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wIn-Depth F2P Ironman Guide v2.0.4 (last updated 8-18-2020)

wIn-Depth F2P Ironman Guide v2.0.4 (last updated 8-18-2020)
By Asura Zoma
Re-written by Tannerdino

This guide aims to give the most efficient approach to maxing an F2P ironman.  It's written for greyhelms specifically (sorry, ults), but some of the XP rates and training methods apply to ults as well.  It assumes you'll be playing with efficiency in mind, and that you aren't imposing any artificial restrictions on your account (ie. no skillers, pures, or any other silly account builds).

Special thanks to UncleTomas for his help developing, testing, and optimizing skilling methods <3
And also special thanks to all of the players that helped finalized the f2p meta <33

Table of contents:
 1.1. Introduction
 1.2. Maxing Order
 1.3. General Efficiency
 1.4. Changelog
 2.1. Ranged
 2.2. Crafting
 2.3. Smithing 
 2.4. Magic
 2.5. Runecraft
 2.6. Melees
 2.7. Prayer
 2.8. Fishing & Cooking
 2.9. Woodcutting & Firemaking
 3.1. Bandit Camp
 3.2. Castle Wars
 3.3. Random Events
 3.4. Clue scrolls
 3.5. Completionist List
 3.6. FAQs
 3.7. Useful Links


1.1. Introduction
If you're really interested in maxing an F2P ironman, you should know what you're getting yourself into.  It takes at least 8,300H assuming you're always focused and at 100% efficiency, which means you'll be playing this account for a reasonable fraction of your total time on this earth.  In contrast to that, most new F2P ironmen burn out or go P2P within a few months.  It can definitely be done, but you'll have to endure the same few low XP/H tasks for sometimes thousands of hours at a time.  If you hate change and enjoy numbingly repetitive gameplay with a near-total lack of high level content, this is the perfect game mode for you.  This is an advanced guide; the early game will only be covered briefly.

1.2. Maxing order
While there's a lot of flexibility in the path you take to max total, there's generally a particular order in which you should complete goals in order to maintain your efficiency.  This is a rough outline of how your account should progress; credit to Autumn Elegy for his work on optimizing the early game.  He has a UIM startup guide on YouTube which covers the early steps in detail.  It's linked at the end of the guide.
NOTE: If you're starting a fresh account, it's crucial that you don't progress at all in Rune Mysteries.  If you stay on the first step of the quest, you can collect air talismans from Duke Horacio.  This will save you about 50-100 hours getting 99 Runecraft, but you'll have to do some other things differently as well. If differences in training methods occur, they're explained under a "Talisman Farmers" heading.

1. Multiquest most of the F2P quests (SKIP Rune Mysteries).  There's a link at the end of the guide to a video on 
2. Train Crafting to 16 with leather, then craft silver symbols in the Al Kharid mine to 23.  Stay at the mine and get 40 Crafting with tiaras.
3. Mage Ankou to 37 Magic for teleports.
4. Train Crafting 40-50 at Varrock southwest with teles (60 laws)
5. Splash curse 37-55 for high alch
6. Make a strength amulet, and train melees to sufficient levels for Elvarg
7. Do Dragon Slayer.
8. Get 40/40/40 melees if you haven't already so you can equip rune pickaxe and armor.
9. Get your Ranged to at least 50, then kill ogresses until you have at least 518 laws
10. Get 70 Crafting with chronicle tele tiaras
11. It's time for 50-90 Ranged with your new power amulet.  Invest all the GP you made from your previous time at ogresses into addy arrows, and head back to Corsair Cove (buying arrows is covered in 2.1. Ranged).
11.5 Afterwards, go to moss giants in the varrock sewers, for 90-99 ranged (with addy arrows)
12. Once you can afford 223K feathers, get 99 Fishing and Cooking with trout and salmon. (can be completed at any point)
12.5 Get 40-53 melees with rune sword at hill giants for rune kite and 53-70 melees at moss giants for 4 rune bars and a good combat level to start telegrabbing nats
13.Use 9.4k laws to get 11.8m crafting xp. This will get you close to 85 smithing and enough smithing for rune scim.
14. Get based 76 melees at moss giants with runesword
14.5 Use all the laws you have and telegrab nats with them.  Then use all your nats via superheating iron, which will get you exactly 89 smithing.
15. Boost to 90 Smithing with a dwarven stout and smith a rune axe and rune scim.
15.5 Bank all logs to 96 Woodcut, then power chop to 99. (Can now be completed at any point)
16. Bank 1.73m essence and 0 firemake your logs from 96 wcing when you are out of run (video in Links)
17. Kill Moss giants to 99 str and 93 attack
17.5 Get 93-99 attack, and 76-99 defence at ogresses.
18. Get 99 Prayer at the Boneyard. (can now be completed at any point)
19. Mine and bank 2.5k gold ore (Use essence whilst banking if you are not doing suicide bodies).  The route is identical to fally tele silver, just don't stop at the furnace.
20. Do telegrab nats with all your laws runes left.
20.5 Take all your nats to the dwarven mine and superheat iron.  You'll also finish with 99+ Magic. (a video performing the method is linked at the end of the guide)
21. Do suicide bodies to 99 runecraft (alternatively do earth runes). Mining and HP will also be far past 99 by now.

~Congratulations on maxing your F2P ironman!~

1.3. General Efficiency
An important aspect of efficient play that's rarely brought up is pathing and energy management.  Since run energy takes 12 minutes and 40 seconds to fully restore from 0, and considering you have over 8,000 hours of gameplay ahead of you (the majority of it being travel time), running as efficiently as possible saves a lot of time in the long run.  As a general rule, run whenever you're carrying the least weight possible.  For example, if you're making trips from the Rimmington mine to the Port Sarim deposit box, walk there when your inventory's full and run on the way back once you're empty again.  If you're smelting iron from Al Kharid bank, run on the trips back, since the bars weigh much less than the ore.  If you have 100%, you should run, at least for a bit, regardless of your weight; you want to keep it recharging at all times.  It goes without saying, but you should avoid wearing any unnecessary gear that adds to your total weight.  That means avoiding all weighted cosmetics unless you'd rather look cool at the expense of macro-efficiency.
Closely related to energy management is pathing.  If you're walking a route that has multiple potential paths, give some thought as to whether the path you're taking is actually the shortest.  Even a difference of a few tiles adds up significantly over thousands of trips.

