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Links n Stuff for 10 Jan 2013

2:17 am, April 23, 2017

Original Post Date: 2:49 am, September 30, 2013

Here are just some of the links i have found interesting in the last... few days.

Homer: There's three ways to do things. The right way, the wrong way, and the Max Power way!
Bart: Isn't that the wrong way?
Homer: Yeah. But faster!
- "Homer to the Max"

Minecraft Server Related - bukkit

The mc.kruxor.com server, site: kruxor.com/mc :



Creating a new map, and teleporting there.

/mv create creative NORMAL
/mv create survival NORMAL
/mv tp survival
/mv set spawn



Creating a new portal and linking them.

/mvp create newspawn
/mvp modify dest p:portal_b
/mvp modify dest w:survival:newspawn
/mvp select newspawn
/mvp modify dest w:world:warps
/mvp modify dest e:world:warps

Permissions Ex

Permissions Example


Minecraft Colours Reference


Top Minecraft server Mods on Curse - http://www.curse.com/server-mods/minecraft

Citizens 2 - Minecraft Mod

Tried to get this one working, but failed :( I will try again after more patches, might not be working properly with the latest craft bukkit.


Creating NPC's - Couldnt get this working. But assume its a version problem.

/npc create NPC Name
/trait sentry
/npc create NPC Name --trait sentry
/npc create NPC vanderzone --trait sentry


/npc create Bob --trait builder
/builder list
/builder load house

Virtual Player - Plugin


Simulates a player connecting.

Commands: dc = do command, <virtual player> = the name of virtual player

dc <virtual player> any command you would normally do as a player
dc <virtual player> op : op virtual player
dc <virtual player> deop : deop virtual player
dc <virtual player> respawn : respawn the virtual player
dc <virtual player> disconnect
dc <virtual player> connect
dc <virtual player> reconnect
dc <virtual player> health <amount> : give the virtual player some health ( or kill them if 0 )
dc <virtual player> inv : print out their inventory
dc <virtual player> giveinv <item> : give them an item
dc <virtual player> tp <location> : teleport them to the given location ( "world,3,3,3" )
dc <virtual player> chat my message : have the virtual player talk in chat
dc <virtual player> hit <player2> [damage] : attack other players, defaults to 5 damage
dc <virtual player> interact <left | right> <location> : do a PlayerInteractEvent on the specified block location
/dc <virtual player> bpe <block> <location> : do a BlockPlaceEvent of the given material at the given location
/dc <virtual player> bbe <location> : do a BlockBreakEvent at the given location

dc p1 spawn
dc p2 disconnect
dc p1 chat Hello Server!
/dc p3 bpe iron_block world,310,65,700 : Place an iron_block at world,310,65,700
/dc kruxor bpe iron_block world,310,65,700
/dc kruxor bbe world,310,65,700
/dc <virtual player> bbe
/dc kruxor spawn
/dc kruxor connect
/dc kruxor disconnect
/dc kruxor chat moo

PHP / Coding / Web Dev

Cool and Misc

Personal Annual report - http://jehiah.cz/one-two/