1add some foundation tabs working exampleAug 3, 5:01 am
2extract youtube image from video urlJul 31, 3:52 am
3simple php ip blockerJul 29, 11:26 pm
4vertically align text within a fixed height div using flexJul 29, 9:55 am
5how to view a web page in its printer formatJul 28, 6:26 am
6white space break word cssJul 27, 5:36 am
7old browser check with javascriptJul 26, 2:56 am
8check browser version and show a messageJul 23, 6:47 am
9roboto and poppins fonts include quick codeJul 23, 12:10 am
10search bug AboveJul 22, 3:57 am
11CSS Drawing - Beach SceneJul 20, 1:24 am
12404 Error Page CodepenJul 16, 1:16 am
13set the amount of lines to show in a textarea fieldJul 16, 1:01 am
14right align something in its elementJul 14, 3:15 am
15preg replace clean a string only allow a-zA-Z0-9 charactersJul 10, 4:25 am
16weird search results being recordedJul 10, 4:04 am
17foundation grid for 6.6x - also known as the foundation xy gridJul 9, 5:00 am
18append a #link to the end of all href urls on a targetJul 9, 1:07 am
19get last month as a number with phpJul 5, 12:58 pm
20hide the third row in a table with cssJun 30, 5:15 am
21globe svg testing (broken)Jun 29, 6:32 am
22how to make a transparent logo white with cssJun 29, 3:07 am
23fix for wordpress requesting ftp login details installing pluginsJun 27, 4:27 am
24simple backup to google drive fron linuxJun 27, 1:04 am
25verify the google recapture server phpJun 25, 12:45 am
26scroll down the page using a button clickJun 23, 12:25 am
27using clamp js to clamp lines of textJun 22, 11:17 pm
28Scroll down indicator css javascript and htmlJun 22, 5:35 am
29this is a weird one table underline appearing and dissapearing on mouse overJun 21, 12:52 pm
30check if a ul contains a ul liJun 21, 4:25 am
31target last item css with :last-of-typeJun 21, 4:22 am
32target first item css with :first-of-typeJun 21, 3:48 am
33add a gtag.js pdf click eventJun 20, 11:36 pm
34for auto filled fields, need to change the text and background coloursJun 17, 12:11 am
35use a list group for listing by category page [todo]Jun 17, 12:02 am
36jquery check if a sub element existsJun 15, 4:22 am
37jquery toggle menu testingJun 15, 3:52 am
38responsive menu research full screen multi levelJun 15, 3:07 am
39Comments Listing should be a custom list rather than using searchJun 14, 3:57 am
40ajax callback to delete with sweet alert confirmation to make it cool! 😎Jun 11, 4:29 am
41load the latest single item onlyJun 11, 1:24 am
42load oldest item based on insdate then update the insdate to now - load_latest_single_updateJun 11, 1:19 am
43change this to a list group - other itemsJun 11, 1:15 am
44hero widget header - creates a nice looking hero item from a target uid and classJun 11, 12:10 am
45dropdown sectionJun 9, 6:53 am
46Latest from Code WidgetJun 9, 6:18 am
47rtrim strip white space or strings from the end of a stringJun 8, 12:50 pm
48prevent default click event on linkJun 8, 1:59 am
49get the current month as a numberJun 7, 5:48 am
50make your images look non squished when not using image backgrounds v2Jun 4, 6:22 am
51show the browsers name in javascriptJun 4, 3:49 am
52show the difference between two dates in years, months, days, hours and secondsJun 4, 1:03 am
53counting the occurrence of words in a multidimensional arrayJun 3, 4:19 am
54target 1st td in a table with cssJun 2, 4:06 am
55write string contents to a file with phpMay 26, 12:48 pm
56backup script to google drive that can be used for multiple directoriesMay 26, 5:26 am
57backdrop-filter: blur(10px);May 25, 11:34 pm
58json test objects (or arrays)May 25, 12:22 pm
59loop through a complex object json javascriptMay 25, 12:19 pm
60load json with vanilla javascript no jqueryMay 25, 9:57 am
61json load from jquery and loop through the resultsMay 25, 6:48 am
62add chevrons to a ul listMay 21, 2:15 am
