RS3 Quests

Completed: 182 / 863 = 21.08922363847% completed

Task OrderTitleGoalCompletedPriority
1Waterfall QuestQuest Capehigh
2Stronghold of Player SafetyCompletionist Cape
3Missing, Presumed DeathQuest Cape
4Merlin's CrystalQuest Cape
5Holy GrailQuest Cape
6Plague CityQuest Cape
7Tree Gnome VillageQuest Cape
8Hazeel CultQuest Cape
9Druidic RitualQuest Capehigh
10Recruitment DriveQuest Cape
11Witch's HouseQuest Cape
12Stolen HeartsQuest Cape
13Diamond in the RoughQuest Cape
14The Death of ChivalryQuest Cape
15Song from the DepthsQuest Cape
16Monk's FriendQuest Cape
17Leprechaun ChampionTrimmed Completionist Cape
18Myths of the White LandsQuest Cape
19The Restless GhostQuest Cape
20Lumbridge Beginner TasksCompletionist Cape
21The Knight's SwordQuest Cape
22What's Mine is YoursQuest Cape
23Doric Task 1Completionist Cape
24Death PlateauQuest Cape
25Doric Task 2Completionist Cape
26Doric Task 3Completionist Cape
27Doric Task 4Completionist Cape
28A Shadow over AshdaleQuest Cape
29BiohazardQuest Cape
30Buyers and CellarsQuest Cape
3130 ThievingQuest Cape
32Troll StrongholdQuest Cape
33The Dig SiteQuest Cape
34Bar CrawlQuest Cape
35Scorpion CatcherQuest Cape
36Boric Task 1Completionist Cape
37Observatory QuestQuest Cape
3810 FletchingQuest Cape
39The Tourist TrapQuest Cape
40God Emissaries Exploration Task 1Master Quest Cape
41God Emissaries Exploration Task 2Master Quest Cape
42God Emissaries Exploration Task 3Master Quest Cape
43Priest in PerilQuest Cape
44Nature SpiritQuest Cape
45Making HistoryQuest Cape
46Meeting HistoryQuest Cape
47Demon SlayerQuest Cape
48The GolemQuest Cape
4930 CraftingQuest Cape
50Shadow of the StormQuest Cape
5121 MagicQuest Cape
52The Grand TreeQuest Cape
53Jungle PotionQuest Cape
54Rune MysteriesQuest Cape
55Shilo VillageQuest Cape
56One Small FavorQuest Cape
57God Emissaries Exploration Task 4Master Quest Cape
58Horror from the DeepQuest Cape
59Fight ArenaQuest Capehigh
60Elemental Workshop IQuest Cape
61Elemental Workshop IIQuest Cape
62The FeudQuest Cape
63Mountain DaughterQuest Cape
6433 DefenseQuest Cape
65Elemental Workshop IIIQuest Cape
66Dimension of Disaster: Coin of the RealmQuest Cape
67Dimension of Disaster: Demon SlayerQuest Cape
686 FiremakingQuest Cape
69The Tale of the MuspahQuest Cape
70Shades of Mort'tonQuest Cape
71In Search of the MyrequeQuest Cape
72In Aid of the MyrequeQuest Cape
73Vampyre SlayerQuest Cape
745 ConstructionQuest Cape
7533 MagicQuest Cape
7640 StrengthQuest Cape
77Darkness of HallowvaleQuest Cape
78Troll RomanceQuest Cape
79Death of Chivalry Combat LampMaster Quest Cape
8016 ConstructionCompletionist Cape
81Falador Easy TasksCompletionist Cape
82Tower of LifeQuest Cape
83Myths of the White LandsMaster Quest Cape
84A Soul's BaneQuest Cape
85Swept AwayQuest Cape
86Broom enchantments 1 + 2Master Quest Cape
87Gunnar's GroundQuest Cape
88Murder MysteryQuest Cape
89God Emissaries Combat Task 1Master Quest Cape
90Abyss MiniquestMaster Quest Cape
91One Piercing NoteQuest Cape
92Gertrude's CatQuest Cape
93Goblin DiplomacyQuest Cape
94Cook's AssistantQuest Cape
95Recipe for Disaster: Another Cook's QuestQuest Cape
96Recipe for Disaster: Freeing the Goblin GeneralsQuest Cape
9716 FiremakingQuest Cape
98The Giant DwarfQuest Cape
99The Lost TribeQuest Cape
100Wanted!Quest Cape
101Buyers and Cellars: From Tiny AcornsMaster Quest Cape
102Shield of ArravQuest Cape
10341 ThievingMaster Quest Cape
104Buyers and Cellars: Lost Her MarblesMaster Quest Cape
105Rag and Bone ManQuest Cape
106Fur 'n' SeekQuest Cape
107Wilderness Easy TasksCompletionist Cape
10830 FiremakingQuest Cape
