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This is a collection of various code tests and descriptions on how to use them. Primarily HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.
make an image or element grayscale switch on mouse over

mouse over the image to see the effect also used: transitions random image

2:21 am, April 26, 2024
echo the page id from wordpress

11:42 pm, March 21, 2024
rotate an element when its hover

add and remove the class open to rotate

11:31 pm, March 21, 2024
rotate an element when its selected

add and remove the class open to rotate

11:30 pm, March 21, 2024
extract a wordpress menu using its id

when you edit the menu in wordpress you can check the url, and it will have the id to extract in the following string: /wp-admin/nav-menus.php?menu=12

1:25 am, March 15, 2024
Left Fixed nav with right fluid content

left fixed nav section with right fluid section css and html using flexbox

12:43 am, March 15, 2024
add a page template in a wordpress theme

duplicate the page.php to a new php file usually with the template name as the file name with no spaces file in wordpress theme and add the following line to the top.

12:31 am, March 15, 2024
php simple html dom
find a custom data attribute in simple html dom

locate the div based on a custom data attribute, in this case the data-field="regularMarketChange" full docs

12:39 pm, March 13, 2024
css html vertical center

seems to break this layout... there must be a better way... 

11:54 pm, March 3, 2024
jqueryui date selector with examples and code with custom date formatting

Datepicker using jquery ui with current date and date formatting. as dd-mm-yy Example Date formatting with selector  

6:12 am, February 27, 2024
css cursor types testing

testing all (most) of the available css cursor types, you can mouse over to test how the cursors react depending on your browser type and operating system.  refs

5:44 am, February 27, 2024
CSS Object Fit for Image fill rather than using background image on a div

CSS Object Fit can crop off the sides of an image, while also preserving its aspect ratio, and then fill in the space to fit any size.  Object Fit You can use: object-fit: With the following ..

3:47 am, February 23, 2024
flip card animation 3d front and back css html

3d flipping card with front and back content and animation

11:15 pm, February 15, 2024
six box grid css html custom no gap

re-usable four box grid with no gap, plus stack on responsive 1024px

12:38 am, February 7, 2024
four box grid css html custom

re-usable four box grid with gap calculations

12:37 am, February 7, 2024
4 box custom grid with responsive

simple 4 box 25% grid with a responsive break at 1024px to stack the boxes in the grid

2:50 am, February 5, 2024
Kinda Crappy 3D button code

11:47 pm, January 22, 2024
green circle tick svg

converted into inline css and html

12:06 am, January 15, 2024
use an image in your list items ol ul li

replacing the default ul li list with an image prefix

12:02 am, January 15, 2024
How to Enable Linux Subsystem in Windows

Enabling the linux subsystem in windows allows you to use linux within windows.  To enable linux sub system in windows you can do the following.  In the start menu type "Windows features..

11:35 pm, January 8, 2024
css grid container with 4 auto columns

12:58 am, December 22, 2023
font awesome spinner loader loading spinner

just a simple font awesome spinner to use for loading areas

11:48 pm, December 12, 2023
Quick Embed code for Titillium Web Google Font

Quick Embed code for Titillium Web Google Font and a bit of test code to see if the font is working properly. Im not sure if including all styles of this font is a good idea. Who even uses italic thes..

3:12 am, December 12, 2023
Quick Embed Figtree Font

Quick embed code and test paragraph for the google font figtree

3:08 am, December 5, 2023
Using the HTML tag details for easy accordions

Using the HTML Tag ` ` for automatic accordions.

12:32 am, October 27, 2023
wordpress jquery find and replace option text value

renames the Select Category in the option value 1 to Topics add to the footer, uses jQuery rather than $ but you can just switch to $ if not using the wordpress jquery init. 

1:03 am, October 18, 2023
Video different sources on screen sizes video embed html responsive

video embed tag using media tag to switch video sources depending on screen size This example will switch the video souce at 800px screen width.

1:31 am, September 6, 2023
wordpress block grid code

the basic wordpress grid column layout this is a 3 col layout

1:25 am, September 5, 2023
mysql to sqlite notes

  ### MySQL to SQLite converter ```pip instal..

4:33 am, August 3, 2023
display a subnav for the current wordpress page

good if you are doing custom page work and need to show the current sub nav somewhere other than the main menu. 

1:59 am, August 1, 2023
clean excess binary logs from mysql - free up space

Update: 30 July 2023 I actually prefer this command, i just have to figure out why im getting so many binlog files! MYSQL PURGE BINARY LOGS BEFORE '2023-07-30 00:00:00';PURGE BINARY LOGS BEFORE NOW..

1:16 am, July 4, 2023
select something with custom data attribute css

selecting something by its custom data attribute and value in css

2:00 am, June 27, 2023
fancybox youtube showing video links in a lightbox - updated with fixed code parts

do people still use lightboxes, it seems yes in some cases. ;) if you feel the urge to use lightboxes and need to link to some youtube videos this is how you can do it. you will need jquery and fanc..

6:43 am, June 26, 2023
How To Install SQLite on Ubuntu 20.04

  Bash sudo apt install sqlite3 and to get it working with php, pick your version of php and change the following Bash sudo apt-get install php7.4-sqlite3

7:36 am, June 14, 2023
sqlite escape string

simple sqlite php escaped string 

6:02 am, May 10, 2023
javascript functions
make clickable element with clickable class open link in new window

makes an element with a link into a clickable element. This finds the 1st a tag in the target element and then opens the link in a _blank tab. Then if you have an element that you want to be clickabl..

2:58 am, May 2, 2023
Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset 4 in simple_html_dom.php on line 722

Initial thought on this error is that there is a version issue. This only happened on version 1.11 for me, will check what other version i have.  Yep not sure why but the older version of php ht..

5:02 am, April 18, 2023
php function
function causing slow load time

i had this function matching a uid using a binary select query. The sites were loading in about 8 full seconds according to my load timer, sometimes up to 12 seconds! So this was running on old site ..

2:46 am, April 13, 2023
php functions
show views list function

list items by the view count

10:52 pm, April 12, 2023
php functions
list page links function list_page_links

list top number of page links from selected table test run time on db of 4k items.  select * from pages where publish = 'publish' order by insdate desc limit 10 10 rows (0.005 s)

10:48 pm, April 12, 2023
php errors
error Warning: getimagesize(uploads/583517f49099a.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in SimpleImage.php on line 1198

i think this error is just caused by a missing file. But there should be some kind of error checking here to not crash the whole site just due to a missing image file. this error is quite hard to fin..

7:07 am, April 11, 2023
Deprecated: parse_str(): Calling parse_str() without the result argument is deprecated

I had this error on a function that i was not even sure i was calling. This was on some old code i was testing for an old site, i must have fixed this error on a never version of the function.  ..

6:39 am, April 11, 2023
php functions
Return a file extention from a string

This php function returns a file extention from a string.  I think it will only work if the string does not have any additional . in it.  I think a better way to do this function would be ..

5:45 am, April 7, 2023
getcwd usage in php to get the current working directory for file includes

the builtin function getcwd in php gets the current working directory, this can then be used to include files or check the current working directory rather than manually adding the directory into your..

4:13 am, April 6, 2023
chart js line chart dont show below 0 and add axis labels

Now we take the chart js chart and add some axis labels on x and y using the same options values. This will also add axis labels to the chart on the x and y axis Javascript options: { scales: {..

2:42 am, April 5, 2023
chart js line chart dont show below 0

had an issue where the chart was displaying values in the negative, and wanted to start the chart at 0 and no go below. the additional option fixed this issue.  Javascript options: { scales..

1:37 am, April 5, 2023

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