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1:45 pm, May 27, 2023

How to Slay Abyssal Savage for Slayer Task

What are Abyssal Savage?

Abyssal savages are a type of demon players can find in the Senntisten Asylum and the Wilderness. They are the third strongest of the Abyssal Slayer creatures. 

They are capable of teleporting around much like abyssal demons. Despite attacking with magic, they can only attack when in melee range of the player.

Slayer Required Level for Abyssal Savage

Abyssal Savage require a Slayer level of 95 in order to be harmed.

How to Slay the Abyssal Savage for Slayer Task

The Abyssal Savage have a Weakness for Water Spells.

Gear Setup for Abyssal Savage

Mage Gear with Water Runes for Water based attacks are most effective for the Abyssal Savage. 

Bring your best mage gear setup. 

Cape: Best you Have

  • Neck: Demonhorn Necklace
  • Ring: DPS
  • Wand: Any
  • Gloves: Cinderbane

Common Drops from the Abyssal Savage

Abyssal Savage drop between 3,000 and 6,600 coins. Also Herbs and Earth Orbs. Half Keys and Rune Salvages 

How to get to Abyssal Savage

An easy place to find the Abyssal Savage is juse west and then north of the wilderness load stone. 

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