109Sea SlugQuest Cape
110Fremennik Easy TasksCompletionist Cape
111Death to the DorgeshuunQuest Cape
112Another Slice of H.A.MQuest Cape
113Ardougne Easy TasksCompletionist Cape
114Varrock Easy TasksCompletionist Cape
115Fishing ContestQuest Cape
116Lumbridge Easy TasksCompletionist Cape
117Recipe for Disaster: Mountain DwarfQuest Cape
11820 CookingQuest Cape
119Ghosts AhoyQuest Cape
12025 RangedQuest Cape
121Underground PassQuest Cape
122God Emissaries Combat Task 2Master Quest Cape
123Dororan's ruby braceletMaster Quest Cape
1245 HunterCompletionist Cape
12514 RunecraftingCompletionist Cape
126Desert Easy TasksCompletionist Cape
127Restore the cabbage patch - Chivalry is FedMaster Quest Cape
128Gower QuestQuest Cape
129Ian's lampMaster Quest Cape
130Haunted MineQuest Cape
131Imp CatcherQuest Cape
132Play one game of Pest ControlQuest Cape
133Quiet before the SwarmQuest Cape
13422 CookingQuest Cape
13517 FarmingQuest Cape
136Forgettable Tale… [skip]Quest Cape
137Creature of FenkenstrainQuest Cape
138Garden of TranquilityQuest Cape
139Morytania Easy TasksCompletionist Cape
14030 FarmingQuest Cape
141Enlightened Journey [skip]Quest Capelow
142Recipe for Disaster: Evil DaveQuest Cape
143Seers' Village Easy TasksCompletionist Cape
144Recipe for Disaster: Pirate PeteQuest Cape
145Monkey Madness [very long quest]Quest Cape
146Wolf Whistle - ShortQuest Cape
147Death Plateau run 1Master Quest Cape
148Death Plateau run 2 [not sure]Master Quest Cape
149Death Plateau run 3Master Quest Cape
150Death Plateau run 4Master Quest Cape
151Perils of Ice MountainQuest Cape
152Death Plateau run 5Master Quest Cape
153Earth Warrior Champion [possibly long grind here]Trimmed Completionist Cape
154The Eyes of GlouphrieQuest Cape
155Dishonor among ThievesQuest Cape
156Song from the Depths secret reward 1Trimmed Completionist Cape
157Swept Away broom enchantment 3Master Quest Cape
15830 WoodcuttingQuest Cape
159Beneath Cursed Tides [skip]Quest Capelow
160Icthlarin's Little HelperQuest Capehigh
161A Tail of Two CatsQuest Capehigh
162God Emissaries Skilling Task 1Master Quest Cape
163God Emissaries Skilling Task 2Master Quest Cape
164Broken HomeQuest Cape
165Broken Home tier 1 chestMaster Quest Cape
166Bringing Home the BaconQuest Capelow
167RatcatchersQuest Capelow
16847 CraftingQuest Cape
16940 FiremakingQuest Cape
170Legacy of SeergazeQuest Capehigh
171God Emissaries Skilling Task 3Master Quest Capemedium
17240 MiningCompletionist Cape
173Boric Task 2Completionist Cape
174Karamja Easy TasksCompletionist Capemedium
17536 FishingQuest Cape
17637 HerbloreQuest Cape
177Land of the GoblinsQuest Cape
17846 ThievingQuest Cape
179The Chosen CommanderQuest Cape
180Tai Bwo Wannai TrioQuest Cape
181Eadgar's RuseQuest Cape
182Goblin Cower Shield - AchievementMaster Quest Cape
18330 RangedMaster Quest Cape
184Three's Company (Unabridged)Master Quest Cape
185God Emissaries Combat Task 3Master Quest Cape
186My Arm's Big AdventureQuest Cape
187WatchtowerQuest Cape
188Big Chompy Bird HuntingQuest Cape
189Ogre bowman hatMaster Quest Cape
190Mogre miniquestMaster Quest Cape
191Rag and Bone Man wish listMaster Quest Cape
19241 CookingQuest Cape
193Recipe for Disaster: Skrach UglogweeQuest Cape
194Recipe for Disaster: Lumbridge SageQuest Cape
195Crafting Guild balloon routeMaster Quest Cape
196Varrock ballon routeMaster Quest Cape
19743 FiremakingQuest Cape
198All Fired UpQuest Cape
199The Blood PactQuest Cape
20031 ConstructionQuest Cape
201Carnillean RisingQuest Cape
202Philipe's Lamp 1Master Quest Cape
203Philipe's Lamp 2Master Quest Cape
