8:55 am, November 29, 2022

Generate a Random Username - Version 1

This utility will generate a random username every time its run it uses an array of random names and can also apply a prefix to the username. 

This will generate 10 usernames randomly each time the page is reloaded. Its currently based on a small set of names that it uses to generate the subsequent names. 

Thoughts on this tool are here

5 Random Usernames with Prefix

[Frozen] Gang Vocal Commotion
[Dark] Duster Clam
[New] Melon
[Boss] Slimping Oyster
[Good] Rattlesnake Bow Shears

5 Random Usernames without Prefix

Gang Fizzle
Gang Bumper Jack
Irritating Cheery

No Items Found.

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Generate a Random Username - Version 1
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