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2:04 am, April 24, 2023

Minecraft Loading Performance Mods Fabric and Forge

So i decided to spend a bit of time changing to 1.19.4 Minecraft with loader mods to make it a bit faster. I tested a version with Forge but it seemed to run really slowly on my current world so i switched back to fabric, as the loader mods i use seem to run a lot higher FPS than with the forge. 

I will list Forge Mods used as well as the Fabric ones, for forge with my system i get about 40 fps with a massive base vs about 80 on Fabric, but you can test both and see which you prefer. 

Also i like to know the co-ordinates the xero's mini map is quite a nice mod for this. Even loading the map vs just showing the co-ordinates seems to load about the same. 

If you are using MultiMC and want to use fabric, make sure as well as installing Fabric you also install the Fabric API or none of the mods will actually work and will error saying there is no Fabric installed even though it is! Fabric API - Versions

Java Version

For performance java i use Eclipse Adoptium which seems to work a lot faster than the normal java installation. 


Forge Mods

Performance Mods · GitHub

Fabric Mods

Try install fabric manually. Releases · TeamAOF/All-of-Fabric-1 Fabric | The home of the Fabric mod development toolchain. Installation for Minecraft Launcher | Fabric player:tutorials:install_multimc:windows [Fabric Wiki]

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