204Philipe's Lamp 3Master Quest Cape
205Philipe's Lamp 4Master Quest Cape
206Rune MemoriesQuest Cape
207Heart of StoneQuest Cape
208Rune MechanicsQuest Cape
209Spirits of the ElidQuest Cape
21030 RunecraftingQuest Cape
211The Slug MenaceQuest Cape
21240 RangedQuest Cape
213Temple of IkovQuest Cape
214Dragon SlayerQuest Cape
215God Emissaries Combat Task 4Master Quest Cape
216The Lair of Tarn RazorlorCompletionist Cape
217Contact!Quest Cape
21835 ConstructionQuest Cape
219Missing My Mummy (100% Senliten)Quest Cape
220Cold WarQuest Cape
22149 CraftingQuest Cape
222The Hand in the SandQuest Cape
223Zogre Flesh EatersQuest Cape
224Feed the Giant OysterMaster Quest Cape
225Lumbridge Medium TasksCompletionist Cape
226Tribal TotemQuest Cape
22740 ConstructionQuest Cape
228Spirit of SummerQuest Cape
22950 AttackMaster Quest Cape
230Attack spirit portalMaster Quest Cape
23145 MiningMaster Quest Cape
232King's RansomQuest Cape
233Camelot training roomMaster Quest Cape
23450 CraftingQuest Cape
23545 FiremakingQuest Cape
236Enakhra's LamentQuest Cape
237Kennith's ConcernsQuest Cape
238Court Cases: Barbarians v. WizardsMaster Quest Cape
23935 RunecraftingQuest Cape
240What Lies BelowQuest Cape
24142 SmithingQuest Cape
24239 RunecraftingQuest Cape
243Elemental Workshop IVQuest Cape
244Ernest the ChickenQuest Cape
24535 WoodcuttingQuest Cape
246Animal MagnetismQuest Cape
247Lost CityQuest Capehigh
248Fairy Tale Part IQuest Cape
24940 WoodcuttingQuest Cape
250The Fremennik TrialsQuest Cape
25123 DungeoneeringCompletionist Cape
252Daemonheim Easy TasksCompletionist Cape
25350 ConstructionQuest Cape
254TokTz-Ket-DillQuest Cape
255Court Cases: H.A.M. v. DorgeshuunMaster Quest Cape
25647 HerbloreQuest Cape
25735 DungeoneeringQuest Cape
258Paul's lampMaster Quest Cape
25945 SummoningQuest Cape
260Salt in the WoundQuest Cape
261Call of the AncestorsQuest Cape
262Mummy ChampionTrimmed Completionist Cape
263Broken Home challengesMaster Quest Cape
26455 AgilityMaster Quest Cape
265Myths of the White Lands Agility XPMaster Quest Cape
26656 AgilityQuest Cape
267RegicideQuest Cape
268Roving ElvesQuest Cape
26955 ThievingMaster Quest Cape
270Vengeance (Unabridged)Master Quest Capehigh
27160 AgilityQuest Cape
27275 MagicQuest Cape
273The Elder KilnQuest Capehigh
274Broom enchantment 4Master Quest Cape
27548 SmithingCompletionist Cape
276Doric Task 5Completionist Cape
277Dwarf CannonQuest Cape
27850 SmithingQuest Cape
279Between a Rock…Quest Cape
280Philipe's Lamp 5Master Quest Cape
281The World WakesQuest Capehigh
28220 HunterMaster Quest Cape
28320 DivinationMaster Quest Cape
284Broken Home Tier 2 chestMaster Quest Cape
28527 HunterQuest Cape
286Eagles' PeakQuest Cape
28747 FiremakingQuest Cape
28855 PrayerQuest Cape
289Prayer spirit portalMaster Quest Cape
290Talk to the Wizard's Tower Lesser DemonMaster Quest Cape
29135 HunterQuest Cape
292Summer's EndQuest Cape
293Weak smithing spirit portalMaster Quest Cape
294Weak prayer spirit portalMaster Quest Cape
29530 DivinationMaster Quest Cape
296Broken Home Tier 3 chestMaster Quest Cape
29749 FiremakingQuest Cape
298Tears of GuthixQuest Cape
299Jogre ChampionTrimmed Completionist Cape
30075 ConstitutionMaster Quest Cape
301Use one Antique lamp on ConstitutionCompletionist Cape
302Missing, Presumed Death ConstitutionMaster Quest Cape
303God Emissaries Combat Task 5Master Quest Cape
304God Emissaries Combat Task 6Master Quest Cape
305Last RidersMaster Quest Cape
30656 ThievingQuest Cape
307The Path of GlouphrieQuest Cape
308Gilded CabbageMaster Quest Cape
309Razulei's TaleMaster Quest Cape
