fall19.0k-17%
Ground miasma runeprice fall398-17%
Common brown rabbit (u...price fall1,495-17%
Grenwall spikesprice fall132-17%
Portable wellprice fall1,478-17%
Extreme strength (3)price fall2,934-17%
Bottled dinosaur roarprice fall1,585-17%
Cannonballprice fall173-18%
Shrimpsprice fall39-18%
Law talismanprice fall281-18%
Onion seedprice fall45-18%
Fragile mementoprice fall646-18%
Orange hallowe'en mask...price fall23.4m-18%
Boots of subjugationprice fall1.8m-18%
Gloves of subjugationprice fall1.8m-18%
Scrimshaw of vampyrism...price fall222.3k-18%
Seasinger's hoodprice fall1.9m-18%
Piscatorian cottontail...price fall2,448-18%
Grimy tarrominprice fall47-19%
Grimy kwuarmprice fall683-19%
Dragon scale dustprice fall584-19%
Rubyprice fall73-19%
Magic frameprice fall13.1k-19%
Undead dragonhideprice fall1,943-19%
Corrupted magic logsprice fall186-19%
Garb of subjugationprice fall1.8m-19%
Gown of subjugationprice fall1.8m-19%
Super strength (3)price fall1,490-20%
Water talismanprice fall197-20%
Abyssal fleshprice fall307-20%
Soul Surge cosmetic ab...price fall3.1m-20%
Mahogany plankprice fall300-20%
Ascension boltsprice fall349-20%
Super antifire (4)price fall7,252-20%
Grimy dwarf weedprice fall1,555-21%
White berriesprice fall839-21%
Super magic potion (3)...price fall2,715-21%
Powder of burialsprice fall61.4k-21%
Accursed ashesprice fall81-21%
Soul Dive cosmetic abi...price fall1.6m-21%
Clean torstolprice fall1,381-22%
Yew logsprice fall117-22%
Uncut emeraldprice fall140-22%
Off-hand rune dartprice fall18-22%
Clean dwarf weedprice fall1,885-23%
Baby dragon bonesprice fall139-23%
Emeraldprice fall99-23%
Super ranging potion (...price fall3,759-23%
Ranarr seedprice fall822-23%
Radiant energyprice fall88-23%
Jadeprice fall614-24%
Super restore (4)price fall925-24%
Powerful necroplasmprice fall183-24%
Red chinchompaprice fall169-24%
Bomb vialprice fall764-24%
Grimy cadantineprice fall674-25%
Clean cadantineprice fall894-25%
Water runeprice fall20-25%
Extreme ranging (3)price fall3,069-25%
Bananaprice fall58-26%
Super magic potion (4)...price fall5,040-26%
Grimy guamprice fall99-27%
Avantoe seedprice fall390-27%
Grimy torstolprice fall1,704-28%
Ascension shardprice fall630-28%
Primal extractprice fall385-29%
Uncut diamondprice fall401-30%
Black stone heartprice fall438.4k-30%
Ghostly essenceprice fall1,782-30%
Extreme magic (3)price fall4,236-31%
Grimy harralanderprice fall501-32%
Iron arrowprice fall14-32%
Toadflax seedprice fall696-32%
Teak plankprice fall187-33%
Luminite injectorprice fall1,306-33%
Silverhawk feathersprice fall1,204-33%
Congealed bloodprice fall814-34%
Slayer Wildcardprice fall26.7k-34%
Potato cactusprice fall1,345-35%
Portable sawmillprice fall706-38%
Overhead Emotes: Necro...price fall1,990-50%
Icthlarin chapel token...price fall128.0k-50%
Pumpkin trees tokenprice fall129.0k-50%
Oil of enchantmentprice fall11.1m-54%
Rune dartprice fall40-55%
'o'-lantern' title scr...price fall144.3k-55%
Crypt staff tokenprice rise416+14%
Rabbit teethprice rise26+14%
Armadyl chainskirtprice rise663.9k+14%
Christmas jumper token...price rise1,718+14%
Off-hand ascension cro...price rise7.4m+14%
Masterwork platebodyprice rise3.8m+14%
Adamant arrowheadsprice rise33+15%
Orthenglassprice rise456+15%
Eye of Dagonprice rise455+15%
Coalprice rise38+15%
Death runeprice rise35+15%