63unable to access the $_FILES when submitting a form phpMay 18, 4:52 am
64check column exists in table sqliteMay 17, 12:21 pm
65set active class based on url valueMay 14, 3:13 am
66show all methods or functions in a class (class function version)May 13, 4:32 am
67show all methods (functions) in a classMay 13, 4:07 am
68adding an item to an array with phpMay 13, 3:10 am
69check if a variable is undefined or NULLMay 12, 5:58 am
70foundation accordion for version 6.xMay 12, 1:31 am
71foundation responsive tablesMay 11, 4:13 am
72allow a title to be in the foreground while still having a before overlay for the backgroundMay 11, 2:03 am
73passing in arrays to your functions rather than using variablesMay 11, 1:11 am
74check server https or http value in php using $_SERVERMay 11, 12:29 am
75fancybox image popout easyMay 10, 4:12 am
76css responsive max and min targets @mediaMay 7, 1:39 am
77check box highlight text area cssMay 5, 5:12 am
78Remove background image php with image magicMay 3, 12:12 am
79validate an email address from a form field - version 2Apr 30, 6:46 am
80check if a checkbox is checked with javascriptApr 30, 6:06 am
81form submit override with javascriptApr 30, 5:48 am
82submit a form with javascript onclickApr 26, 1:05 am
83dropdown change input box on selectApr 23, 6:20 am
84get current url with phpApr 21, 11:54 am
85Slick Slider Carousel with Fade TransitionApr 21, 5:01 am
86list a functions variables or argumentsApr 21, 12:12 am
87pre-line white space settingsApr 20, 3:41 am
88pre-wrap preserve line spacing but also wrap where neededApr 20, 3:38 am
89php list all the functions in a classApr 20, 3:27 am
90php print an array nicelyApr 20, 3:14 am
91add a toast alert when logging in with half moonApr 7, 6:19 am
92dont use md5 for password hashing using password_hash and password_verifyApr 7, 5:09 am
93change photoshop to show px rather than ptApr 7, 2:11 am
94clear a input field when it looses focus using onblurApr 6, 10:56 pm
95a page with two imagesApr 4, 7:03 am
96python extract images into an array from a urlApr 4, 6:56 am
97python url to text with beautiful soupApr 4, 2:08 am
98python Install Beautiful SoupApr 4, 1:38 am
99python extract title tag from url and html using regexApr 4, 1:30 am
100python import and print urlApr 4, 1:11 am
101php basic page routerApr 4, 12:29 am
102git pull changes from a repositoryApr 3, 1:27 am
103commit and push changes to git repoApr 3, 1:26 am
104start ssh and add key gitApr 3, 1:24 am
105play youtube videos on firefox in ubuntu 18Apr 2, 5:06 am
106css double page document preview with shadowMar 30, 11:55 pm
107wordpress category list sorting customMar 30, 4:44 am
108adding a background image to the titles of the dark mode card on this pageMar 26, 6:00 am
109blur the background image while keeping the foreground normalMar 26, 5:28 am
110background image greyscale filter while foreground is still in colourMar 26, 4:58 am
111javascript page redirectMar 26, 3:18 am
112page scroll indicator researchMar 24, 11:18 pm
113zoom background of element when activeMar 19, 4:53 am
114rounded click me button with iconMar 19, 3:28 am
115Creating a chart about charts.css with charts.css from the command lineMar 18, 8:33 am
116replacement slider for ken wheeler's slick carousel tiny slider 2 [testing]Mar 17, 5:23 am
117change a select box back to its initial select valueMar 17, 1:00 am
118select onchangeMar 16, 11:54 pm
119add years as options to select dropdownMar 16, 11:35 pm
120using moment.js to make your time format nicerMar 16, 11:15 pm
121loop through object json javascriptMar 16, 12:09 am
122json jquery ajax requestMar 15, 3:34 am
123logo tickers marquee slow scrollingMar 14, 12:07 am
124linux mount a drive manuallyMar 12, 4:24 am
125add a moving chevron to your href linkMar 11, 10:10 pm