310Use final Ancient lamp on DefenseCompletionist Cape
31180 ConstitutionTrimmed Completionist Cape
312Song from the Depths secret reward 2Trimmed Completionist Cape
313Aberrant Spectre ChampionTrimmed Completionist Cape
314Family CrestQuest Cape
31554 SmithingQuest Cape
31659 SmithingCompletionist Cape
317Doric Task 6Completionist Cape
31864 SmithingCompletionist Cape
319Doric Task 7Completionist Cape
32059 MiningQuest Cape
32160 MiningCompletionist Cape
322Boric Task 3Completionist Cape
32351 HunterQuest Cape
324Defender of VarrockQuest Cape
325Dimension of Disaster: Defender of VarrockQuest Cape
326God Emissaries Skilling Task 4Master Quest Cape
327Hunt for Red RaktuberQuest Cape
32861 CraftingQuest Cape
32955 WoodcuttingQuest Cape
33048 SummoningQuest Cape
33149 HerbloreQuest Cape
332A Void DanceQuest Cape
333Lunar DiplomacyQuest Capehigh
334Dream MentorQuest Capehigh
335Varrock Medium TasksCompletionist Cape
336Olaf's QuestQuest Cape
337The Fremennik IslesQuest Cape
33851 FiremakingQuest Cape
33958 WoodcuttingQuest Cape
340As A First ResortQuest Cape
34155 HunterCompletionist Cape
34248 CookingCompletionist Cape
343Fremennik Medium TasksCompletionist Cape
34453 CookingQuest Cape
34553 FishingQuest Cape
346Heroes' QuestQuest Cape
347Legends' QuestQuest Cape
348Throne of MiscellaniaQuest Cape
349Royal TroubleQuest Cape
350Glorious MemoriesQuest Cape
351Seers' Village Medium TasksCompletionist Cape
352Recipe for Disaster: Sir Amik VarzeQuest Cape
353Pirate's TreasureQuest Cape
35440 FarmingQuest Cape
355Rum DealQuest Cape
356Cabin FeverQuest Cape
357The Great Brain RobberyQuest Cape
358Sheep HerderQuest Cape
359Mourning's Ends Part IQuest Cape
360Mourning's Ends Part IIQuest Cape
36170 CookingQuest Cape
362Recipe for Disaster: AwowogeiQuest Cape
363Desert TreasureQuest Capehigh
364Philipe's Lamp 6Master Quest Cape
365Recipe for Disaster: The Final BattleQuest Cape
36662 FishingQuest Cape
367Swan SongQuest Cape
368Defeat BorkQuest Cape
36960 ThievingQuest Cape
370Dealing with ScabarasQuest Cape
371Weak thieving spirit portalMaster Quest Cape
37265 FarmingQuest Cape
373Fremennik Hard TasksCompletionist Cape
374Morytania Medium TasksCompletionist Cape
37565 HerbloreQuest Cape
376While Guthix SleepsQuest Cape
377Kindred SpiritsQuest Cape
378Fairy Tale Part IIQuest Cape
379Fairy Tale Part IIIQuest Cape
380Farming spirit portalMaster Quest Cape
381Weak farming spirit portalMaster Quest Cape
38262 ThievingMaster Quest Cape
383A Guild Of Our OwnMaster Quest Cape
384Training Dummy RevisitMaster Quest Cape
38575 AttackQuest Cape
38675 StrengthQuest Cape
387Blood Runs DeepQuest Cape
38867 HunterCompletionist Cape
389Wilderness Medium TasksCompletionist Cape
390Wilderness Hard TasksCompletionist Cape
391The Curse of ZarosMaster Quest Cape
392Tirannwn Easy TasksCompletionist Cape
393Holy CitharaMaster Quest Cape
394Score 1,111 in Big ChinchompaCompletionist Cape
395Hopespear's WillCompletionist Cape
396The General's ShadowMaster Quest Cape
39761 FiremakingQuest Cape
398Forgiveness of a Chaos DwarfQuest Cape
39964 AgilityQuest Cape
40074 FiremakingQuest Cape
401The Firemaker's CurseQuest Cape
40265 FishingQuest Cape
403Some Like it ColdQuest Cape
404Karamja Medium TasksCompletionist Cape
40564 ThievingQuest Cape
40662 ConstructionQuest Cape
40761 RunecraftingQuest Cape
408The Prisoner of GlouhprieQuest Cape
409God Emissaries Skilling Task 5Master Quest Cape
41064 MiningQuest Cape
41166 ThievingQuest Cape
412The Curse of ArravQuest Cape
413Dimension of Disaster: Shield of ArravQuest Cape
414Dimension of Disaster: The Curse of ArravQuest Cape