A few pathing tips:
When walking north to Edgeville bank, the west path around the building is a few tiles shorter than the east.
When walking south to the Body altar, it's exactly the same distance regardless if you enter the altar from above or below.  Once you're inside however, you should manually path past the west side of it and craft as you walk by; if you just click the altar you'll walk onto the north side and lose a few ticks walking back around to the portal.
While mining silver at craft guild, you'll complete a faster circuit by manually pathing to certain rocks rather than just clicking them directly.  Similarly, when mining iron at the Dwarven mine, once you've mined all 3 ores, you save a tick by manually pathing back to the first before the iron reappears.
When crafting earth runes, the shortest path leads between the city wall and the large guard tower outside it.

1.4. Changelog
Added Changelog :^)
Recalculated XP Breakdowns in all sections
Revised Introduction
Rewrote Maxing Order
Revised General Efficiency & pathing tips
Rewrote Ranged section
Rewrote Crafting section
Rewrote Smithing section
Rewrote Magic section
Rewrote Runecraft section
Rewrote Melees section
Rewrote Prayer section
Rewrote Fishing/Cooking section
Revised WC/FM section
Added tasks to Completionist List
Added Castle Wars section
Updated Useful Links section
Improved formatting
v2.0.1: 05-06-18
Fixed typos, edited Ranged section
V2.0.2: 06-21-19
Added Clue Srolls
Added efficient obor
Added more loot info to Melees section
V2.0.3: 12-26-19
Added 0 time firemaking during rune ess mining, and banking willows
Updated ogresses to "Half moss, half ogress" meta
Updated Maxing order
Removed banking rubies and diamonds, to just banking diamonds
Updated everything basically
Updated combats due to mossy keys now being a 1/60 chance in wildy

NOTE: XP breakdowns are provided for some skills.  These aren't meant to tell you in which order you should be doing things, just where you should expect your XP to have come from by 99.  

2.1. Ranged
Once the kings of the F2P meta, ankou have now been dethroned by ogresses.  Despite being only a bit beefier than ankou, their drops are so much better that there's not much reason to visit ankou at all anymore outside of putting together a skull sceptre.  It is now best to do Ogresses from 50-90 ranged, and then 90-99 ranged at mossies all with addy arrows (50-90 ranged at ogresses funds enough gp for 90-99 ranged at mossies)

Buying Arrows:
Bronze/Iron: Buy bronze until a bit after they hit 6 GP, or just around 100 if they're already at 6.  Then buy irons until they hit 7 GP before hopping worlds.  Only buy bronze/iron if you're a very low level or have almost no GP.  
Addies: Buy 100 per world (119.2 gp ea)

Here is an outline of how your Ranged training should go.  Note that these levels are approximate: you can switch mobs earlier or later depending on your preferences.
 1-20: Minotaurs
 Minotaurs will get you some iron arrows, which is nice for brand new accounts.
 NOTE: During the early game when you're likely to be using bronze/iron arrows, it's most efficient to switch between them at certain levels depending on their max hit.  There's a spreadsheet on arrow max hits linked at the end of the guide that will be useful for you.  Essentially, if at your ranged level both bronze and iron have the same max hit, use bronze.  If iron hits higher than bronze, you should use iron until bronze catches back up.
 20-40: Hill giants
 Good prayer XP and low defense make these a good pick for low level ranging.  Killing them at the lava maze in the wilderness is best if you want keys since you'll get much more frequent giant keys from their 1/64 drop rate.  But edgeville dungeon is faster XP/H

Loot from 20-40 at Hill giants (lava maze): 233 kills
 3.65 Giant keys
 22 limps
 11 laws
 22 nats
 40-50: Moss giants
 Basically just hill giants with more health and better drops, these are a good choice now that you're hitting a bit harder and more accurately.  It's up to you how long you want to stay here, since XP/H will drop as soon as you go to ogresses. The XP/H drop will be more significant the lower your Ranged level is.  You should use the moss giant spot on Crandor.

Loot from 40-50 at Moss giants: 267 kills
 4 mossy keys
 12 laws
 38 nats
 8 steel bars

 50-90: Ogresses
 As with melee, you'll be spending a long time in the ogress caves.  The nats/laws pile up and you get to alch rune items left and right, so it stays entertaining.  The efficient method is explained below.

Efficient Ogresses:
There are two caves at Corsair Cove where ogresses can be found, one is freely accessible and one is locked behind completion of dragon slayer.  Unfortunately, the best spot to kill them is in the first cave, surrounded by noobs and even worse, pures.  After going down the ladder, head down to the south-eastern tunnel branching off the main cave.  There are two warriors close together with a single shaman that sometimes wanders into range; use the rocks to the east to safespot.  With high HP and a good magic level, the shaman isn't too difficult to tank until it loses agro, but keep an eye on your health anyway since AFKing can always get you killed.  If an ogress is very far away, it can end up out of range of a rapid shortbow.  In that case, you can cast a spell to lure it over: curses, fire bolts, and fire blasts are all good.  Fire blasts are probably the best choice, since they'll give the most XP and do some extra damage to it before it's brought over to you.
There's an alternative to that spot, as well.  In the resource area cave, stand against the addy rock to the northeast of the entrance.  From there you can reach both the nearby warriors, and also safespot the shaman to the south if it wanders into place on its own.  This spot isn't quite as good as the one in the other cave, since it's further from the bank and the warriors can wander into spots that will force you to leave your safespot to agro them.  It's much less crowded though, so it's a tradeoff you may be willing to make.
Collect deaths, chaos, laws, nats, rubies, diamonds and limpwurts for your later melee training. Drop and cut emeralds and sapphires.  Alch the runite drops, but don't bother with the mithril kiteshields: you already get plenty of GP, and the extra nats are better put towards superheating iron.  The arrow drops aren't worth collecting either, since you'll never use them and they aren't worth much.  The GP you make from ogresses should be invested back into addy arrows, at least until you've already gotten all the arrows you need for 90 Ranged 

If you get crashed, you can do to fight crashers is bring an alt to splash on the warrior you aren't currently fighting.  Since the alt does no damage, you'll still get the drops after you kill it with your main.  Splashing alts are very quick and cheap to set up: go with air strikes if you value lowest possible cost, or fire strikes if you want to level their Magic faster.

