Rs3 Market Watch

RS3 Market Watch monitors the latest prices changes Runescape or RS3, it monitors the price rises and falls. Usually this is updated every hour or so if the feed api is working. You can list by latest price changes, price rises and price falls. You can also search for an item in the item search box below.
Access the API for this data here - Runescape RS3 Price Market Watch Item Data
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Item Name Rise / Fall Change Change %
Empty potprice fall17-7%
Heart of the Berserker...price fall43.0k-7%
Limestone brickprice fall88-7%
Infernal ashesprice fall45-7%
Clean bloodweedprice fall870-7%
Stone wall segmentprice fall746-7%
Magic seedprice fall3,417-7%
Watermelon seedprice fall80-7%
Slayer Wildcardprice fall3,961-7%
Fletching cleaner (Ina...price fall11.2k-7%
Greater ghostly inkprice fall654-7%
Ground miasma runeprice fall112-7%
Key to the Crossingprice fall34.2k-7%
Off-hand adamant dartprice fall2-7%
Tree-shaking scrimshaw...price fall19.6k-7%
Clean spirit weedprice fall473-7%
Medium plated mithril ...price fall162-7%
Portable wellprice fall864-7%
Extreme magic (3)price fall962-7%
Golden dragonfruitprice fall482-7%
Bottled dinosaur roarprice fall782-7%
Super defence (3)price fall628-8%
Grimy avantoeprice fall50-8%
Uncut diamondprice fall70-8%
Portable brazierprice fall1,250-8%
Potato cactusprice fall404-8%
Tomato seedprice fall24-8%
Artisanal gearsprice fall44-8%
Teak logsprice fall29-8%
Royal dragonhideprice fall215-8%
Mahogany plankprice fall106-8%
Rune boltsprice fall36-8%
Snape grass seedprice fall182-8%
Portable rangeprice fall1,356-8%
Carambola seedprice fall680-8%
Air talismanprice fall150-9%
Cosmic talismanprice fall181-9%
Regular ghostly inkprice fall713-9%
Pure essenceprice fall17-9%
Super invention (3)price fall142-9%
Grenwall spikesprice fall28-9%
Radiant energyprice fall40-9%
Headless arrowprice fall8-10%
Snape grassprice fall31-10%
Wine of Zamorakprice fall75-10%
Sapphireprice fall33-10%
Uncut jadeprice fall201-10%
Sirenic scaleprice fall1,695-10%
Torstol incense sticks...price fall1,888-10%
Unicorn hornprice fall166-11%
Emeraldprice fall49-11%
Meat pieprice fall271-11%
Abyssal fleshprice fall115-11%
Powerful mementoprice fall1,669-11%
Teak plankprice fall48-11%
Troutprice fall49-12%
Swamp tarprice fall43-12%
Uncut emeraldprice fall70-14%
Augmentation dissolver...price fall1,634-14%
Spirit mementoprice fall2,143-14%
Raw sailfishprice fall1,014-14%
Grapesprice fall1,786-15%
Powerful ghostly inkprice fall1,671-15%
Uncut moonstoneprice fall381.1k-15%
Uncut rubyprice fall68-16%
Fragile mementoprice fall316-16%
Limpwurt rootprice fall105-17%
Summoning focusprice fall1,866-18%
Mahogany tableprice fall37-18%
Golden dragonfruit see...price fall2,398-18%
Bloodweed seedprice fall9,205-19%
Water talismanprice fall411-21%
Bucket of sandprice fall111-21%
Broken mementoprice fall20-22%
Robust mementoprice fall419-22%
Rune dartprice fall19-35%
Fire runeprice rise5+8%
Augmentorprice rise28.3k+8%
Catalytic anima stoneprice rise48+8%
Bone runeprice rise35+8%
Miasma runeprice rise87+8%
Dragon hatchetprice rise6,720+8%
Granite (2kg)price rise303+8%
Ganodermic bootsprice rise34.0k+8%
Raw sardineprice rise45+9%
Star of Saradominprice rise808+9%
Eye of Dagonprice rise279+9%
Hellfire metalprice rise1,265+9%
Super prayer renewal p...price rise3,200+9%
Baby dragon bonesprice rise67+9%
Nature runeprice rise57+9%
Chaos runeprice rise14+9%
Shieldbowprice rise289+9%