126add click event to multiple link items and load the link content into a target div ajaxMar 9, 3:51 am
127add click event to multiple link itemsMar 9, 3:24 am
128set the html of an element javascriptMar 8, 11:34 pm
129inline form field paddingMar 8, 12:21 am
130get the value of an input form element (input value)Mar 7, 11:56 pm
131minutes to decimal calculator javascript versionMar 7, 11:38 pm
132check if a certain query string is set then apply it to all url's on the pageMar 1, 8:22 am
133check if a query string item is set in the current urlMar 1, 5:49 am
134append a query string to all url's on a pageMar 1, 5:45 am
135using text-stroke to add a border to your textFeb 22, 12:23 am
136installing exfat and ntfs drivers to enable reading of these filesystemsFeb 20, 4:56 am
137linux list all drives and partitionsFeb 20, 4:50 am
138adding background blur to an image using css fill screenFeb 19, 5:23 am
139using the nth-of-type selector to target a class with the same nameFeb 19, 2:44 am
140how to check the temperature of the pi using command lineFeb 17, 11:39 pm
141how to check linux kernel version on rasberry pi rasberianFeb 17, 2:33 am
142how to find what version pi you are usingFeb 17, 2:19 am
143Uncaught TypeError: $(...).slideToggle is not a functionFeb 17, 12:11 am
144slick carousel jump to a slide on element hoverFeb 15, 4:00 am
145checking for spam comments functionFeb 10, 5:27 am
146github logo background png cssFeb 10, 5:10 am
147animated rings expanding with delay ripple water effectsFeb 10, 5:00 am
148css slow zoom in animationFeb 10, 2:57 am
149using the last-of-type css selector to remove a border from the last item in a listFeb 10, 1:55 am
150Aligning Images in TinyMCE or Floating them left and right (code)Feb 8, 5:32 am
151change file permissions to -rw-rw-r--Feb 6, 8:39 am
152calculate a percentage (dec) difference based on two numbersFeb 6, 8:35 am
153Adding HTML Templates into TinyMCE EditorFeb 5, 12:14 am
154jquery page search [testing]Feb 3, 8:27 am
155TestingFeb 2, 11:42 pm
156How to set a cookie and expire it in 30 daysFeb 2, 9:51 am
157how can i make my code look nice, or highlighted in evernoteFeb 2, 9:36 am
158TortoiseSVN for updating wordpress pluginsJan 28, 11:10 pm
159box hover over effects using pulsate animationJan 27, 12:05 am
160install atom editor on ubuntuJan 24, 11:42 pm
161Enabling SSH on UbuntuJan 24, 5:16 am
162change images to upload file also to imgur [reported]Jan 23, 8:48 am
163enable dark mode in tinymceJan 23, 2:53 am
164codemirror htmlmixed textareaJan 23, 2:09 am
165install codemirror for textareas [added]Jan 22, 8:24 am
166using multiple text shadowJan 22, 3:37 am
167box shadow example(s) - drop shadowJan 22, 2:27 am
168darkmode toggle switch with local storage to remember the last selectionJan 21, 8:49 am
169add a youtube video preloader function, lazy load youtube [fixed]Jan 21, 2:58 am
170@import and html link to Montserrat font family google fontJan 19, 11:58 pm
171my default text shadow cssJan 19, 12:41 am
172spin rotate an element on mouse over [css]Jan 17, 12:51 am
173animate and zoom six elements on a timer [addClass, removeClass, setTimeout]Jan 15, 3:42 am
174mouse outline svgJan 15, 12:57 am
175add a comment recording system for posts [idea]Jan 14, 3:02 am
176fix view page for search links [reported]Jan 14, 3:00 am
177should have a different menu colour [reported]Jan 14, 2:37 am
178style page numbers [fixed]Jan 14, 2:26 am
179explode a string into an arrayJan 13, 5:19 am
180checking the current url and then marking a link active based on that urlJan 13, 1:32 am
181using gzdeflate on a string phpJan 12, 11:32 am
182linking search results to view pages [finished] 🤣Jan 12, 2:44 am
183change the cursor to a pointer for an elementJan 12, 12:19 am
184chevron upJan 10, 11:19 pm
