Rs3 Market Watch

RS3 Market Watch monitors the latest prices changes Runescape or RS3, it monitors the price rises and falls. Usually this is updated every hour or so if the feed api is working. You can list by latest price changes, price rises and price falls. You can also search for an item in the item search box below.
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Item Name Rise / Fall Change Change %
Onion seedprice fall44-9%
Obsidian capeprice fall34.2k-9%
Torn grimoire pageprice fall554.8k-9%
Adamantite stone spiri...price fall3-9%
Dinosaur scaleprice fall2-9%
Malachite greenprice fall773-10%
Dragon mattockprice fall3.5m-10%
Leather chapsprice fall105-10%
Chiselprice fall51-10%
Grimy snapdragonprice fall136-10%
Green Santa hatprice fall49.6m-10%
Augmentorprice fall35.4k-10%
Aggression potion (4)price fall16.7k-10%
Gorajian mushroomprice fall231-10%
Luminous energyprice fall27-10%
Raw cavefishprice fall115-10%
Extreme attack (3)price fall121-10%
Dragonfruit seedprice fall81-10%
Beak snotprice fall319-10%
Super attack (1)price fall66-11%
Super strength (1)price fall92-11%
Grimy iritprice fall54-11%
Red spiders' eggsprice fall20-11%
Resonant anima of Wen ...price fall1-11%
Serenic essenceprice fall20.2k-11%
Limpwurt seedprice fall70-11%
Mystic clothprice fall907-11%
Goat horn dustprice fall86-11%
Spider venomprice fall58-11%
Armadyl chainskirtprice fall924.6k-11%
Radiant energyprice fall34-11%
Sirenic scaleprice fall23.1k-11%
Extreme magic (3)price fall370-11%
Ghostly essenceprice fall425-11%
Grimy kwuarmprice fall102-12%
Cosmic runeprice fall30-12%
Rune knifeprice fall59-12%
Searing ashesprice fall15.4k-12%
Staff of Armadyl's fra...price fall146.9m-12%
Splintering arrow tips...price fall123-12%
Wand of the Cywir elde...price fall2.8m-12%
Iron nailsprice fall6-12%
Grapevine seedprice fall400-12%
Deathspore arrow tipsprice fall48-13%
Rainbow glassesprice fall4.6m-13%
Buddy pet tokenprice fall13.0k-13%
Ascension Keystone Pri...price fall90.6k-13%
Ascension Keystone Sec...price fall51.3k-13%
Arbuck seedprice fall6,558-13%
Arcane apoterrasaur (u...price fall331.2k-13%
Scimitops (unchecked)price fall375.8k-13%
Malletops (unchecked)price fall241.8k-13%
Bronze boltsprice fall7-14%
Staff of airprice fall283-14%
Gold ringprice fall253-14%
Super attack (4)price fall362-14%
Ring of duelling (8)price fall632-14%
Kwuarm seedprice fall60-14%
Zygomite fruitprice fall106-14%
Ascension Keystone Qua...price fall36.9k-14%
Ascension Keystone Sex...price fall49.3k-14%
Dragon bonesprice fall397-15%
Knot skipping ticketprice fall30.8k-15%
Spider fangsprice fall139-15%
Ascension Keystone Qui...price fall38.2k-16%
Silkprice fall160-17%
Hardened dragon bonesprice fall2,669-17%
Golden rosesprice fall258.5k-17%
Feather of Ma'atprice fall350-17%
Common brown rabbit (u...price fall584-17%
Dragon scale dustprice fall493-18%
Croesus flakesprice fall49-18%
Dinosaur clawsprice fall73-18%
Wine of Zamorakprice fall408-19%
Cadmium redprice fall1,413-19%
Powder of penanceprice fall180.4k-19%
Snapdragon seedprice fall250-19%
Mint cakeprice fall392-19%
Ascension Keystone Ter...price fall56.0k-19%
Resonant anima of Bik ...price fall26-32%
Plague doctor walk ove...price fall299.7m-51%
Iron full helmprice rise177+8%
Steel nailsprice rise5+8%
Opalprice rise44+8%
Chef's hatprice rise144+8%
Iron barprice rise82+8%
Super restore (4)price rise226+8%
Enriched timber fungus...price rise19+8%
Dwellberry seedprice rise22+8%
Maple seedprice rise173+8%
Wine of Saradominprice rise6,214+8%
Mithril platebodyprice rise918+8%
Medium bladed mithril ...price rise291+8%
Terrasaur maulprice rise20.8m+8%
