Rs3 Market Watch

RS3 Market Watch monitors the latest prices changes Runescape or RS3, it monitors the price rises and falls. Usually this is updated every hour or so if the feed api is working. You can list by latest price changes, price rises and price falls. You can also search for an item in the item search box below.
Access the API for this data here - Runescape RS3 Price Market Watch Item Data
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Item Name Rise / Fall Change Change %
Malachite greenprice rise928+8%
Vulcanised rubberprice rise650+8%
Blood of Orcusprice rise826+8%
Chef's hatprice rise96+8%
Grapesprice rise632+8%
Meat pieprice rise26+8%
Bronze barprice rise111+8%
Silver barprice rise109+8%
Resonant anima of Jas ...price rise8+8%
Leavesprice rise497+8%
Common kebbit furprice rise8+8%
Draconic visageprice rise103.1k+8%
Crayfishprice rise8+8%
Magic notepaperprice rise48+8%
Vulnerability bombprice rise1,744+8%
Big bonesprice rise39+9%
Water runeprice rise15+9%
Dragon metalprice rise602+9%
Oak frameprice rise3,904+9%
Teak frameprice rise3,730+9%
Praesul codexprice rise50.7m+9%
Ghostly essenceprice rise349+9%
Binding contract (kal'...price rise12.7k+10%
Cobalt blueprice rise1,073+10%
Needleprice rise15+10%
Flower hairpin tokenprice rise130.3k+10%
Yew seedprice rise181+10%
Magic seedprice rise6,033+10%
Dragon 2h swordprice rise13.3k+10%
Garb of subjugationprice rise927.9k+10%
Light animica stone sp...price rise84+10%
Air talismanprice rise148+11%
Raw beefprice rise85+11%
Reinforced dragon bone...price rise4,945+11%
Kal'gerion Demon scrol...price rise724+12%
Warforged bronzeprice rise820+12%
Bananaprice rise57+12%
Wyvern bonesprice rise1,445+12%
Gleaming energyprice rise45+12%
Dinosaur bonesprice rise2,265+12%
Primal extractprice rise134+12%
Gown of subjugationprice rise796.5k+13%
Drakolith stone spirit...price rise31+13%
Animal fursprice rise1,303+14%
Zarosian insigniaprice rise1,004+14%
Unpowered orbprice rise28+14%
Bloodweed seedprice rise6,273+14%
Stone wall segmentprice rise1,708+14%
Rune boltsprice rise49+14%
Gold stone spiritprice rise98+14%
Spectral spirit shield...price rise737.9k+14%
Raw chickenprice rise224+15%
Dagannoth bonesprice rise1,520+15%
Hood of subjugationprice rise313.3k+16%
Orgoneprice rise1,444+17%
Luminous energyprice rise50+17%
Luminite stone spiritprice rise52+18%
Dragon hatchetprice rise78.0k+19%
Dragon bonesprice rise770+21%
Dragonkin bonesprice rise3,289+22%
Gold ringprice rise227+24%
Slayer Wildcardprice rise635+40%
Artisanal gearsprice rise105+42%
Grimy snapdragonprice fall131-9%
Toadflax seedprice fall92-9%
Watermelon seedprice fall111-9%
Smooth Easter eggprice fall1,733-9%
Spikey Easter eggprice fall13.3k-9%
Mahogany bookcaseprice fall26-9%
Dragon dartprice fall12-9%
Dark bowprice fall174.1k-9%
Portent of restoration...price fall751-9%
Elder rune platebody +...price fall266.3k-9%
Huge plated steel salv...price fall129-9%
Clean dwarf weedprice fall648-10%
Chaos runeprice fall16-10%
Earth talismanprice fall25-10%
Fleeting bootsprice fall1.5m-10%
Manuscript of Bikprice fall740.1k-10%
Accursed ashesprice fall48-10%
Pufferfish Balloonprice fall8,204-10%
Lantadyme seedprice fall77-10%
Zigzag Easter eggprice fall2,933-10%
Easter egg hat tokenprice fall845-10%
Mycelial webbingprice fall141-10%
Grimy marrentillprice fall126-11%
Chronotesprice fall31-11%
Potato cactusprice fall184-11%
Augmentorprice fall49.6k-11%
Harralander seedprice fall241-11%
Super restore flask (6...price fall2,300-11%
Crystal skillchompaprice fall477-11%
Black dragon egg (unch...price fall35.0k-11%
Torstol incense sticks...price fall2,192-11%
Bomb vialprice fall287-11%