Soda ashprice rise5+15%
Resonant anima of Jas ...price rise16+15%
Equipment siphonprice rise15.7k+15%
Flower hairpin tokenprice rise165.2k+15%
Palm tree seedprice rise471+15%
Deathwarden glovesprice rise6,983+15%
Mystic clothprice rise3,437+15%
Blue dyeprice rise272+16%
Raw chickenprice rise243+16%
Ancient visprice rise522+17%
Pot of flourprice rise72+17%
Decorated fishing urn ...price rise1,432+17%
Santa costume glovesprice rise135.0k+17%
Wooden frameprice rise6,148+17%
Runite stone spiritprice rise121+17%
Gleaming energyprice rise53+17%
Refined Acadia planksprice rise1,163+18%
Ectoplasmprice rise491+18%
Kal'gerion Demon scrol...price rise1,045+19%
Binding contract (ripp...price rise21.9k+19%
Air runeprice rise6+19%
Soul talismanprice rise4,217+19%
Gold ringprice rise173+19%
Decorated cooking urn ...price rise1,465+19%
Wolf bonesprice rise360+20%
Refined Elder planksprice rise2,818+20%
Decorated woodcutting ...price rise1,559+20%
Light animica stone sp...price rise111+20%
Salmonprice rise25+21%
Dragon metalprice rise1,460+21%
Cooked meatprice rise54+22%
Augmentation dissolver...price rise3,209+22%
Acadia frameprice rise15.5k+22%
Oak wood spiritprice rise56+22%
Warforged bronzeprice rise1,517+23%
Banana tree seedprice rise87+23%
Crayfishprice rise46+26%
Calquat tree seedprice rise30+27%
Cave nightshade seedprice rise138+30%
Gold stone spiritprice rise226+30%
Stone wall segmentprice rise3,667+32%
Unpowered orbprice rise98+35%
Obelisk shardprice rise163+37%
Miasma runeprice rise551+38%
Bucket of milkprice rise288+41%
Manuscript of Jasprice rise121.2k+42%
Molten glassprice rise364+43%
Bucket of sandprice rise188+45%
Invoke Lord of Bones i...price rise9.1m+45%
Coal stone spiritprice rise5+45%
Vorkath's spikeprice rise476.9k+47%
Ancient scaleprice rise511.7k+59%
Elder wood spiritprice rise203+68%
Ashesprice rise504+82%
Overhead Emotes: Hallo...price rise4,716+88%
Hexer Braids hairstyle...price rise15.2m+151%
Cabbageprice fall185-17%
Rosesprice fall8-17%
Abyssal fleshprice fall271-17%
Supercompostprice fall166-17%
Ground miasma runeprice fall424-17%
Yak-hideprice fall50-17%
Ascension boltsprice fall298-17%
Bottled dinosaur roarprice fall1,647-17%
Harmony mossprice fall710-18%
Fire talismanprice fall44-18%
Law talismanprice fall287-18%
Onionprice fall184-18%
Antifire (4)price fall3,899-18%
Portable wellprice fall1,536-18%
Bomb vialprice fall561-18%
Cannonballprice fall178-19%
Clean harralanderprice fall389-19%
Clean kwuarmprice fall839-19%
Pie shellprice fall50-19%
Artisanal gearsprice fall129-19%
Orange hallowe'en mask...price fall24.0m-19%
Corrupted magic logsprice fall184-19%
Hood of subjugationprice fall1.8m-19%
Radiant energyprice fall69-19%
Grimy tarrominprice fall51-20%
Water talismanprice fall195-20%
Uncut emeraldprice fall125-20%
Onion seedprice fall49-20%
Berserker ringprice fall1.8m-20%
Boots of subjugationprice fall2.0m-20%
Gloves of subjugationprice fall2.0m-20%
Red chinchompaprice fall137-20%
Grenwall spikesprice fall159-20%
Super ranging potion (...price fall2,458-21%
White berriesprice fall851-21%
Shrimpsprice fall47-21%
Bananaprice fall46-21%
Ranarr seedprice fall758-21%
Fragile mementoprice fall765-21%
Soul Dive cosmetic abi...price fall1.6m-21%
Off-hand rune dartprice fall18-21%

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