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9:49 am, July 24, 2022

RS3 Slayer - Feral Dinosaurs

About Feral Dinosaurs

Note: Avoid this task, it seems to take ages, and is quite slow although the xp is ok. Good if you want to sit and watch something while AFKing these i guess.

i picked this task not really knowing what it would be about, i guessed they would be in anacrondia somewhere.

There is a safespot where you can range them from apparently, too avoid their special attack.

these things hit hard! make sure you get in the safe spot, this task takes quite a while as well as they have a lot of health, even with fairly nice gear they take a while to take down.

How to get to the Feral Dinosaurs Location

Head to anacrondia, and then north. they are located in this general area.

Safespot Location

to safespot these just stand behind that rock there and range them.

Feral Dinos Wiki

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