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Making Urns with Portables The Best Method!? Worth It? AFK & Profit 2024

I did a video quite a few months ago now, and i thoughti can probably explain it a lot better! Urn's are used to gain extra experience while traininga skill, you can just keep the urn in your invento..

4:01 am, February 27, 2024
Guide to maxing in F2P Ironman RS3

Text Version Guide to maxing in RS3 F2P ironman - A path to 99 all by Maghda ver. 1.1c Join the F2pironmanfc friends chat and discord! ( :) Link to image version: https:/..

1:53 am, February 8, 2024
random stats
it seems that no one uses desktop browsers anymore?

Its either that the majority of desktop browsers now are using ad blockers like ublock or the builtin ones in brave, or that almost 95% of users in this small catchment are now using mobile to brows..

1:50 am, November 23, 2023
mad fans case setup 9 case fans!

have a go at this crazy case from here. my only issue with this would be the noise! it having that sit right next to your monitors could be a pain, i guess thats why he also has those edifier massi..

1:52 am, November 14, 2023
Kree'arra - Boss Guide with Necromancy GWD1 | Runescape 3

Here is my guide for the God Wars Dungeon One boss Kree'arra, Just a quick one with the basics of how to get there and fight with Necromancy.

4:18 am, November 4, 2023
Do Daily Herb Runs Still Make Money?? | Runescape 3

Testing one of the top herbs and showing the herb run to see how much profit doing the daily or 3-4 hour herb runs make.  #runescape List of Herbs and Prices

4:45 am, October 10, 2023
Guide to maxing in RS3 F2P ironman - ver. 1.1c to maxing in RS3 F2P ironman - A path to 99 all by Maghda ver. 1.1c Join the F2pironmanfc friends chat and discord! ( :) Link to image v..

3:43 am, August 6, 2023
wIn-Depth F2P Ironman Guide v2.0.4 (last updated 8-18-2020) wIn-Depth F2P Ironman Guide v2.0.4 (last updated 8-18-2020) By Asura Zoma Re-written by Tannerdino This guide aims to give the most efficient approach to maxing..

3:35 am, August 6, 2023
In-Depth F2P Ironman Guide v2.0.1 (last updated 05-06-18) F2P Ironman Guide v2.0.1 (last updated 05-06-18) By Asura Zoma ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOT..

3:33 am, August 6, 2023
RS3 Essential Quest Order and Research Notes

After coming back to Runescape after leaving the account for many, many years. I have maxed skills well 99s anyway, but am still missing many quests. Here is my quest log so far. Im missing a lot of t..

4:31 am, July 29, 2023
Getting Your First TzKal-Zuk Kill with Terrible DPS and Almost Full-Revolution  

1:45 pm, July 13, 2023
Top RS3 Quests to Complete

  Throne of Miscellania The Fremennik Trials The World Wakes. River of Blood. Ritual of the Mahjarrat. Desert Treasure. ✅ City of Senntisten. Curse of th..

8:10 am, July 12, 2023
Achievement Guide Varrock Easy Tasks | Runescape 3

Varrock Easy Tasks

3:57 am, June 30, 2023
A Fairy Tale Part 1 - Growing Pains - Quick Quest Guide   

1:07 am, June 27, 2023
Making Money with Urn Crafting - Which urn makes the most? - Runescape 3

In this video I make and sell some urns to see which one sells for the most. #runescape 

6:32 am, June 23, 2023
Slayer Guide - Acheron Mammoths | Runescape 3

Quick guide on how to fight and combat Acheron Mammoths for slayer task. #rs3 #runescape

1:09 am, June 23, 2023
RS3 Runescape - Making Money from Wood Frames - Which frame is Highest Profit?

Which frame sells for the most, well its the elder one, but... prob still better to just grab normal logs and make frames from them if you want just the profit. 

3:47 am, June 21, 2023
Runescape Log - June 2023 - Part 1

Some random bits of runescaping this month. Trying to recover from the account loss and reinstatement. 

6:58 am, June 19, 2023
RS3 - Contract Claws - mystery and achievement - Voiced

A Quick Guide on how to complete the Contract Claws Mystery and Achievement

6:43 am, June 9, 2023
Runescape Quest Walkthrough - Land of the Goblins - Full Playthrough

Runescape Quest Walkthrough - Land of the Goblins - Full Playthrough So Boring!... But needs to be done to unlock other things...  #rs3 #ru..

6:56 am, June 2, 2023
RS3 Slayer
How to Slay Abyssal Savage for Slayer Task

What are Abyssal Savage? Abyssal savages are a type of demon players can find in the Senntisten Asylum and the Wilderness. They are the third strongest of the Abyssal Slayer creatures.  They ..

1:45 pm, May 27, 2023
15k Protean Traps - Hunter AFK Leveling RS3 - May 2023

May 2023 Wow so i looked back when i was doing this method in last DXP and it seems that it was a year ago! 10k more traps see what the xp looks like.  24,507,000 @ 10017 traps.  27,3..

4:21 am, May 27, 2023
Windows Apps
Primordial Life 3.21 Windows Application

I remembered i had this on an old USB i used to run it ages ago, turns out that its actually more than 20 years old now!  I searched for Primordial Life and could not see any existance of it a..

12:51 am, May 16, 2023
Minecraft Loading Performance Mods Fabric and Forge

So i decided to spend a bit of time changing to 1.19.4 Minecraft with loader mods to make it a bit faster. I tested a version with Forge but it seemed to run really slowly on my current world so i swi..