Loot from ogresses: 15,990 kills (50-90 ranged)
 240K Prayer XP
 11,240 nats (after alchs)
 10,760 laws
 11.44m GP (alchs + GP drops)
 533 diamonds
 640 limpwurts
 13 Shaman Masks

 NOTE: These are just the most important drops, a more complete ogress drop rate table is linked at the end of the guide.

Efficient Moss giants
Moss giants are best to kill in the wilderness: Keys are over twice as fast (1/60), the spawn are decently close, safe spots are good, and trips are faster than Crandor.  And PLEASE don't alch any drops apart from rune drops from Bryophyta
Note: you can use mithril arrows instead of addy arrows, if you want more gp

Loot from moss giants: 32033 kills (90-99 ranged)
480k prayer xp
8,299 nats
5,988 laws
8.2 gp
94 diamonds
582 Bryophyta kills

2.2. Crafting
Crafting, like almost all other skills, is approached differently due to ogresses.  Crafting for GP is no longer necessary, so silver tiaras are made all the way to 99 Crafting.  It's fine to dump what you've made while working for 70 Crafting at the Bandit Camp if you need early game GP before starting ogresses.  Silver should be mined and smelted at Al Kharid if under 40 Crafting, and at varrock southwest mine with chronicle tele.  
When starting a lap for chronicle crafting , wield an air staff, and chronicle.  Your inventory should consist of a tiara mould, law runes, a pickaxe, and water runes.  After filling up with silver, fally tele back, craft the tiaras, drop the tiaras (head to the bank if you want a tiara stack), and then chronicle tele.  It's worth your time to set up bank placeholders so you can click the deposit inventory button on the bank interface and immediately store the tiaras, air runes, and any gems you had without affecting the other items in your inventory.
A fairly large source of Crafting XP comes from ogresses and moss giants in the form of gems.  You get about 1.3m 0 time craft xp from maxing melees and ranged.  The best way to use gems is to cut and drop, except for diamonds. You will make 2.5k diamonds into diamond ammies.  First, mine 2.5K gold ore from the crafting guild, and bank it with falador teleports.  The route is very similar to silver crafting using crafting guild.  Once you have the gold ready, make the ammies at Edgeville furnace.  Your inventory should consist of an amulet mould, 13 gems and 13 gold ore.  Smelt the gold ore before casting the ammies.  Head back to the bank and repeat.
NOTE: you should do your running on the way back, since amulets are weightless and gold isn't.

Talisman Farmers:
If you can farm air tallies, you'll make air tiaras during each crafting trip to the crafting guild.  Wield staff of air and  with water runes, laws, tiara mould and pickaxe, you'll have room to make 12 air tiaras per trip.  Drop them on the way to the guild.  With the 180.8K tiaras from 99 craft, you'll finish at 88 Runecraft.  After that, do chronicle tele earths like regular ironmen.

XP Breakdown
11.73m: tiaras (685H)
1.30m: gems + amulets

17,000 XP/H: Tiaras: chronicle tele + falador tele (with high lvl mining)
14,000 XP/H: Tiaras: chronicle tele + falador tele 
13,600 XP/H: Tiaras: crafting guild (11-12K/H at lower mining levels)
ammy (u) rates will vary by gem

2.3. Smithing
Smithing's a prestigious and very important skill for F2P ironmen, since you'll need 89 Smithing before you can even begin to efficiently train melees.  Smithing XP is sourced from a few different places: silver and gold ore from Crafting, superheating iron with nats from combat, and telegrab nats.  Even moreso now that GP from PvM is abundant: ores above iron are NOT worth doing.  Higher shop value doesn't matter if the XP/H can't match up.
The best Smithing XP/H is telegrabbing nats in deep wildy.  Telegrab nats in deep wildy, and then use the nats to super heat iron in dwarven mine next to the anvil.  A good alternative to telegrabbing nats is using the rubies from ogresses to make rings of forging, banking iron at mining guild, smelting at edge furnace, and smithing at varrock anvil.  The only catch about doing rings of forging for smithing is you have to splash with death runes for your remaining magic xp you need.

XP Breakdown
 6.16m: telegrabbing nats (1173 rubies if doing Rings of forging)
 3.89m: superheating iron
 3.04m: silver ore
  225K: gold ore

 30,000 XP/H: Superheating iron with snow 
 27,000 XP/H: Superheating iron
 20,600 XP/H: Telegrabbing nats and superheating iron with snow (1764 nats/hr)
 19,100 XP/H: Telegrabbing nats and superheating iron (1764 nats/hr)
 15,200 XP/H: Rings of forging + mining guild iron
 8300 XP/H: mining guild + edgeville furnace (banking ore)
 8200 XP/H: fally tele + mining guild iron
 7100 XP/H: fally tele + dwarven mine
 6500 XP/H: Rimmington mine + Sarim deposit box
 3500 XP/H: silver ore (through Crafting)

2.4. Magic
Magic was formerly the most expensive skill, but due to ogress' enormous rune drops, there's now very little that needs to be bought.  Magic is a 0 time skill so almost all of Magic XP comes from superheating iron, teleports from Crafting, telegrabbing nats, and alchs during combat.  This also means that if you're playing efficiently, Magic will be one of the very last 99s obtained.  It will be much more difficult if you try to max Magic before at least doing melees and Ranged first, since rune drops are what allow for so much 0 time XP.  But, if you want to do Rings of forging for smithing, you'll have to buy around 228k death runes to kill ogresses with.
NOTE: along with deaths, you also end up with 208.5K chaos runes by the time you've maxed combat.  Since they're outclassed by deaths and therefore not worth using at ogresses, it's probably most efficient to just splash fire bolts when you'd like some easy AFK XP.  If you splashed away every chaos rune you'd get 4.69m Magic XP.

