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3:04 am, July 23, 2022

RS3 Slayer - Creatures of the Lost Grove - Vine Crawlers - Location and Methods

Just make sure here you dont have any multi target abilities or multiple of these will attack you, i just did this when changing my combat bars, and it didnt end too well for me.

About Creatures of the Lost Grove

These creatures drop some nice things, and are quite high level and hit hard. This is not a good AFK slayer task, as even the lower level ones have a large hit, and if you are not paying attention your health can drop quite rapidly.

When i first started these ones, i died in about the 1st few minutes as i was not paying attention and not using deflect magic, these dudes use magic attacks so use deflect magic at all times.

Using Deflect Magic

Also use overloads and when they have the purpple rings appear around them, move over 2 spaces or so, maybe can just move over one, but i do 2 to be safe, otherwise this thing hits you for 3k+ or so.

What to bring

Overloads, Ranged Gear, Food, Pak Yack for additional food, prayer pots.

How to get there

Ring of dualing to castle wars and then head south and west to get too the grove.

To get to the lower level creatures, just head north west on the island and they should come up there. Vine Crawlers seem to be the easier ones to take down for the slayer tasks.

How to fight Vine Crawlers

Just use deflect magic and overloads, and then range them. Once you see the purple rings move over a tile or 2 so you dont get hit by it.

Combat Bars

This is the setup i use for combat bars using 2x crossbows. I did have ricochet on there as well, but it is not good to multi target these.

  1. corruption shot
  2. needle strike
  3. binding shot
  4. fragmentation shot
  5. snipe
  6. rapid fire
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