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12:24 am, September 13, 2022

How to switch desktops in windows 11 with keyboard

this is just a quick one as i could not see the option, which you would think they would add to the new desktop switching screen.. Anyway here is how you can switch desktops in windows 11 and create new ones.

Create a new desktop with CTRL + WIN + D

then you can switch to the new desktop with 

CTRL + WIN + ARROW (right or left)


Also if you want to see all your windows desktops and apps you can press WIN + TAB rather than the old ALT + TAB and using the WIN + TAB you can then drag your apps from one desktop to the other desktop.

Say that you have some work apps and then some other apps, so you can kinda keep a work desktop and a other desktop if you want. 

Im not sure if this persists through a reboot, i will have to test it. It even seems to change the apps at the bottom. So thats kinda cool. No more moving apps all around the place. 

Own your desktop and make things easier for your workflow!

Note: I thought this would be a good opportunity to use the KBD html tag for the keyboard shortcuts!

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