41550 FletchingQuest Cape
416Devious MindsQuest Cape
417The Temple at SenntistenQuest Cape
418Catapult ConstructionQuest Cape
419Claim lamp from AzzanadraMaster Quest Cape
42053 FletchingQuest Cape
421In Pyre NeedQuest Cape
422Phoenix LairMaster Quest Cape
42366 CraftingQuest Cape
42469 SmithingQuest Cape
425Rocking OutQuest Cape
426Lumbridge Hard TasksCompletionist Cape
42767 CraftingQuest Cape
42868 ConstructionQuest Cape
429Love StoryQuest Cape
430Claim lamp from MabelMaster Quest Cape
43170 SmithingQuest Cape
43275 SmithingCompletionist Cape
433Doric Task 8Completionist Cape
43470 ConstructionQuest Cape
43570 CraftingQuest Cape
43678 AttackQuest Cape
43778 StrengthQuest Cape
438Complete the Conquest tutorialQuest Cape
439The Void Stares BackQuest Cape
44068 MiningQuest Cape
441King of the DwarvesQuest Cape
442Smoking KillsQuest Cape
44370 ThievingQuest Cape
444Do No EvilQuest Cape
44550 DungeoneeringMaster Quest Cape
446Andrew's lampMaster Quest Cape
44755 DungeoneeringMaster Quest Cape
448Nadir (unabridged)Master Quest Cape
44959 DungeoneeringMaster Quest Cape
450Thok It To 'Em (unabridged)Master Quest Cape
45171 DungeoneeringMaster Quest Cape
452Thok Your Block Off (unabridged)Master Quest Cape
45380 DefenseQuest Cape
454Weak defense spirit portalMaster Quest Cape
45580 SmithingQuest Cape
45672 MiningQuest Cape
457The Brink of ExtinctionQuest Cape
45876 CraftingQuest Cape
459Dororan's dragonstone necklaceMaster Quest Cape
46076 MiningQuest Cape
46177 AgilityQuest Cape
462Ritual of the MahjarratQuest Cape
463Koschei's TroublesCompletionist Cape
46460 DivinationCompletionist Cape
465Barbarian TrainingQuest Cape
466Hero's WelcomeQuest Cape
467Broken Home Tier 4 ChestMaster Quest Cape
468Broken Home Tier 5 ChestMaster Quest Cape
469Daemonheim Medium TasksCompletionist Cape
470Dishonor among Thieves XP chest 1Master Quest Cape
471Mahjarrat MemoriesCompletionist Cape
472Put Arrav to restMaster Quest Cape
47360 WoodcuttingMaster Quest Cape
474Castle Wars balloon routeMaster Quest Cape
475Grand Tree balloon routeMaster Quest Cape
47660 FletchingMaster Quest Cape
477Broken Home Tier 6 ChestMaster Quest Cape
478Desert Medium TasksCompletionist Cape
479Ardougne Medium TasksCompletionist Cape
480Falador Medium TasksCompletionist Cape
48165 SummoningQuest Cape
48274 ThievingQuest Cape
483A Clockwork SyringeQuest Cape
484Philipe's Lamp 7Master Quest Cape
48575 ThievingMaster Quest Cape
486Missing, Presumed Death ThievingMaster Quest Cape
48770 FishingQuest Cape
488Deadliest CatchQuest Cape
489Hunt Thalassus ten timesCompletionist Cape
49072 HunterCompletionist Cape
491Enhance the Yaktwee stickCompletionist Cape
492Ghoul ChampionTrimmed Completionist Cape
49382 MagicTrimmed Completionist Cape
494Lesser Demon ChampionTrimmed Completionist Cape
495Armadyl's AssaultMaster Quest Cape
496Glossy lampMaster Quest Cape
49767 SummoningQuest Cape
49875 DivinationQuest Cape
49976 SlayerQuest Cape
500Fate of the GodsQuest Capehigh
501Survivor's LampMaster Quest Cape
502Elder Chronicles (The Measure)Master Quest Cape
503Large Prismatic Lamp from WahisietelMaster Quest Cape
504Missing, Presumed Death antique lampMaster Quest Cape
505Distorted engrammeterMaster Quest Cape
50665 PrayerMaster Quest Cape
507Death of Chivalry Prayer LampMaster Quest Cape
508Desert Slayer Dungeon bossesMaster Quest Cape
50985 StrengthQuest Cape
51082 SmithingQuest Cape
51180 MiningQuest Cape
512Birthright of the DwarvesQuest Cape
513Diamond in the Rough Treasure RoomMaster Quest Cape
514The Glory of General GraardorMaster Quest Cape
515Herbi Flax's diaryMaster Quest Cape