Buying deaths:
Buying deaths is similar to buying arrows.  In this case, just buy out Aubury's entire stock on each world; the average price is 202.5 GP/rune. 

Efficient ogresses:
As stated above, always use fire blasts.  If you can't afford them, do Ranged/melees until you can, don't downgrade to fire bolts.  Magic is definitely the most AFK PvM option of the combat triangle, since you don't have to pray flick or go out of your way to pick up any arrows.

Loot from ogresses: 4812 kills (if doing rings of forging)
 72K Prayer XP
 3190 nats (after alchs)
 3240 laws
 2967 deaths
 3.44m GP (alchs + GP drops)
 8 Shaman Masks

XP Breakdown (if doing rings of forging)
 5.50m XP: Superheating iron
 3.50m XP: Fire blast 
 2.58m XP: Varrock teleport with earth rc 
 630K XP: Falador teleport (iron)
 419K XP: High alch (through combat)
 405K XP: Falador teleport (silver+gold)

XP Breakdown (if doing telegrab nats)
 5.50m XP: Superheating iron
 10.72m XP: From telegrabbing nats
 419K XP: High alch (through combat)
 405K XP: Falador teleport (silver+gold)

(Curse, fire bolt rate assumes 1200 casts/H, 1150/H for combat spells)
 51,700 XP/H: Fire blast
 43,700 XP/H: Crumble undead (not recommended, but an interesting way to use chaos runes)
 38,160 XP/H: Superheating iron
 34,800 XP/H: Curse splashing (excellent for early Magic levels, since XP/H doesn't depend on high accuracy)
 33,200 XP/H: Telegrabbing nats
 27,000 XP/H: Fire bolt splashing (acceptable way to use up the chaos runes left from maxing combat)
 19,600 XP/H: Fire strike (not recommended)

2.5. Runecraft
Runecraft is the slowest skill for F2P ironmen by quite a bit, so if you plan to max you'll be working on it for a very long time.  The best runecrafting XP is suicide body runes with a good alternative being earth runes.  To do suicide body runes, you need an alt that is at least 15 combat levels lower than you (you can train your alt while you are mining rune essence) and 5m coins for edgeville spawn.  The process goes: Bank as much rune essence as you prefer (with 0 time firemake), get your alt at the altar, run to body altar with full inventory of rune essence and body tiara, craft runes and kill your self with your alt.  Repeat the process. You can also get a little more XP/H if you use multiple alts (one to hurt you on the way to the altar, and one to kill you at the altar)  Expect 900 rune essence per hour if banking at Varrock east.  99 Runecraft requires 1,737,800 ess. (2,369,800 if you are doing earth runes).

2-tick essence:
It's possible to tick manipulate with a tinderbox + logs and mine double ess with a 4-tick cycle, which averages to 2 ticks per rune essence; the exact process is demonstrated by a video at the end of the guide.  You can expect about 1,030 essence per hour with this method.  Note that while it's faster than typical mining and therefore efficient to do, the Runecraft XP rates in this guide assume typical essence mining, since doing such a high APM method for almost two thousand hours for only a 15% increase in essence mining speed is unrealistic for the vast majority of players.

XP Breakdown 
 13.03m XP: Suicide bodies (2,606.8H)

XP Breakdown (if you dont plan to do suicide bodies)
 13.03m XP: Varrock tele Earth runes (3283.1H)
 5,000 XP/H: Suicide bodies (with alt killing you at altar on pvp world)
 4,100 XP/H: Varrock tele earth runes (with 2 tick ess and clan wars tele for run energy)
 3,970 XP/H: Varrock tele earth runes (UIM method, dropping crafted earths)
 3,800 XP/H: Earth runes (UIM method, dropping crafted earths)
 3,650 XP/H: Earth runes (UIM method, keeping crafted earths)
 3,550 XP/H: Body runes (standard method)

Talisman farmers (Rune Mysteries unfinished):
Crafting air tiaras is faster than earth runes and body runes, but the talismans need to be collected first.  The important thing to note is that the Duke won't give you a new talisman if you currently have any in the bank.  To deal with this, withdraw all your current talismans as notes and keep them in your inventory; the game doesn't check for that when deciding to give you a new talisman.  With noted talis and nothing else in inventory, talk to the Duke, drop the new tali, and repeat the process.  Shift drop makes this much easier than it used to be.  After you get 26 on the floor, collect one more, pick them all up and take them up to the bank to note them.  Repeat the process.  As long as you're reasonably quick, none should disappear from the ground.  You can bank about 485-500 air talismans per hour.
When training Runecraft independently: craft air tiaras at the altar, Falador teleport back, bank, and repeat the process.

XP Breakdown
8.51m: Suicide bodies (1,702H) (2,144H if doing Varrock tele earth runes)
2.53m: Air tiaras while crafting (800H)
1.99m: Air tiaras (independent) (318H)

 6,250 XP/H: Air tiaras (Falador teleport)
 5,550 XP/H: Air tiaras (no teleport)

2.6. Melees
With the release of Corsair Cove, the previous melee meta has been made partly obsolete.  Ogresses have really nice law rune and nature rune drops, so you need to kill enough ogresses during melees to get enough laws and nats for 99 smithing and crafting.  It goes without saying that you should get a rune scimitar before spending too much time on melees, but it's okay to do early levels (up to around 75) with rune sword.
NOTE: Strength amulet is not always better for melee than power amulet.  Which one to use depends on your strength level and attack style, similar to how bronze arrows are sometimes superior to iron when ranging.  You'll find a spreadsheet detailing which amulet to use at each level in Useful Links at the end of the guide. But when the power amulet is better than strength amulet, it is only better by a few hundred XP/H.

