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1:22 am, December 9, 2021


Here is a collection of the tools i have created and also a list of the tools i still want to create


SEO Tools


SEO Keyword Research

This tool allows you to type in a keyword and it will return related keyword items. 

View SEO Keyword Research Tool


Seo Meta Tag Search

Add in a website address and this tool will extract the meta tags and generate a score for it, also it will tell you what tags you are missing and how to add them to your site. 

Seo Meta Tag Search


Website Tools

Youtube Image Extract Tool

The Youtube Image Extract Tool allows you to paste or type in a youtube video url, and extracts the images and iframe and returns the results. Just add your own youtube video url. 

View the Youtube Image Extract Tool


CSS Minifier

Add your css style sheet code here and it will return a minified copy of the css. Good to increase your page speed and ranking. 

CSS Minifier Tool


HTML Entity Encode

Add your raw html into the top box and press the encode button to populate the second box with html entity encoded content.

HTML Entity Encode Tool


Postcode Tools

New Zealand Towns And Postcodes

The New Zealand Towns And Postcodes tool allows you to look up New Zealand Towns and Postcodes, and also provides the google map embed for the selected location. 

View the New Zealand Towns And Postcodes Tool


Other Tools

Create UID from String

This tool came from a uid string function i made a while ago, where you can add any string and it will turn it into a UID or a Unique Identifier based on the string. This version you can type in any string and it will return the UID version of that string. 

Create a UID from a String


Convert Shorthand Number

This tool will convert a shorthand number like 13.5k or 24.56m into its raw number variant.

Convert Shorthand Number

Rs3 Market Watch

RS3 Market Watch monitors the latest prices changes Runescape or RS3, it monitors the price rises and falls. Usually this is updated every hour or so if the feed api is working. You can list by latest price changes, price rises and price falls. You can also search for an item in the item search box below.

Rs3 Market Watch


String tools

Create UID from String

This tool came from a uid string function i made a while ago, where you can add any string and it will turn it into a UID or a Unique Identifier based on the string. This version you can type in any string in the String to Convert text area above and it will return the UID version of that string. 

Create UID from String


Add Slashes to String

This tool will run the php function for addslashes. Returns a string with backslashes added before characters that need to be escaped. Just add your string and it it will return the result in a box below.

Add Slashes to String


Clean Whitespace from String

This tool will clean excess whitespace from a string, but still leave the singular white spaces intact. Excess whitespaces being a double or more than one space e.g "  ", will convert to " ".

Clean Whitespace from String

Format Size Units

Format a numeric string into its human readable string, MB, GB, TB, etc. Here are some examples to try. This tool only accepts numeric values. This also rounds the returned result.

Format Size Units


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