185chevron downJan 10, 11:05 pm
186set maxHeight of element by id with javascriptJan 1, 3:59 am
187badge border colour is too dark or light on number badges [fixed]Jan 1, 3:04 am
188badge placement is offset in list pages [fixed]Jan 1, 2:43 am
189top bar overflow issues [fixed]Jan 1, 2:36 am
190make labels or badges look betterDec 31, 6:09 am
191include tinymce only if a user is logged into the siteDec 23, 5:44 am
192test page for the custom css 12 grid used on this siteDec 23, 5:38 am
193easy twitter embed codeDec 23, 3:26 am
194How to add jquery to squarespace siteDec 22, 11:39 pm
195make an image white with css using filter brightness and invertDec 22, 5:16 am
196add a jquery date picker to your text boxDec 22, 12:56 am
197foundation old grid formatDec 17, 11:58 pm
198replicating the bootstrap dropdown toggle in jqueryDec 17, 2:36 am
199nice webkit scrollbars (scroll bar, web kit, nice)Dec 14, 1:02 am
200chevron leftDec 11, 5:13 am
201chevron rightDec 11, 5:12 am
202use an emoji on your list items ul liDec 11, 4:53 am
203bootstrap basic grid layoutDec 11, 1:45 am
204background image on 3 boxes not scaling correctly fixDec 11, 1:43 am
205Windows Emoji ShortcutDec 10, 1:58 am
206CSS Grid Frame WorkDec 7, 10:56 pm
207Modern HTML5 Techniques for changing classesDec 7, 12:56 pm
208css prefers-color-scheme exampleDec 7, 12:06 pm
209vimeo thumbnail generatorDec 7, 5:35 am
210play a sound every # of secondsDec 7, 3:38 am
211bootstrap toggle element collapseDec 4, 1:34 am
212adding pagination to custom wp_queryDec 4, 12:29 am
213download icon svgDec 3, 10:28 pm
214add paging to wp list queryDec 1, 11:37 pm
215using jquery appear for checking if an element is visible on screenDec 1, 12:24 am
216Monitoring Visible Objects on ScreenDec 1, 12:07 am
217using attr in css to get content from htmlNov 30, 1:11 am
218check that a number is in the correct range based on a form selectionNov 24, 4:45 am
219how to install js socials for social media share buttons and make them roundedNov 23, 5:42 am
220css perspective and transform css properties testingNov 23, 2:51 am
221Fix Hover Over color on list group dark mode in bootstrapNov 23, 12:31 am
222list items from blog and filter by category nameNov 18, 3:03 am
223Quick tool to convert time into decimalNov 16, 12:55 am
224using javascript to open a link in the same window and in a new window or tab (open link)Nov 13, 4:26 am
225hero box with title sub title logos and call to action buttonsNov 9, 2:43 am
226Leaflet Quick Start ExampleOct 26, 4:45 am
227using linear gradient background on text cssOct 26, 12:02 am
228setting up css variables in your stylesheetOct 14, 5:36 am
229match a category id in wordpress and then add styles just for that idSep 29, 6:20 am
230simple table stripe stripingSep 29, 12:48 am
231bootstrap collapse or toggle a div visibilitySep 28, 1:13 am
232drop shadow text class easy drop shadowSep 28, 12:33 am
233center everything in a div with flex-center (centre)Sep 28, 12:07 am
234generating all css colours with php?Sep 25, 12:13 am
235country select javascript check which option is selected and show a hidden elementSep 22, 2:05 am
236country select javascript check which option is selectedSep 22, 1:54 am
237php countries array to dropdown form elementSep 22, 1:40 am
238get the current post id from content.phpSep 21, 6:07 am
239wordpress get the current category id name and slugSep 21, 6:01 am
240fix for Uncaught (in promise) Error: reCAPTCHA placeholder element must be emptySep 18, 5:43 am
241search a zip file with windows command prompt and 7zipSep 8, 1:09 pm
242css font style italicSep 2, 12:27 am
243create a rainbow background using css linear gradientSep 1, 3:53 am
244extracting the useful bits of bootstrapAug 31, 5:14 am
245Bootstrap 4 Center menu items in a navbarAug 28, 12:05 am