Black full helmprice rise178+9%
Dragon metalprice rise653+9%
Steel barprice rise168+9%
Lava battlestaffprice rise889+9%
Irit seedprice rise47+9%
Granite (500g)price rise229+9%
Torn grimoire pageprice rise477.9k+9%
Glorious barprice rise469.7k+9%
Blood Reaver scroll (B...price rise648+10%
Cobalt blueprice rise1,307+10%
Mithril oreprice rise91+10%
Raw chickenprice rise212+10%
Manuscript of Jasprice rise91.0k+10%
Cadantine seedprice rise57+10%
Occultist's ringprice rise138.4k+10%
Imphideprice rise99+10%
Draconic energyprice rise41.0k+10%
Armadylean yellowprice rise1,469+11%
Quintessenceprice rise404+11%
Soul runeprice rise109+11%
Coconutprice rise887+11%
Binding contract (bloo...price rise16.2k+12%
Ripper Demon scroll (D...price rise697+12%
Cadmium redprice rise1,152+12%
Equipment siphonprice rise13.3k+12%
Flesh runeprice rise68+12%
Robe bottom of the Fir...price rise25.0m+12%
Potion flaskprice rise1,657+12%
Bucket of milkprice rise89+13%
Iron barprice rise315+13%
Astral runeprice rise108+14%
Malachite greenprice rise1,703+15%
Everlight silvthrilprice rise1,333+15%
Spirit runeprice rise18+16%
Binding contract (ripp...price rise21.0k+17%
Powder of penanceprice rise130.4k+18%
Reinforced dragon bone...price rise8,894+19%
Ancient visprice rise1,033+25%
Bowstringprice rise208+25%
Arbuck seedprice fall10.3k-6%
Grimy harralanderprice fall176-7%
Unicorn hornprice fall114-7%
Oak logsprice fall72-7%
Uncut dragonstoneprice fall380-7%
Soft clayprice fall141-7%
Portable brazierprice fall1,121-7%
Decorated fishing urn ...price fall816-7%
Energy-gathering scrim...price fall18.5k-7%
Royal dragonhideprice fall197-7%
Mahogany plankprice fall101-7%
Common brown rabbit (u...price fall234-7%
Ascension Keystone Sec...price fall18.4k-7%
Portable wellprice fall822-7%
Super attack (3)price fall183-8%
Grimy avantoeprice fall46-8%
Raw swordfishprice fall24-8%
Copper oreprice fall75-8%
Coalprice fall27-8%
Hard leatherprice fall85-8%
Scripture of Wenprice fall3.8m-8%
Silverhawk feathersprice fall250-8%
Uncut diamondprice fall81-9%
Chocolate cakeprice fall514-9%
Swamp tarprice fall35-9%
Banite oreprice fall404-9%
Warrior ringprice fall18.1k-9%
Portable rangeprice fall1,544-9%
Snape grassprice fall30-10%
Uncut rubyprice fall41-10%
Key to the Crossingprice fall49.8k-10%
Summoning focusprice fall1,117-11%
Wine of Zamorakprice fall82-11%
Artisanal gearsprice fall65-11%
Powerful ghostly inkprice fall1,235-11%
Powerful mementoprice fall1,722-11%
Slayer Wildcardprice fall7,000-12%
Spirit mementoprice fall1,932-12%
Obsidian capeprice fall25.1k-12%
Sapphireprice fall48-13%
Teak plankprice fall60-13%
Rune boltsprice fall61-13%
Headless arrowprice fall13-15%
Limpwurt rootprice fall94-15%
Grapesprice fall1,767-15%
Bloodweed seedprice fall7,313-15%
Golden dragonfruit see...price fall1,960-15%
Water talismanprice fall333-17%
Fragile mementoprice fall351-17%
Bucket of sandprice fall113-21%
Mahogany tableprice fall47-21%
Robust mementoprice fall450-23%
Broken mementoprice fall24-26%
Chaos runeprice rise13+8%
Charcoalprice rise99+8%
Chocolate barprice rise47+8%
Yew seedprice rise112+8%
Saradomin brew flask (...price rise2,360+8%
Moonstoneprice rise137.6k+8%
Fire runeprice rise6+9%
Sapphire ringprice rise91+9%
Cadantine seedprice rise51+9%
Adamant boltsprice rise22+9%
Blight boltsprice rise86+9%
Hairprice rise137+9%
Wine of Saradominprice rise3,844+9%
Potato cactus seedprice rise125+9%
Black stone heartprice rise53.9k+9%

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