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12:55 am, October 21, 2022

KruXoR - October 2022 - Newsletter

Maybe i should convert this into a monthly newsletter, as this seems to be about the amount of time it takes me to get motivted to write another one of these posts! :) 

Its kind of a anytime news letter. 

Spam is annoying

I have been getting quite a lot of spam lately in the comment system. Its just bots filling in the comments, and its getting quite hard to filter it. I use the google recapture with server side checking of the key, but the spam seems to still get through this somehow. I have disabled the comments for now.

I tried adding it to discus but its just an iframe comment system, which is a bit annoying and not really what im looking for. 

Sub Spam

Subscriber spam, they (the bots) even seem to submit emails to this so i cant tell if its a real email subscriber or not. I replaced this with a very ugly subscribe form from mail chimp, but its really just annoying. 

I will just have to manually filter these emails i think.  


My cat died this week, she had a long life for a cat i think 22 years. There is a widget with her gif video on the side of this site. I may do a page as well, but i guess that is a bit weird.

Other Links and Random Things

Shows all the new and old html tags, fun to look around and find new elements here. 


An open-source, community-oriented Apple Music client for Windows, Linux, macOS, and more. Good if you have apple music and want to access within an app for windows. 

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