Here is an outline of how your melee training should go.  Note that while you should keep your Attack and Defense fairly even, Strength should always be at least 5-10 levels ahead of the others.

 1-20: Cows/Chickens/Minotaurs
 Cows for crafting, chickens for feathers, minotaurs for arrows.

 20-53: Hill Giants
 Killing 2,885 hill giants will give you about 50 Obor kills, which will almost guarantee a rune kite.  It will also give you 53 melees, which is a great starting point for moss giants.  The best wildy spot for Hill giants is the Lava Maze (link of video in 2.7).

Loot from 20-53 at Hill giants (Lava Maze): 2,885 kills (48.1 Obor kills)
 43k Prayer XP
 342 limps
 505 laws
 426 nats
 130 deaths
 330 chaos
 0.403 clubs
 310k gp
 1.22 rune kites

 53-99 str, 53-93 attack, and 53-92 defence: Moss giants
 Melees at Moss giants will also give you the rune bars for a rune scim and a rune axe (if you do the boss) and it will also build up your prayer level, and you'll end up with a good amount of prayer points when you start ogresses later.  The in-depth process for killing moss giants is explained below. 

Loot Moss giants: 110,166 kills 
 1,652,490 Prayer XP
 28,540 nats
 20,595 laws
 28.3m gp
 2003 Bryophyta kills
 200 rune bars

 93-99 attack, and 92-99 defence: Ogresses
 These are what you'll spend a good part of your time killing.  How to efficiently melee ogresses is explained 

Loot from ogresses: 38,912 kills
 583k Prayer XP
 25,253 nats (after alch) (0.649 per giant)
 27,006 laws (0.694 per giant)
 1,342 rubies (1/29)
 1,342 diamonds (1/29)
 27.8m (alchs + GP drops) (715.12 per giant)

For reference, this is what the loot from max melees from moss giants and hill giants look like:
Loot from moss giants: 162,465 kills and 1,158 Bryophyta kills
 2.44m prayer XP
 30,840 nats (.189 per giant) (7,993 are from boss)
 21,370 laws (.131 per giant) (6,141 are from boss)
 40,520 chaos (.249 per giant) (4,978 are from boss)
 11,220 deaths (.069 per giant) (7,411 are from boss)
 5,830 steel bars (.036 per giant) (752 are from boss)
 17.36m gp (106.84 per giant) (15.1m is from boss)

Loot from hill giants: 279,300 kills and 2,327 Obor kills
 4.9m pray XP
 31,010 laws (.111 per giant) (17,923 are from boss)
 33,730 nats (.121 per giant) (7,550 are from boss)
 31,830 chaos (.114 per giant) (27,465 are from boss)
 12,450 deaths (.045 per giant) (8,084 are from boss)
 15.01m gp (53.74 per giant)
 19.7 hill giant clubs (.00007 per giant)
 29,670 limpwurts (.106 per giant) (3,491 are from boss)

Efficient Obor:
Obor is the best way to get a rune kiteshield, and they are 1/36.86 from each giant key.  There are 3 main ways to kill Obor: Fire blast with bind, protect range and mystic might, Ranging whilst running around with protect range and eagle eye, and Meleeing with protect range, ultimate strength, steel skin, and incredible reflexes.  I personally recommend doing melee, since you have good armor and you don't miss out on too much DPS compared to ranging. The best stats for Obor are at least 60 melees with trout/salmon or kebabs for food. Any thing lower than 60 melees will require you to use lobsters/swordfish.

Efficient Moss giants:
Varrock sewers is the best spot to kill mossies.  The drops worth picking up are gems, coins, spider eggs at spiders, arrows, and all all non-elemental, non-cosmic runes.  You should kill them till you run out of food, then minigame teleport to clan wars.  Restore health/prayer with the portal, bank your loot, withdraw your strength potions, and food, teleport to Varrock, and head to sewers. An alternative is to do Crandor, but Crandor’s trips are too slow and the spread out spawns make it a little more difficult than sewers.

Efficient ogresses:
When meleeing ogresses, you have a few options.  You can kill the same warriors as you do for Ranged in the first cavern: this is the best possible XP/H, but you'll see a lot of competition there since it's a contested spot.  If you melee here, you'll likely need to use a splashing alt to deter crashers, the same as is used for Ranged.  Another option is the two shamans in the little cave directly north of the warrior spot.  Shamans have +2 higher melee Defense bonuses, which equates to about 500 XP/H less when meleeing.  The advantage to shamans is there's very little competition there so you rarely have to compete for spawns.  An option is to do shamans during the daytime and move to warriors later at night.  A disadvantage to shamans is that they hit much more accurately than warriors even when you have max mage defense, and with a 20 minute deagro period you'll probably have to bring a lot of food even when flicking protection prayers.  I recommend pray flicking during your trips, since even with maxed melees it's difficult to fill your inventory before running out of food if you're just AFKing.  If you're determined not to flick, you can use banked kebabs or banked trout/salmon. Alternatively, there's a cage fishing spot just west of the resource area that you can visit after banking, but it takes a lot of extra time to go all the way out there, fish/cook a lobster inventory, and come back to the first cave.
Refer to 2.1. Ranged to see drops discussed in detail.  The initial 640 limpwurts from Ranged will start you off with plenty of strength potions, so don't be stingy with them, and repot as soon as you lose your boosted max hit.  Use a DPS calculator to find what Strength levels increase your max hit after boosting so you know exactly what level to repot; is a good site.
NOTE: The fastest way to collect red spider eggs for your strength potions is to use the Varrock sewer spawn in combination with a Varrock tele after you fill your inventory.

