2:58 am, May 2, 2023

make clickable element with clickable class open link in new window

makes an element with a link into a clickable element. This finds the 1st a tag in the target element and then opens the link in a _blank tab.

Then if you have an element that you want to be clickable and open in a _blank tab just add the class clickable-blank.

Combination of this:


and this:




<div class='clickable-blank some-padding'>
<a href='https://kruxor.com/view/code/ZJEyX/'>Im a Link</a>
But this whole div should be clickable and open in a _blank tab


.some-padding {
.clickable-blank {


    var a_ele = $(this).find('a').attr('href');
    return false;
Im a Link But this whole div should be clickable and open in a _blank tab

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