246certbot add a certificate for one domainAug 26, 6:46 am
247renew all SSL certificates with certbotAug 26, 6:45 am
248Fix for Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function file_get_dom() simplehtmldom simple_html_domAug 26, 1:08 am
249Fixing PHP SQLite database is locked warning - Unable to execute statement: database is lockedAug 26, 12:24 am
250simple usage for php password_hashAug 25, 1:06 pm
251enable tinymce on a target textarea by idAug 19, 12:15 am
252Bootstrap Darkmode SwitchAug 18, 11:54 pm
253stop tinymce replacing urls with relative url'sAug 18, 12:55 am
254What is Core?Aug 17, 6:52 am
255Create a UTF8 General MySQL Database with CommandAug 13, 4:05 am
256Custom JS Tabs - No Jquery or Jquery UIAug 4, 11:28 pm
257fix for Uncaught TypeError: e.indexOf is not a functionAug 3, 12:20 am
258stop overscrolling on responsive iosJul 31, 3:50 am
259switching stack order of floats with flexJul 28, 11:55 pm
260To make Ubuntu do nothing when laptop lid is closedJul 27, 12:50 am
261change string to capital words ucwordsJul 21, 6:08 am
262change upper case case string to lower case (uppercase, lowercase)Jul 21, 6:02 am
263scroll to top html css and jsJul 21, 1:13 am
264bold the numbers in a ol li listJul 14, 1:13 am
265convert a string to uppercase with phpJul 14, 12:31 am
266php substr return part of a stringJul 13, 2:35 am
267php countries arrayJul 12, 11:09 pm
268add a user to a groupJul 12, 3:00 am
269loop through each directory in a target directory and compress themJul 12, 2:55 am
270loop through each directory in a target directoryJul 12, 2:47 am
271get the wordpress category name from a category idJul 6, 6:00 am
272add a class or remove it based on window scroll locationJun 30, 1:45 am
273stretching an image to fit in a banner image with gimpJun 30, 1:16 am
274javascript window.onloadJun 29, 11:32 pm
275adding pulsating dots to your css ul li listJun 26, 3:26 am
276wordpress adding post custom field meta and displaying it on you templateJun 24, 1:33 am
277get element by class name with javascript and change it functionJun 17, 1:59 am
278hide parts of a form until the 1st item is selectedJun 17, 1:26 am
279css using perspective for transformsJun 16, 5:57 am
280getting the site title vs the page nameJun 16, 5:07 am
281wordpress get home urlJun 16, 5:03 am
282add a tag to wordpress header from a pluginJun 16, 4:44 am
283list items matching a category titleJun 12, 4:08 am
284fixing the website footer and making it less uglyJun 6, 3:43 am
285loading content into fancybox modal using ajaxJun 5, 4:30 am
286inline fancybox modal testingJun 3, 6:12 am
287simple linear gradient overlay for an image to make it darker or lighterJun 2, 11:07 pm
288wp register plugin settings adminJun 1, 12:28 am
289fancybox modal popup exampleMay 29, 6:59 am
290wordpress main nav dropdown fixMay 27, 3:47 am
291Create a admin main wordpress custom menu itemMay 27, 1:39 am
292matches the url and does something if it matches a certain stringMay 26, 3:37 am
293tar.gz to compress a directory in linux and then decompress itMay 26, 2:41 am
294javascript isset equivalentMay 19, 6:39 am
295wordpress show the parent page title with fallback to titleMay 18, 1:03 am
296find and replace hrefs in existing page links using jqueryMay 8, 12:03 am
297Use Sweet Alert rather than alert!May 7, 11:35 pm
298get the href value using jqueryMay 7, 11:22 pm
299check if a timestamp is older than one hourMay 4, 1:24 pm
300Add a post date to your custom wordpress post listingMay 4, 5:49 am
301making var_dump look niceMay 4, 4:16 am
302use javascript to open a link in a new tab or windowMay 1, 3:59 am
303force existing link to open in a new window with javascriptMay 1, 3:49 am
304Find Disk Space Usage using DUApr 28, 11:30 pm
305Load and Unload TinyMCE editor from a buttonApr 17, 2:53 am