Efficient food banking:
The best foods to bank are trout/salmon and kebabs.  Trout/salmon heal about 7.4 hp per fish, and kebabs heal about 11 per kebab (with 90+ hp).  The fastest way to bank trout/salmon is to 4 tick fish 0 time cook with a shortbow on pvp world with lumbridge teleport (link of a video at the bottom of guide).  The fastest way to buy kebabs is to simply buy them for 1 gp and bank them at Al Kharid bank.  Kebabs are better than trout/salmon because kebabs heal almost 4 hp on average more, you can bank twice as many kebabs per hour, and it uses no law runes.

Kebabs info:
1400 banked/H
0 XP/H

Trout/salmon info:
720 banked/H
42,050 fish XP/H
56,430 cook XP/H

2.7. Prayer
Prayer XP will come from two sources: ogresses and boneyard.  Some people choose to exclusively train Prayer through combat, but since even the best possible rates in that case are extremely low, boneyard is the only feasable method if you're aiming for 99 Prayer.
The boneyard is just slightly southeast of the wilderness canoe pond, so taking a waka canoe will get you there quickly.  When going to the boneyard, travel light: you want the most efficient use of run energy possible, since you'll be making LOTS of laps.  That means no armor and as little food as possible.  You'll need to tank the skeletons there for 10-15 minutes before they deaggro; expect to take 50-100 damage in that time depending on your defense, and bring some food.  It's important that they remain unaggressive, since you need to hop worlds constantly to get the best XP rates.  PKers are fairly rare, but if you run into them, there's no point in running away: you shouldn't be risking anything on death, and regardless of whether you make an escape and leave the area or get killed and have to canoe back, you'll have to reset aggro again either way.
The most efficient path to follow is demonstrated by the "Efficient Boneyard" video at the end of the guide.  There are a few things to note about the video: Big bone respawn time, unlike anything else in OSRS, is still tied to world population.  That means you should only be switching between worlds 301 and 308 to maintain the best possible XP/H.  Also, due to the release of Corsair Cove and ogresses, cursing at boneyard is NOT efficient.
NOTE: Since hardcores need to bring food and full rune, they have less run energy.  Making it so regular ironmen and ults can get faster xp/hr with nothing on.

XP Breakdown
10.13m: Boneyard
 2.87m: Combat (70892 ogresses and 120347 moss giants)
 10,000 XP/H: Boneyard (for ironmen and ults)
 9,500 XP/H: Boneyard (for hardcores)
 5,500 XP/H: Multi-world chaos temple bones (definitely don't do this)
 1,500-3,000 XP/H: Combat (varies depending on DPS/focus) 

2.8. Fishing & Cooking
NOTE: Fishing and cooking are listed together, as are Woodcutting and Firemaking, since they're trained in conjunction.  
Fishing's another straightforward skill.  You should fish trout and salmon from 20 to 99 which is about 223k feathers to buy (58.4 xp per feather) and will cost about 560k gp..  The only reason to fish lobsters and swordfish, is to do trips to the wilderness.
There are a few different fishing methods, which come with progressively higher XP/H and levels of difficulty.  Demonstrations of the last three methods are linked at the end of the guide.
Firstly, there's regular fishing and cooking with no tick manipulation involved.  It's easy and very AFK, but it's not very efficient.
Second is 3-tick eating.  This is the method I'd recommend to players new to tick manipulation.  Turning on XP drops and zooming your screen in by the fishing spot will make this easier.  To start, get an inventory of cooked fish with a space or two left in your inventory.  Start fishing, and as soon as you catch a fish, eat a cooked fish from your inventory and click the fishing spot again.  Repeat the process until you've filled your inventory.  Normally there's a 5-tick interval between chances to catch a fish, but this will shorten the interval to 3-tick.  Not catching a fish doesn't mean you did it wrong, just that you didn't happen to get anything that roll.  There's a visual indicator of whether you're doing it correctly: on a successful 3-tick eating cycle, your character will skip part of the casting animation.
Third is Ironagnusdei's method.  This is basically 3-tick eating, however it saves time and increases XP/H by skipping the Cooking menu entirely (since you only have a single raw fish in your inventory at a time).
Fourth and most difficult by far is Eirerie's method, which is the current ehp rate.  Cooking is done entirely during the 3-tick fishing cycle (eating and cooking in the same tick every 3 ticks), so XP/H is far faster than any previous method (as much as 71,400 XP/H Fishing and 95,818 XP/H cooking at 99).  Whilst doing Erie fishing, you eventually run out of cooked fish to eat to continue your 3 tick cycle.  To circumvent this, you need to 4 tick fish 0 time cook till you get a full inventory of cooked fish, which can be done attacking monsters with an empty short bow and cooking in the same tick you start your 4 tick cycle.   Leather crafting is also used to start fishing every time the 3-tick cycle is broken, saving a tick over the usual 5-tick fishing cycle.

2.9. Woodcutting & Firemaking
WC/FM is generally very similar to fishing and cooking, with comparable XP rates and training methods.  Always burn your logs where you cut them.  Stick to willows, the maples in the corsair cove resource area are slower XP/H.  The ideal thing to do would be stopping at 41 WC until you have a rune axe, but if you value quicker total level over minimum possible time to max, it doesn't waste too much time getting 60-70 WC/FM with an adamant axe.  I recommend 3-ticking, which you'll need snow for.  Hope you did that Christmas event!  Best spot to woodcut is draynor willows.
In Useful Links, you'll find a video on 3-tick WC with snow.

0 Time Firemaking:
It is most efficient to bank willows from all of woodcutting, at draynor willows.  You can firemake banked logs whilst mining essence, which saves about 150 hours to max compared to not banking them.
Video of firemaking whilst mining ess in Useful Links


3.1. Bandit Camp
NOTE: with GP through PvM so abundant now, Bandit Camp is obsolete, and therefore this entire section is just a relic from the past.  I've left it here, since if for some reason you need to sell items for GP you should know how it's done efficiently.
Because the bandit camp store buys all items at high alch value, it's generally the only place you should be selling your stuff.  Thanks to bandit camp, you make 33% better GP/H than ults for the same gathering time, so learn to appreciate it.  The best way to sell items is a stack of 5 to each world.  This way, you can sell items forever without the average price dropping.  Theres no world hop limit any more, so you can hop as much as you want.