51670 FarmingCompletionist Cape
517Varrock Hard TasksCompletionist Cape
518Giant ChampionTrimmed Completionist Cape
51991 MagicCompletionist Cape
520Fur 'n' Seek wishlist + Skeletal HorrorMaster Quest Cape
521History of the OrderMaster Quest Cape
522All Livid Farm spellsCompletionist Cape
52370 FletchingQuest Cape
52476 WoodcuttingQuest Cape
525The Branches of DarkmeyerQuest Cape
526Back to my RootsQuest Cape
527Within the LightQuest Cape
528Ardougne Hard TasksCompletionist Cape
529Morytania Hard TasksCompletionist Cape
530Grim TalesQuest Cape
531Returning ClarenceCompletionist Cape
532Freneskae Elder ChroniclesMaster Quest Cape
53376 HunterQuest Cape
53479 ConstructionQuest Cape
535The Lord of VampyriumQuest Cape
53674 SummoningQuest Cape
537One of a KindQuest Cape
53875 DungeoneeringQuest Cape
53975 PrayerQuest Cape
540Cleanse the muralsMaster Quest Cape
541Falador Hard TasksCompletionist Cape
542Karamja Hard TasksCompletionist Cape
543Light torches at Guthix's shrineMaster Quest Cape
54475 HerbloreQuest Cape
545Plague's EndQuest Cape
546Give Lady Ithell crystal gearCompletionist Cape
547Of the CadarnCompletionist Cape
548Give Lord Amlodd shadow coresCompletionist Cape
54975 FletchingQuest Cape
55080 HerbloreQuest Cape
551River of BloodQuest Cape
552Azdaran Fragment 1Master Quest Cape
553Of the HefinCompletionist Cape
554Do No Evil treasure roomMaster Quest Cape
555Zilyana's NotesMaster Quest Cape
55680 PrayerMaster Quest Cape
557Pale lampMaster Quest Cape
55885 AttackQuest Cape
55990 DefenseQuest Cape
560The Mighty FallQuest Cape
561Nomad's RequiemQuest Cape
562Nomad's ElegyQuest Cape
563Tales of NomadMaster Quest Cape
56487 AttackMaster Quest Cape
56587 RangedMaster Quest Cape
56687 StrengthMaster Quest Cape
567Enhanced Fire CapeMaster Quest Cape
56890 SlayerCompletionist Cape
569Collect all KudosCompletionist Cape
570Impressing the LocalsCompletionist Cape
571Meet the AssassinCompletionist Cape
572Spiritual EnlightenmentCompletionist Cape
573Dragonkin journalsMaster Quest Cape
574Of the IowerthCompletionist Cape
575Desert Hard TasksCompletionist Cape
576Cremate 500 Vyre corpsesMaster Quest Cape
57780 CraftingQuest Cape
57880 DivinationQuest Cape
57980 WoodcuttingQuest Cape
580The Light WithinQuest Cape
581Let Them Eat PieQuest Cape
582Clock TowerQuest Cape
583Myths of the White Lands Woodcutting XPMaster Quest Cape
58470 RunecraftingMaster Quest Cape
585Dishonor among Thieves XP chest 2Master Quest Cape
586Broken Home chest (tier 7)Master Quest Cape
587All remaining Court CasesMaster Quest Cape
588Bandos's MemoriesCompletionist Cape
589Witch's PotionMaster Quest Cape
590Master White KnightMaster Quest Cape
591Banshee ChampionTrimmed Completionist Cape
592Broom enchantment 5Master Quest Cape
59385 AgilityTrimmed Completionist Cape
594Agile legsTrimmed Completionist Cape
595Pig creation machine (tier 2)Master Quest Cape
596Hobgoblin ChampionTrimmed Completionist Cape
59775 CookingTrimmed Completionist Cape
598Statue of Rhiannon x32Trimmed Completionist Cape
59992 SlayerCompletionist Cape
600Tuska maskCompletionist Cape
60183 MiningMaster Quest Cape
602Azdaran Fragment 2Master Quest Cape
60390 AgilityTrimmed Completionist Cape
604Agile topTrimmed Completionist Cape
60577 HunterCompletionist Cape
60676 FishingCompletionist Cape
607Tirannwn Medium TasksCompletionist Cape
608Sheep ShearerMaster Quest Cape
609Skeleton ChampionTrimmed Completionist Cape
610Leon d'CourTrimmed Completionist Cape
61187 DungeoneeringCompletionist Cape
612Daemonheim Hard TasksCompletionist Cape
613Zombie ChampionTrimmed Completionist Cape
