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A New Image Slider Replacement - Slick Slides

2:17 am, April 23, 2017

Original Post Date: 3:12 am, September 19, 2014

Ok its not slick bro..  its the last carousel you'll ever need

Its Slick tho! :P

You can see an example on the home page and the gallery page, looks good. nice and easy and responsive where it needs to be. default options are off so they have to be enabled, but apart from that its good. 

I usually use this code to get it going:

if($(".slider").length) {
	$(".slider").slick({ dots: true, autoplay: true });

then include the following, well include it first:

CDN hosted slick is a great way to get set up quick:

In your add:


Then, before your closing tag add:

For more usage options check the link below.