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10:48 pm, April 12, 2023

list page links function list_page_links

list top number of page links from selected table

test run time on db of 4k items. 

select * from pages where publish = 'publish' order by insdate desc limit 10
10 rows (0.005 s)


/* list page links */
function list_page_links($publish = "publish",$max = 10, $list_style = "div", $start = 0, $crop_title_length = false) {
	global $db;
	$out = "";
	$sql = "select * from pages where publish = '$publish' order by insdate desc limit $start, $max ";
	$result = $db->query($sql);
	if(!$result) { return "No Pages Found"; }
	while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) {	
		$id = $row['id'];
		$uid = $row['uid'];
		$page_name = politeify($row['page_name']);

		if($crop_title_length == true) {
			if(strlen($page_name) >= 80 ) {
				$page_name = substr($page_name, 0, 80) . "[..]";

		$page_link = get_link($uid,$p = "view");
		if($list_style == "div") {
			$out .= "
			<div class='page_link clickable'>
				<a href='$page_link'><i class='fa fa-angle-double-right'></i> $page_name</a>
				<div class='mplus'><i class='fa fa-plus-square'></i></div>
		} else if ($list_style == "li") {
			$out .= "
				<a href='$page_link'>$page_name</a>
	if(!($out > "")) {
		$out = "No Pages Found";
	return $out;

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