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11:48 pm, October 27, 2022

find a text string and replace it in javascript

There is a function in javascript called replace.

You can just give it some text and it should replace it with your target text. 

For example #1 this just runs and replaces the first instance of the text. So you can see here how it finds that text nd just replaces that. 


Then for example #2 it runs a global replace with the /g after the search text. So it will replace all instances of that text when the function is run. 

You need to replace the quotes with a / and then the search text and the /g at the end. 


<div id="target1">I am the target text 1234.</div>
<div id="target2">I am the target text 1234.</div>

<div id="target3">I am the target text 5678.</div>
<div id="target4">I am the target text 5678.</div>

<button onclick="runreplace();" class="btn btn-success mb-3">run replace example #1</button>
<button onclick="runreplaceg();" class="btn btn-success mb-3">run replace global example #2</button>


function runreplace() {
	document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace('target text 1234', '<b>KruXoR</b>');

function runreplaceg() {
	document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace(/target text 5678/g, '<b>KruXoR</b>');
I am the target text 1234.
I am the target text 1234.
I am the target text 5678.
I am the target text 5678.

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