Mango seedprice rise30+8%
Iron arrowprice rise6+9%
Soul talismanprice rise955+9%
Strip of clothprice rise278+9%
Harralander seedprice rise76+9%
Air tiaraprice rise51+9%
Teak plankprice rise38+9%
Pale energyprice rise12+9%
Glorious barprice rise295.4k+9%
Magic notepaperprice rise37+9%
Blast diffusion bootsprice rise173.6k+9%
Attack potion (2)price rise72+10%
White berriesprice rise248+10%
Binding contract (ripp...price rise10.9k+10%
Third Age ironprice rise261+10%
Onionprice rise104+10%
Super strength (4)price rise398+10%
Impious ashesprice rise416+10%
Fragile fishing urn (n...price rise142+10%
Fellstalk seedprice rise291+10%
Strawberry seedprice rise41+10%
Dwarven stout (m)price rise31+10%
Sandstone (10kg)price rise281+10%
Wizard bootsprice rise5+10%
Sailfish soupprice rise3,427+10%
Rune full helmprice rise674+10%
Tiny spiky iron salvag...price rise19+10%
Elder seedprice rise10.1k+10%
Super strength (3)price rise273+11%
Super prayer renewal p...price rise4,415+11%
Body talismanprice rise130+11%
Bowstringprice rise57+11%
Tomatoprice rise123+11%
Mahogany armchairprice rise28+11%
Blight boltsprice rise59+11%
Yak tuftprice rise21+11%
Lustrous energyprice rise24+11%
Fishing rodprice rise197+12%
Grimy harralanderprice rise163+13%
Black longswordprice rise306+13%
Red topazprice rise142+13%
Raw chickenprice rise175+13%
Scrimshaw of sacrifice...price rise158.5k+13%
Marrentill seedprice rise60+13%
Vital sparkprice rise22.8k+13%
Gleaming energyprice rise23+13%
Springprice rise103+13%
Leather glovesprice rise68+14%
Black 2h swordprice rise474+14%
Threadprice rise3+15%
Chocolate cakeprice rise211+15%
Spiceprice rise166+15%
Demon Slayer ability c...price rise8.3m+15%
Cabbageprice rise196+17%
Dark bowprice rise131.8k+17%
Clean marrentillprice rise1,190+20%
Uncut red topazprice rise151+21%
Dark animica stone spi...price rise444+21%
Seaweedprice rise34+22%
Mahogany tableprice rise28+24%
Grimy marrentillprice rise1,332+25%
Rune dartprice rise15+32%
Black stone heartprice rise108.9k+33%
'Rainbow' title scroll...price rise30.8m+37%
Plague doctor rest ove...price rise4.1m+40%
Plague doctor teleport...price rise9.5m+95%
Extreme magic (4)price fall716-8%
Scimitops (unchecked)price fall253.8k-8%
Bagrada rex (unchecked...price fall273.8k-8%
Corbicula rex (uncheck...price fall246.6k-8%
Oculi apoterrasaur (un...price fall135.0k-8%
Raw sharkprice fall77-9%
Gold ringprice fall162-9%
Pot of flourprice fall26-9%
Scrimshaw of corruptio...price fall209.1k-9%
Onion seedprice fall43-9%
Poison ivy berriesprice fall357-9%
Purified wand and orb ...price fall11.0k-9%
Spider silkprice fall24-9%
Desert goat hornprice fall31-9%
Spider venomprice fall48-9%
Armadyl chainskirtprice fall754.8k-9%
Upgraded bone blowpipe...price fall532.5k-9%
Arcane apoterrasaur (u...price fall229.3k-9%
Clean iritprice fall71-10%
Mithril oreprice fall61-10%
Ring of duelling (8)price fall482-10%
Powder of burialsprice fall30.4k-10%
Augmentorprice fall35.5k-10%
Aggression flask (6)price fall27.1k-10%
Hot sand walk override...price fall229.9k-10%
Zygomite fruitprice fall74-10%
Mycelial webbingprice fall275-10%
Ascension Keystone Qua...price fall26.0k-10%
Phoenix aura tokenprice fall1,543-10%
Raw cavefishprice fall121-10%
Extreme magic (3)price fall360-10%
Arbuck seedprice fall5,014-10%
Jangerberriesprice fall117-11%
Clean kwuarmprice fall146-11%
Wand of the Cywir elde...price fall2.6m-11%
Mystic clothprice fall860-11%
Grapevine seedprice fall368-11%
Luminous energyprice fall28-11%
Ghostly essenceprice fall410-11%
Red spiders' eggsprice fall23-12%

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