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11:04 pm, December 13, 2022

RS3 Slayer - Ganodermic Creatures

Ganodermic beasts are monsters requiring a Slayer level of 95 to kill. They are found at the bottom of the Polypore Dungeon (this includes the Agility and resource section). Players cannot receive these as a Slayer task if their Magic level is below 60 as magic is the only style of combat that harms them.

Note: Im still not even sure what a slayer token is and how i have them. But apparently these are better than the mammoths.


LANIAKEA: The last Ganodermic beast I killed I found fire spells took them down effectively.

Magic Spells only take these ones down. 


Ganodermic beasts and runts live in the depths of a cave north-east of the
Mage Training Arena. The creatures of that dungeon are coated in toxic
fungus, so you should fight them from a distance. The fungus helps them
repair physical damage, so you might prefer using magical attacks.

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RS3 Slayer - Ganodermic Creatures 

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