306Nginx Server Block with RewriteMar 29, 11:16 pm
307pulsating dots - glow glowingMar 13, 5:47 am
308load a youtube video in a fancybox modalMar 2, 10:46 pm
309using css linear gradient for background overlaysFeb 17, 12:34 am
310wordpress get page content to display on template pageFeb 3, 11:11 pm
311ES6 Nested Object ExampleFeb 3, 1:09 am
312ES5 vs ES6 Object ExampleFeb 3, 12:41 am
313Use Recursion to Return a Range ArrayFeb 2, 11:38 pm
314Use Recursion to Count DownFeb 2, 10:29 pm
315Use Recursion to Count UpFeb 2, 10:20 pm
316Get the documentURI with JSJan 28, 10:06 pm
317get the stylesheet directory in wordpress themeDec 16, 9:55 pm
318jquery document ready with foundation init as wellDec 16, 1:20 am
319center something with css not using flexDec 13, 12:56 am
320how to unzip in linuxDec 5, 11:51 pm
321php mysql table exists functionDec 2, 4:25 am
322how to display a php file as html with phpDec 2, 3:50 am
323jquery add a click function if the window size is greater than target_widthDec 2, 2:03 am
324jquery enable and disable attributeDec 2, 12:12 am
325js using recursion to create a range of numbersNov 25, 4:25 am
326php convert date now into a sql timestampNov 25, 12:43 am
327add google captcha to enable and disable a form buttonNov 12, 12:14 am
328Generate a Random User NameNov 11, 11:33 pm
329Using Node to get a Web Dev Environment with livereload up and runningNov 11, 12:38 am
330Using the Spread Operator to Evaluate Arrays In-Place TestsOct 14, 1:02 am
331Using the rest operator to pass in a variable amount of argumentsOct 1, 5:49 am
332Default Parameters for FunctionsOct 1, 5:23 am
333Complex Arrow Function ExampleOct 1, 5:14 am
334Writing Arrow Functions with ParametersOct 1, 12:36 am
335using arrow functions to convert small functions into one line statement functionsOct 1, 12:09 am
336Prevent Object MutationSep 30, 11:16 pm
337Changing an array declared with constSep 30, 6:17 am
338return a state name from an australian postcodeSep 29, 11:25 pm
339using let and const exampleSep 27, 4:55 am
340using let rather than varSep 27, 4:18 am
341Use Multiple Conditional (Ternary) OperatorsSep 27, 3:18 am
342js - Use the Conditional (Ternary) OperatorSep 24, 6:23 am
343Use the parseInt Function with a RadixSep 24, 6:14 am
344Using parseInt in a function to return an integer or notSep 24, 5:57 am
345Generate Random Whole Numbers within a RangeSep 24, 5:15 am
346split a string into an array using split javascriptSep 16, 4:47 am
347get the current url in javascriptSep 13, 3:47 am
348Custom 12 Grid using CSS GridSep 6, 2:19 am
349template for testing and live reloading html filesSep 4, 3:27 am
350Radial Click EffectSep 4, 1:13 am
351Generate Random Whole Numbers with JavaScript FunctionAug 26, 6:20 am
352Generate Random Fractions with JavaScriptAug 26, 6:09 am
353FCC - Basic: Profile LookupAug 26, 5:38 am
354copy a file when the date of the source is newer than the destinationAug 26, 3:27 am
355Do While LoopAug 25, 11:26 pm
356for loop through an array with javascriptAug 23, 12:18 am
357get the average of a number list using an array in phpAug 21, 12:48 am
358sublime text find and replace style tagAug 19, 12:43 am
359tinymce remove auto p tags settingAug 13, 6:15 am
360get the dimensions of an image with javascriptAug 13, 5:55 am
361target data attribute with cssAug 12, 11:52 pm
362toggle div function with chevron up down toggleAug 9, 1:19 am
363form checkbox replacement with large tick using labelAug 7, 2:15 am
364keyframe animations cssAug 6, 12:27 am
365basic for loop odd numbersJul 31, 6:20 am
366check if something is an arrayJul 31, 5:26 am
367apache redirect to https ssl from normalJul 31, 1:20 am
368getType function for jsJul 29, 11:50 pm
369Objects in javascriptJul 29, 11:25 pm
370card counting example from fccJul 29, 2:00 am
