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2:38 am, October 3, 2022

shorten string php, string length php, clip string length php

I'm pretty sure i have done this function before but i cant find it due to the keywords being wrong!

Here is a function that takes a string and shortens it and adds .. to the end, with the rest of the string in a abbr tag. 


$string = "The grid-column CSS shorthand property specifies a grid item's size and location within a grid column by contributing a line, a span, or nothing (automatic) to its grid placement, thereby specifying the inline-start and inline-end edge of its grid area.";

function short_string($string, $max_length = 200) {
	$string = strip_tags($string);
	if(strlen($string) <= $max_length) {
		// just return the string, as its less than or equal the max_length already. 
		return $string;
	} else {
		$short_string = substr($string, 0, $max_length);
		$additional_string = substr( $string, $max_length, strlen($string) );
		return $to_return = $short_string . '<abbr title="' . $additional_string . '">...</abbr>'; 
// test short string return 
echo short_string($string, $max_length = 100);

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