Grimy harralanderprice fall77-12%
Jangerberriesprice fall136-12%
Adamant dartprice fall3-12%
Necrite stone spiritprice fall35-12%
Grimy kwuarmprice fall340-13%
Fragments of Pernix's ...price fall159.5k-13%
Infernal ashesprice fall183-13%
Sirenic scaleprice fall8,860-13%
Raw rocktailprice fall191-13%
Water talismanprice fall181-14%
Flaxprice fall12-14%
Mort myre fungusprice fall412-14%
Grimy toadflaxprice fall586-14%
Snapdragon seedprice fall301-14%
Dancer outfit tokenprice fall2,796-14%
Lockpickprice fall2-15%
Equipment siphonprice fall5,752-15%
Uncut diamondprice fall168-16%
Fletching cleaner (Ina...price fall76.4k-16%
Crafting cleaner (Inac...price fall77.9k-16%
Mahogany armchairprice fall40-16%
Silverhawk feathersprice fall496-16%
Mind talismanprice fall165-17%
Phoenix Lair Teleportprice fall248-17%
Emerald Suit tokenprice fall8.8m-17%
'Emerald' title scroll...price fall153.5k-18%
Portable wellprice fall986-18%
Royal shoulder cape (R...price fall1.4m-19%
Mahogany plankprice fall456-19%
Portable sawmillprice fall510-20%
Teak plankprice fall198-21%
Mahogany tableprice fall50-30%
Rune dartprice fall20-31%
Ancient gravelprice fall114-9%
Soft clayprice fall204-9%
Beerprice fall150-9%
Pack mammoth pouchprice fall1,987-9%
Chargebowprice fall476-9%
Walk the Plank emote t...price fall31.6k-9%
Granite (500g)price fall152-9%
Yak-hideprice fall24-9%
Necrite stone spiritprice fall28-9%
Powerburst of vitality...price fall177-9%
Raw salmonprice fall50-10%
Chaos runeprice fall16-10%
Iron arrowprice fall4-10%
Swamp tarprice fall29-10%
Mort myre fungusprice fall309-10%
Super magic potion (3)...price fall828-10%
Fragments of Pernix's ...price fall125.5k-10%
Equipment siphonprice fall3,813-10%
Toadflax seedprice fall108-10%
Huge plated steel salv...price fall151-10%
Torstol incense sticks...price fall1,919-10%
Extreme ranging (3)price fall1,017-10%
Magic shieldbow (u)price fall54-11%
Iron oreprice fall175-11%
Water talismanprice fall146-11%
Flaxprice fall10-11%
Cheeseprice fall74-11%
Manuscript of Bikprice fall791.4k-11%
Scrimshaw of sacrifice...price fall363.2k-11%
Elemental anima stoneprice fall14-11%
Lantadyme seedprice fall83-11%
Corrupted magic logsprice fall69-11%
Raw sailfishprice fall632-11%
Common brown rabbit (u...price fall786-11%
Ascension boltsprice fall59-11%
Grimy toadflaxprice fall497-12%
Infernal ashesprice fall172-12%
Gizmo dissolverprice fall5,033-12%
Mud runeprice fall175-12%
Royal shoulder cape (B...price fall23.9m-12%
Noble shoulder capeprice fall26.7m-12%
Dragon crested shoulde...price fall26.5m-12%
Captain Deathbeard's F...price fall84.6k-12%
Annihilationprice fall1.2m-12%
Super restore flask (6...price fall2,532-12%
Acadia logsprice fall107-12%
Off-hand rune dartprice fall12-12%
Black dragon egg (unch...price fall37.8k-12%
Extreme defence (3)price fall1,721-12%
Bone blowpipeprice fall153.5k-12%
Grimy kwuarmprice fall331-13%
Leather glovesprice fall83-13%
Uncut rubyprice fall55-13%
Blue dyeprice fall67-13%
Bucket of sandprice fall49-13%
Phoenix Lair Teleportprice fall194-13%
Mahogany frameprice fall5,343-13%
Smooth Easter eggprice fall2,408-13%
Zigzag Easter eggprice fall3,906-13%
Spikey Easter eggprice fall18.5k-13%
Pirate Sheep pet token...price fall68.7k-13%
Portable rangeprice fall1,135-13%
Grimy harralanderprice fall93-14%
Uncut diamondprice fall147-14%
Grimy marrentillprice fall178-15%
Potato cactusprice fall249-15%
Luminite injectorprice fall324-15%
Raw rocktailprice fall225-15%
Extreme magic (3)price fall1,199-15%
Mahogany plankprice fall385-16%
Silverhawk feathersprice fall519-16%
Snapdragon seedprice fall372-17%

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