371using switch with multiple identical casesJul 29, 1:32 am
372using switch in a functionJul 28, 11:19 pm
373IP AddressJul 26, 1:30 am
374js function to calculate golf scoresJul 24, 1:48 am
375compare non equality functionJul 23, 11:15 pm
376compare equality functionJul 23, 10:57 pm
377JS Using typeof to check on string typesJul 23, 2:38 am
378testing equalityJul 22, 5:57 am
379defining a variable inside a function without using var will create a global variableJul 22, 5:15 am
380add something to the start of an array with unshiftJul 19, 2:40 am
381remove the first element in an array with shiftJul 19, 2:37 am
382document ready javascript standalone version no jqueryJul 17, 1:14 am
383add a class to a div with an id javascriptJul 17, 1:11 am
384using local storage rather than cookies to store data (localStorage)Jul 16, 11:31 pm
385remove something from the end of an array with popJul 16, 5:58 am
386add something to the end of an array with pushJul 16, 5:49 am
387Multidimensional ArrayJul 16, 4:50 am
388get the last letter of a stringJul 16, 4:40 am
389accessing part of a variable using its indexJul 16, 4:34 am
390using transform scale in css to zoom on hover overJul 16, 2:57 am
391js check the length of a stringJul 16, 2:04 am
392Bootstrap Card Formatting HTML and CSS - Header and FooterJul 10, 2:38 am
393Move any element with css offsetsJul 9, 2:31 am
394CSS Improve Compatibility with Browser FallbacksJul 9, 2:04 am
395PHP Finding the position of a string in another string using strposJul 9, 12:00 am
396PHP str_replace - find and replace part of a stringJul 8, 11:52 pm
397using scroll-behavior: smooth cssJul 8, 2:33 am
398jquery click functionJul 3, 5:33 am
399using a css grid area templateJul 3, 2:26 am
400grid column and row spacingJul 3, 2:14 am
401Random string generator function in php suniqidJul 3, 1:13 am
402CSS Grid - Basic ColumnsJul 2, 5:59 am
403flex shorthand cssJul 2, 2:24 am
404using flexbox to align elements in a rowJul 2, 1:37 am
405Viewport width and height calculationsJul 2, 12:30 am
406Making Images Retina Display FriendlyJul 2, 12:14 am
407Making an image responsive using cssJul 2, 12:03 am
408Applied Accessibility - Tab IndexJul 1, 11:52 pm
409Applied Accessibility - Access KeysJul 1, 11:40 pm
410Applied Accessibility - Screen reader only cssJul 1, 11:24 pm
411Dropdown Box with Searchable TextJun 30, 11:57 pm
412Change link target with JQueryJun 28, 12:17 am
413Drop Down Menu Swapping Left align to RightJun 26, 5:36 am
414Whois LookupJun 24, 1:00 am
415using the disk free space function in phpJun 7, 1:33 am
416create a mysql or sqlite current timestamp with phpMay 27, 5:45 am
417Cut a string when it finds a certain character with PHPApr 17, 5:30 am
418validate a url using php with FILTER_VALIDATE_URLMar 28, 11:04 pm
419function to create a uid from htmlMar 22, 12:44 am
420calculate a percentage (dec) difference based on two numbersMar 22, 12:13 am
421check if a user is logged in using sessionsMar 20, 4:34 am
422asp classic get a url and display itMar 20, 12:08 am
423Using nth-child css to hide list items or repeated elementsMar 13, 5:10 am
424PHP MySQL vs SQLite Count Items FunctionFeb 25, 3:40 am
425How Many Days Since a Date and other CalculationsFeb 11, 12:27 am
426image Checkbox Replacement for FormsJan 18, 12:28 am
427Using Flexbox rather than FloatsJan 16, 4:27 am
428Date Conversion PHPJan 14, 10:40 pm
429white space pre-wrap formattingJan 1, 10:23 pm
430Generate a random title from an arrayDec 19, 1:34 am
431echo todays date and time in a nice formatDec 18, 11:48 pm
432Core - File StructureDec 13, 11:38 pm
433Core Class - Basic Core StructureDec 13, 11:33 pm
434Generate Sub menu using CoreDec 13, 11:09 pm
435page load timer classOct 30, 12:17 am
436human_filesize phpOct 29, 5:40 am
437xcopy backup full directory windows batOct 24, 10:33 pm