61485 HerbloreCompletionist Cape
61589 CraftingCompletionist Cape
616Super melee potionCompletionist Cape
617Ancient elven wedding ringMaster Quest Cape
61891 ThievingCompletionist Cape
619Desert Elite TasksCompletionist Cape
62080 CookingCompletionist Cape
62185 FletchingCompletionist Cape
622Seers' Village Hard TasksCompletionist Cape
62392 HerbloreCompletionist Cape
624Seers' Village Elite TasksCompletionist Cape
62588 HunterCompletionist Cape
62685 WoodcuttingCompletionist Cape
62793 FletchingCompletionist Cape
62894 SlayerCompletionist Cape
629Wilderness Elite TasksCompletionist Cape
630Bones to PeachesCompletionist Cape
63180 FarmingMaster Quest Cape
63280 FiremakingMaster Quest Cape
63380 FishingMaster Quest Cape
63480 RunecraftingMaster Quest Cape
635Broken Home chest (tier 8)Master Quest Cape
63690 CraftingMaster Quest Cape
637Dororan's onyx amuletMaster Quest Cape
63885 MiningMaster Quest Cape
639Azdaran Fragment 3Master Quest Cape
64090 PrayerMaster Quest Cape
641Press F to pay respectsMaster Quest Cape
64292 PrayerCompletionist Cape
64388 SmithingCompletionist Cape
64492 FiremakingCompletionist Cape
645Char's Training: Symbol of ZarosMaster Quest Cape
646Inferno AdzeMaster Quest Cape
647Fairy Tale III CampfireMaster Quest Cape
64895 CookingCompletionist Cape
649Varrock Elite TasksCompletionist Cape
65095 PrayerCompletionist Cape
65190 FishingCompletionist Cape
652Falador Elite TasksCompletionist Cape
65382 RunecraftingCompletionist Cape
65490 SmithingCompletionist Cape
65596 FishingCompletionist Cape
656Fremennik Elite TasksCompletionist Cape
65791 FarmingCompletionist Cape
658Prifddinas Spirit TreeCompletionist Cape
65994 HerbloreCompletionist Cape
66086 SummoningCompletionist Cape
661Morytania Elite TasksCompletionist Cape
66287 SummoningCompletionist Cape
663Tirannwn Hard TasksCompletionist Cape
66491 SmithingCompletionist Cape
66593 SummoningCompletionist Cape
666Ardougne Elite TasksCompletionist Cape
66795 DungeoneeringCompletionist Cape
66885 DivinationCompletionist Cape
66995 SmithingCompletionist Cape
67098 CraftingCompletionist Cape
671Daemonheim Elite TasksCompletionist Cape
67295 SummoningCompletionist Cape
67391 RunecraftingCompletionist Cape
674Karamja Elite TasksCompletionist Cape
67589 MiningCompletionist Cape
676Trahaern Smithing LampCompletionist Cape
677Azdaran Fragments 4 + 5Master Quest Cape
67890 HunterCompletionist Cape
67990 MiningCompletionist Cape
68091 MiningMaster Quest Cape
681Azdaran Fragment 6Master Quest Cape
68292 MiningMaster Quest Cape
683Azdaran Fragment 7Master Quest Cape
68493 MiningMaster Quest Cape
685Azdaran Fragment 8Master Quest Cape
68694 MiningMaster Quest Cape
687Azdaran Fragment 9Master Quest Cape
68895 MiningMaster Quest Cape
689Azdaran Fragment 10Master Quest Cape
69095 SlayerCompletionist Cape
69195 ThievingCompletionist Cape
69290 ConstructionCompletionist Cape
693Pig creation machine (tier 3)Master Quest Cape
69490 DivinationCompletionist Cape
69590 WoodcuttingCompletionist Cape
696Tirannwn Elite TasksCompletionist Cape
697Dishonor among Thieves XP chest 3Master Quest Cape
698Broken Home chest (tier 9)Master Quest Cape
699Head of the FamilyCompletionist Cape
700Flag FallCompletionist Cape
701Jed HunterCompletionist Cape
702Eye for an EyeCompletionist Cape
703HarbingerCompletionist Cape
704Ghosts from the PastCompletionist Cape
705Damage ControlCompletionist Cape
706Tuai Let's OwnCompletionist Cape
707Final DestinationCompletionist Cape
70896 HerbloreCompletionist Cape
70996 SummoningCompletionist Cape
710All remaining boss-related goalsCompletionist Cape
