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2:35 am, March 10, 2022

Core Function : list_search_by_class_return_links - List Searches by Class Type and Return Links

Function that list's the latest and top searches by the class name and return a list of links, with the search totals on them. 

I wanted to extract the top searches and the latest searches by date, for a particular class to list as text links to the search page for showing under the search box on the sections over view page. This function returns the required links. 


  List searches by class and return links, for use under the search box as latest or top searches.
  Also could list them in a widget under the class name.
  public function list_search_by_class_return_links(
    $search_class = "content",
    $search_type = "latest",
    $max = 10
  ) {
      global $functions;
      global $base_directory;

      $max = $this->db->escapeString($max);
      $search_class = $this->db->escapeString($search_class);

      $out = "";
      if($search_type == "latest") {
        $sql = "select * from searches where search_class = '$search_class' order by insdate desc limit $max";
      if($search_type == "top") {
        $sql = "select * from searches where search_class = '$search_class' order by search_number desc limit $max";
      $result = $this->db->query($sql);
      if(!$result) {
        return "Nothing Found";
      while($row = $result->fetchArray()) {
        $search_term = $row['search_term'];
        $search_term_html = htmlentities($search_term);
        $search_term_url = urlencode($search_term);
        $search_class = $row['search_class'];
        $search_number = $row['search_number'];
        $search_number_nice = $functions->restyle_number($search_number);
        $out .= "<a href='$base_directory/search/$search_class/$search_term_url/' class='search-link-text'><span class='search-num badge bg-info text-dark'>$search_number_nice</span> $search_term_html</a>";
      $out = "<div class='search-links-text'>$out</div>";
      return $out;

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