2:04 am, April 24, 2023
Questions and Answers About VPN and IPs and Google

** Testing AI Generated Responses ** Does VPN give you the same IP every time? It depends on the VPN provider and their policies. Some VPN providers offer dedicated IP addresses to their users, wh..

11:56 pm, March 26, 2023
slick slider
Working with Chat GPT to get slick slider with videos working as an example

I already have a working example of this, i was looking to add videos into slick slider, and also over lay text this is how it went.  Now lets test it.

4:18 am, March 1, 2023
Testing AI in Notion

Kinda cool just being able to type in a space, and get a result, i guess it makes us even more lazy.  Before this could be done by typing it into google. But having it integrated into your own ..

1:08 am, February 28, 2023
Chat AI: Revolutionizing the Way We Communicate Online

Chat AI, also known as conversational AI, is an innovative technology that has changed the way we communicate with each other online. With the rise of social media and messaging apps, chat AI has beco..

10:56 pm, February 26, 2023
RS3 - Why Did the Lobster Blush - Quick Achievement Guide

Why Did the Lobster Blush? is an achievement that requires the player to collect three seaweed from the shore north-east of Rellekka. The same seaweed can be dropped and picked up 3 times. Head over ..

3:30 am, January 10, 2023
OSRS How to get to Konar Slayer Master using the Fairy Ring

Randomly short video on how to get to Konar, just testing voice to speech and the clip champ for video editing, its a bit lame but seems to work....  ..

12:23 am, January 10, 2023
Using the Alchemiser for passive Money 16 Million Profit

So i bought 10k Small Plated orikalkum salvages for high alching using the Alchemiser machine. I usually search on the rs wiki and show the trending high alch items here. RuneScape:Grand Exchange Mar..

5:13 am, December 22, 2022
RS3 Slayer
RS3 Slayer - Ganodermic Creatures

Ganodermic beasts are monsters requiring a Slayer level of 95 to kill. They are found at the bottom of the Polypore Dungeon (this includes the Agility and resource section). Players cannot receive the..

11:04 pm, December 13, 2022
Video Notes
Video Notes: Stop Being the Nice Guy

A lot of times i find my self watching these "motivational" videos, and i think yeah thats pretty useful to watch that, and then i forget what i watched. So i thought if i write some notes in my own w..

11:29 pm, December 12, 2022
RS3 Slayer
Abyssal Demons on Slayer Task Guide

Abyssal Demons on Slayer Task Guide

3:36 am, December 11, 2022
RS3 Slayer
Greater Demons

Greater Demons are a Mid level demon that can be taken down by using ranged attacks, you can use other methods but ranged is the most efficient.  Greater Demon Location The best place to farm..

3:31 am, December 10, 2022
random web things
Random Links for December 2022

Mac OS 9 in Browser Someone has actually emulated mac os 9 in the browser, go here for a bit of web nostalgia, i remember this from the school mac's.  Link:  New Pro..

10:38 pm, December 5, 2022
installing kali linux in windows from the app store

After watching this amazing video, i got inspired to install kali linux from the windows app store. Amazing! I was actually watching the news before this and i thought, eh depressing, so ended up watc..

10:45 pm, December 1, 2022
code thoughts
generate a random username function thoughts

I was looking though some of my functions to make more useful web tools from them and i came across the function for generating a username.  I think originally i created this function to generat..

12:34 am, November 30, 2022
random web things
a ghost that follows your cursor

was browsing random things and noticed this, looks cool! But does get annoying after a little while.  Check it out here.

12:20 am, November 8, 2022
Windows Reinstall Again - 2022 Edition

Following up from this post, where i listed all my old apps, it seems that i have just as many useless apps installed and i feel like the system could be running better again.  Note: Adobe, its ..

10:36 pm, October 31, 2022
KruXoR - October 2022 - Newsletter

Maybe i should convert this into a monthly newsletter, as this seems to be about the amount of time it takes me to get motivted to write another one of these posts! :)  Its kind of a anytime new..

12:55 am, October 21, 2022
Classic Tetris - Highest scoring competitive tetris game

I actually used to have a NES and that version of tetris, when it was launched. Man im so old... That is amazing they still use the NES and the same controllers and it still works!

4:24 am, October 18, 2022
random web code
subscribe to mailchimp code also annoying

I was going to add a "subscribe to my newsletter" option to the widgets so i thought mail chimp might be a good option.  They should have good embed code shouldnt they? Well apparently they don..

3:27 am, October 18, 2022
More Comment Spam and What to do with it

so it seems that google recapture is not enough to stop the spammers on a custom comments system, which is really quite annoying.  I have recapture and also checking if its verified and then i..

11:44 pm, October 16, 2022
KruXoR - September 2022 - Newsletter #1

View this online here... So its been a busy week for me anyway, like most weeks. I actually decided to start getting up early after reading (or started reading) the 5am club book. Im still not up to ..

4:36 am, September 20, 2022
Winamp Final Version 5.9 - Download and Thoughts

I started up my old school winamp this morning and noticed that a new version has been released! I was not expecting this as its soo old, and its tiny on my screen now, but it still has all the featur..

12:09 am, September 12, 2022

This is my test area for webdev. I keep a collection of code here, mostly for my reference. Also if i find a good link, i usually add it here and then forget about it. more...

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