3.2. Castle Wars
Now that Castle Wars has been made F2P, it holds an interesting position in comparison to other F2P content.  It's the first piece of F2P content since Obor that has a significantly time consuming cosmetic reward, but it has far more (and more time consuming) cosmetics than the Giant Club.  While the PvP aspect of the minigame has it's own merits, I'll be focusing on the rewards.

Reward Tickets and Cosmetics:
The first thing to know is that how many tickets you get at the end of a game is unrelated to how you spend your time each round: a high number of kills or flag captures won't get you more tickets.  Tickets are awarded at the end of each game for each team like so:
1 ticket: your team lost, regardless of final score, or tied with any score besides 0-0.
2 tickets: your team won, or you tied 0-0.
3 tickets: your team won X-0.

You can expect anywhere from 3-5 tickets/hour playing or AFKing on W383, the active Castle Wars world.
A faster and more reliable method is boosting with an alt on an empty world.  This works because only a single player on each team is required to start a game.  This method is 7.2 tickets/hour.  If you plan on doing this method, however, you should know that according to the official game rules, using alts to help you fix minigames is not allowed.  That being said, it's very unlikely you'd see any sort of punishment for it, since Jagex has better things to do than monitor inactive F2P Castle Wars lobbies for potential boosters.

Here are the tickets and time required for all F2P cosmetics:
35 tickets for full T1 armor set (Steel equivalent)       —5H boosting
350 tickets for full T2 armor set (Mithril equivalent)    —49H boosting
3500 tickets for full T3 armor set (Adamant equivalent)   —487H boosting
240 tickets for all other rewards                         —34H boosting for other rewards
4125 tickets for all F2P rewards                          —573H boosting for all F2P rewards

Castle Wars is also an excellent place for Curse splashing.  Including lobby time and time spent running the flag each game,  you can expect an ideal Magic XP rate of ~24K/H.  Unfortunately, since you can't wear helmets in-game, you can't achieve the Magic bonus necessary to splash with a staff. That means cursing in Castle Wars will cost significantly more runes than typical splashing.  This is no big deal considering how much GP you get from combat, however.

3.3. Random Events
Random Events are a classic part of F2P, and range from extremely important to totally useless.

Old man (Maze): 
	Do every maze you get, they have fantastic rewards.  Once you've done a few mazes, you'll remember the general path to take.  The trick to getting good times (70%+) is getting through the doors quickly.  Clicking directly on the door, for some reason, takes 4-5 ticks, which is way too long.  It's much faster to click on the tile directly in front of the door, then click the door as you arrive on the tile.  You'll run straight to the door and open it instantly, saving time.  Expanding the client and playing in a bigger window makes this easier.  The fastest possible maze percentage possible is 80%, perfect tick and good maze route.  Also, you should know this already but within the maze you have infinite stamina, so run the entire time.
Old man (Mime show):
	Do it until you have the full set, then ignore.  Note that as with all random event cosmetics, you can get duplicate items if you carry a piece with you and drop it on the ground before doing the event.
Old man (gift):
	Worth doing since he sometimes gives single gems.  Regardless, you'd talk to him since he could be giving a different event.
Drill Demon:
	Do it until you have the full set, then ignore.
Freaky Forester: 
	Do it until you have the full set, then ignore.
	Do it until you have the full set, then ignore.  Note that doing this random event gives you access to a deposit box, so in some situations it can be efficient to do this event just for a chance to quickly clear your inventory.
Certers (Niles, Miles, and Giles): 
	Worth doing since they sometimes give single gems.  If they give small GP, it's usually easiest to just drop it rather than waste time stopping at a bank.
Evil Bob (Prison): 
	Do it.  It gives noted uncut Rubies or chaos/law runes.
Evil Bob (Island): 
	Do it if your Fishing or Magic levels are very low, since it gives a fixed amount of XP in either skill.
	Do it, it gives 2-4 of any noted uncut gem.
Pinball (Flippa and Tilt): 
	Do it, it gives either 5 noted cut Sapphires/Emeralds/Rubies, or 2 noted cut Diamonds.
Frog Prince/Princess: 
	Do it at least until you have all the cosmetic rewards.  Frog tokens make an excellent collectable, since the random event is basically 0 time.
Capt' Arnav: 
	It might be worth doing if you're fresh off Tutorial Island and have almost no cashstack, but the rewards become worthless very quickly.
Sandwich Lady: 
	Do it if you need some extra food on a melee trip, or if you like collectibles.  Many of her foods are unobtainable anywhere else in F2P for ironmen.
Rick Turpentine: 
	Do it, since it can give single gems.
Pillory Guard: 
	Do it, since it can give single gems.
Quiz master: 
	Do it.  Newer players would probably benefit most from the guaranteed 1K, while more established players should take the Mystery Box for a roll at the Stale Baguette.  It also gives you a chance at a cut Diamond if you need one.  Note that the Mystery Box is bankable.
Genie & Surprise Exam: 
	Do it.  It's most efficient to put the XP towards Runecraft, but Smithing and Prayer are also acceptable.  While neither the XP lamp or book are bankable, it's possible to hold multiple lamps in an inventory.  It does not apply to books, though.
Drunken Dwarf: 
	A free kebab, up to you if it's useful when he shows up.
	Don't do it.  Beekeeper is undoubtedly the worst Random Event in OSRS: it's arguably broken, since it's impossible to consistently complete.  Even if you manage to complete it, the rewards are extremely poor.  

3.4. Clue Scrolls
Clues scrolls are not worth to do, but they are a good break and give good fashion scape.  The 2 best spots to farm clues are Lumbridge goblins and Stronghold security minos (which ever you prefer best).  Uniques are 1/12.5 per clue and it takes 787.5 clues on average to get all of the uniques.  The only potentially good item from clues is the black pick axe, since it weighs 0 kg and is the same as rune when tick manipulating. But, the time it takes to get a black pick doesn't make up for the time it saves.