711All remaining ChampionsTrimmed Completionist Cape
712Unholy symbolsMaster Quest Cape
713Kill 4,000 chompy birdsTrimmed Completionist Cape
71495 HunterCompletionist Cape
715Turn in implings to DaffydCompletionist Cape
71696 SlayerMaster Quest Cape
717Raptor slayer monster lore booksMaster Quest Cape
718113 DungeoneeringTrimmed Completionist Cape
719Kal'gerion TitlesTrimmed Completionist Cape
7235k from Explorer Jack
7246th Age Circuit Upgrade
725A Shadow over Ashdale treasures
726Adamant Dragon Journals
727Advise Sister Cecilia
728All Silver Penny Rewards
729Ancient Cavern fairy ring
730Ancient staff
731Ava's Alerter Elite Clue
732Barrows amulets
733Beacon keeper map
734Bill Teach 10k
735Broom enchantment (teleport)
736Chat with Sliske
737Chimp ices
738Codex Ultimatus
739Contraband Yak Produce
740Crandor Passage
741Crystal teleport to Temple of Light
742Cure Razmire and Ulsquire
743Demon statuettes
744Digsite pendant
745Dishonor among Thieves loot chests
746Dominion Journal
747Dorgesh-Kaan market trading
748Dragon Forge + Movario's Base
749Dulcin Armor
750Enchanted key
751Explorer's notes
752Fairy Tale Part III Herb Cache
753Fairy Tale Part III Shortcuts
754Firemaker's Costume
755Forcae's journal
756Free Droalak
757Free the Rogue
758Helm of Trials (reqs are approx)
759Hidden Ga'al
760Kipple Nano
761Klenter's Pyramid chest
762Mad Ramblings
763Maellus Daemoniorum
764Max Temple Trekking
765Meiyerditch Lab hidden treasures
766Mining helmet
767Monkey Madness Medium Clue
768My notes
769Noted Pyramid Plunder Rewards
770Ornate Bowl
771Ourania Teleport
772Purple cat
773Rogue Trader
774Rusty Anchor Bartender Reward
775Scabarite Research
776Small scarab shortcut
777Speak to Veliaf after River of Blood
778Stone fragments
779Stronghold of Security
780Tales of the God Wars
781Tarddian Journals
782Templar Armor
783The Epic of Bukalla
784Tooth Creature
785Trollheim Teletabs + Guard's Tree
786Uglug's Stuffsies
787Unlock all eagles
788Unlock haemalchemy
790Yelps' very own cash bag
791Koschei's Red & Green Jewels
792Miscellaneous journals
793Behemoth notes
794Marmaros and Thok letters
795Stalker notes
796Kal'gerion notes
797All Port Storylines
798Mysterious chronicles
799Sedridor's chest
800Tim & Crunchy pets
801All Combination Potions
803Burthorpe Tasks
804Cave Wolf Matriarch
805Freneskae Memoriam Crystals
806New Varrock Tasks
807Prawn Perks
808Prifddinas Memoriam Crystals
809Tune Bane Ore
810Vampyre Plushies
811Waiko Reward Shop unlocks
812Waiko Reward Shop upgrades
81399 Defense
814Of the Amlodd
81599 Dungeoneering
81699 Magic
81799 Ranged
81899 Attack
819Reefwalker Cape
820Quin Storyline
82199 Strength
82399 Crafting
82499 Hunter
82599 Thieving
82699 Farming
82799 Cooking
82899 Prayer
829Crystal tool siphon
83099 Smithing
83199 Fletching
83299 Mining
83399 Firemaking
83499 Herblore
83599 Fishing
836Tortle portals
83799 Construction
838120 Dungeoneering
83999 Slayer
840Slayer Master
84199 Summoning
84299 Runecrafting
843Invention Tech Trees
84499 Agility
84599 Divination
84699 Woodcutting
84799 Invention
848120 Invention
849All Artisan Workshop rewards
850All Dungeoneering Scrolls
851Champion's tackle box
852Full profound equipment
853Full Waiko + Ports Reward Shop completion
854Mobilizing Armies 401 Rank
855Nomad (Hard Mode)
856Rank 1 Esteem
857The Penance Slayer
858All Slayer rewards
859Prawn Points
860All Circus clothing
861All Reaper permanent effects
862Of Daemonheim
8631,250 Conquest
864Senntisten scrolls
Daughter of Chaos
Battle of Forinthryhigh

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