438for loop set variables $p1,$p2.. etc as blank - variable variablesOct 24, 3:53 am
439sqlite check table name existsOct 24, 12:44 am
440get current class name with get_classOct 22, 3:37 am
441meta keywords tagOct 17, 5:50 am
442meta description tagOct 17, 5:48 am
443assign array to variables in a loopOct 17, 5:36 am
444favicon code meta tagOct 17, 4:01 am
445hide and show elements with js using getElementById and style.displayOct 17, 1:15 am
446generate a random color rgb code with phpOct 17, 12:07 am
447css :active pseudo-class usageOct 5, 1:22 am
448Regular expression breakdown regex preg_replace phpSep 21, 1:39 am
449replace anything in brackets in a string using preg_replace regex phpSep 21, 1:17 am
450for loop with a 5 incrementSep 17, 2:45 am
451Get Current Page URL PHPSep 4, 2:19 am
452Get the document root path in php $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']Sep 4, 12:23 am
453remove all of an element in a string <h1>Aug 31, 6:25 am
454get text between tagsAug 31, 6:20 am
455sqlite basic sql and loop resultsAug 31, 6:20 am
456convert all images into base64 encodedAug 31, 6:20 am
457wordpress change domain in configAug 31, 6:20 am
458read and sort directory contents in phpAug 31, 6:20 am
459uniqid random stringAug 31, 6:20 am
460show response headers from file get contentsAug 31, 6:20 am
461wordpress show the page content for use in a templateAug 31, 6:20 am
462file get contents reads entire file into a stringAug 31, 6:20 am
463using parse_url to extract parts of a urlAug 31, 6:20 am
464basic for loopAug 31, 6:20 am
465try catch testAug 31, 6:20 am
466tell wordpress to use the direct file method if its asking for ftp detailsAug 31, 6:20 am
467wordpress enqueue slicknav and slick sliderAug 31, 6:20 am
468wordpress include jquery in theme functionsAug 31, 6:20 am
469copy fileAug 31, 6:20 am
470some date formatting just day just month just yearAug 31, 6:20 am
471header type jsonAug 31, 6:20 am
472wordpress use a shortcode in php gravity formsAug 31, 6:20 am
473extract meta tags from url and return as json arrayAug 31, 6:20 am
474csv read exampleAug 31, 6:20 am
475php get the file modified time with filemtimeAug 31, 6:20 am
476preg_replace ereg_replace replace all charsAug 31, 6:20 am
477wordpress check home and not home for banners and thingsAug 31, 6:20 am
478wordpress advanced custom fields replace shortcode for site url with blog urlAug 31, 6:20 am
479using custom request headers array with curlAug 31, 6:20 am
480sqlite delete data older than timestamp daysAug 31, 6:20 am
481wordpress get site urlAug 31, 6:20 am
482simple html dom extract attributes simplehtmldomAug 31, 6:20 am
483find the 1st occurence of a string in another stringAug 31, 6:20 am
484pretty printing json with phpAug 31, 6:20 am
485extract meta tags from file or url as arrayAug 31, 6:20 am
486wordpress show posts loop with feature image thumbnailAug 31, 6:20 am
487random number using randAug 31, 6:20 am
488search within files in a directoryAug 31, 6:20 am
489wordpress show the post content for use in a templateAug 31, 6:20 am
490show errors in php with toggleAug 31, 6:20 am
491wordpress register enqueue javascript require jqueryAug 31, 6:20 am
492count the elements in an arrayAug 31, 6:20 am
493google map with overlay dataAug 31, 6:20 am
494round number with jsAug 31, 6:20 am
495truncate string using jqueryAug 31, 6:20 am
496detect window scroll position jqueryAug 31, 6:20 am
497flems embed in urlAug 31, 6:20 am
498change the window titleAug 31, 6:20 am
499Slick Slider CarouselAug 31, 6:20 am
500add thisAug 31, 6:20 am

This is my test area for webdev. I keep a collection of code snippits here, mostly for my reference. Also if i find a good site, i usually add it here.


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