3.5. Completionist List
Since there's hardly anything to do in F2P, here's a list of completely arbitrary tasks that won't benefit you at all, roughly ordered by difficulty.  Have fun!

1. Unlock the alternate home teleport animation, Runefest shield, and Premier Shield emote (codes osrsrf14, runefest17, and premierclub18 at Diango)
2. Talk to the woman on the bridge in Falador park
3. Dance with Megan on the second floor of the Party room (1st floor for you brits)
4. Search the bucket in the Port Sarim jail
5. Get a yin-yang amulet from the makeover mage
6. Assemble a skull sceptre
7. Collect all random event cosmetics (Freaky Forester, Leo, Mime, Drill Demon, Frog Prince) 
   (you can also get a set of the opposite gender's clothes if you change sexes before exchanging your Frog Token.  Note that if you try to wear the clothes after changing back, they'll revert to the clothes of your current sex.)
8. Get a rune med helm from lesser demons and a full helm from greater demons
9. Complete the Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Birthday, and April Fools events
10. Unlock all F2P music tracks
11. Unlock all F2P emotes (don't forget Skill Cape)
12. Take a Waka canoe to the wilderness
13. Receive advanced advice from all F2P skill tutors
14. Open the muddy chest in the lava maze
15. Kill the level 159 zombie on the SoS 4th floor
16. Get a shaman mask
17. Fully load your Chronicle book with 1000 charges
18. Get a giant club from Obor
19. Solve the mysterious man's maze with at least 78% reward remaining
20. Collect a 100K stack of something that isn't runes, arrows, feathers, or GP
21. Talk to Hans one year after creating your account
22. Have a skill master tell you you'll need to talk to them on a P2P world to buy a skillcape
23. Pay 5m GP for Edgeville spawn
24. Obtain a full set of Gold Decorative Armor from Castlewars (2,900 tickets)
25. One of every cosmetic reward requires 4,125 tickets. 
26. Recieve a Stale Baguette from the Mystery Box (1/256 chance)
27. Complete collection log
28. All clue scroll uniques (including black items: Warhammer, Scimitar, Axe, Pickaxe, 2H, and the rest you can get at various shops, and monster drops)
29. All food types from the Sandwich Lady random event

3.6. FAQs
NOTE: if you have a question, first try looking for an answer in the wiki guide; it covers most basic stuff.

Q. Are canoes F2P?
A. Yes.
Q. Should I use rune sword or "insert weapon here"?
A. Use sword.  Sword is better DPS than any other F2P melee weapon besides scimitar.

Q. Is fishing lobsters to sell to the shop a good moneymaker?
A. It's bad fishing XP/H and an inefficient moneymaker.  Get your GP through combat instead.

Q. I'm planning on killing "insert mob here", is that a good idea?
A. If it isn't ogresses, it's probably not a good idea.  That includes Flesh crawlers/giant spiders; sure, they're AFK and give good XP rates, but you won't have enough runes to efficiently max if you do all your melees there and you get 0 prayer xp.

Q. I've heard Dark wizards give the best nature runes/H in F2P, is that true?
A. Nope, ogresses are way better.

Q. How should I use my nature runes?  Alching's good, right?
A. It's only good if you're alching runite items during combat.  Outside of that, nats should be used to superheat iron.

Q. Gold amulets are a good source of GP, right?
A. Don't ever do gold on a regular ironman; it takes much longer than silver to mine, and the crafting XP is very poor.  If you need GP, kill ogresses.

Q. Getting around in F2P takes forever, is there anything I can do to speed things up?
A. You can use minigame teleports to get to CW or LMS once every 20 minutes, which doubles as a quick prayer/run% recharge.  If you tell Shantay of Shantay pass you're an outlaw, he'll send you to the Port Sarim prison, which you can then escape from.  Also, whenever you're done playing, leave yourself AFK instead of logging off immediately; you'll log back in next time with an extra ~40% run energy.

Q. In what order should I train my melees?
A. You should generally favor str>att>def.  It's easiest to just keep str 5-10 levels above att and def as you train.

Q. Are there any boosts in F2P?
A. Yep.  Strength potions and beers to boost Strength, Wizard mind bomb for a +2 mage boost when under lvl 50 or +3 above 50, Dwarven stout to boost Mining and Smithing by 1, and Draynor Manor cabbages to boost Defense by 2. Also kebabs have a low chance to give +3 in each melee stat.

Q. Should I make energy potions?
A. Outside of bringing one or two along for wildy trips to help escape PKers, they aren't as useful as strength potions.  However, if you've already maxed melees, you could make energy potions with whatever limps are left over.  They'll be useful for Runecraft.

3.7. Useful Links
F2P Ironman Startup Guide (by Autumn Elegy):

Multiquesting guide:

OSRS wiki ironman guide (basic guide for noobs):

Bronze vs iron arrows when ranging (by UncleTomas):

Strength vs power ammy for melee (by UncleTomas):

Unabridged ogress droptable/droprates:

2-tick rune essence (by Pawz):

Body rune suiciding (by Ironman260):

Efficient boneyard (by Coldfingers3):

Efficient boneyard for non Hardcores (by Coldfingers3):

Telegrabbing nats (now 1764 nats/H due to world hop limit) (by Coldfingers3):

Lava maze hill giants (by Tannerdino):

3-tick Fish/Cook (by Say F2P Ult):

3-tick Fish/Cook (IronAgnusDei's method) (by Pawz):

Fishing + Cooking on same tick (by Eirerie):

Ideal iron superheating route (by Tannerdino):

F2P music track list:

CB level calculator, Melee/Ranged DPS calculators, and misc F2P resources:

Misc useful links (a few duplicate links from here):

3-tick WC banking (by Tannerdino):

0 time FM whislt mining ess (by Tannerdino):
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