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Chuwi Hi8 Pro ( CWI513 ) - Windows 10 x64 1607 Upgrade Notes

2:17 am, April 23, 2017

So i was trying to install the latest version of windows 10 on my Chuwi Hi8 and it basically has no space free on there to allow it.

Tools Required:

  1. Chuwi Hi8 Tablet
  2. SD Card 16 gig or more
  3. USBC to USB 3 Female adapter (only needed if you need to install the kb3176938 manually)

I tried several methods to free up some space in windows like compressing the windows files and deleting the pagefile and hibernate file, but it still does not have enough space to extract all the windows files and install the new ones as it only has a total of 16gb to start with as the drive is split.

Here's what i had to do to install the new version Anniversary Edition of windows on the Chuwi Hi8 Pro.

Download the latest version of windows here: 

I chose to download the single language edition as i think it's a bit smaller, and i don't speak any other languages so may as well just get the english version.

Once you have the iso file, mount it as a drive and copy the files to a memory card readable by the Chuwi.

I still had a few things installed on there minecraft, bitdefender and chrome. So free space before installation was 3.24 GB / 16.7 GB not much to work with there.

I initially downloaded the 32 bit version, when i ran the setup it told me to run the 64 bit installer. So now ill download that version instead...

Downloaded the 64 bit english international version of windows. Now its asking for a product key. Not sure what will happen if you try this and don't have one. But i have one all ready to go, so will try that and hopefully it will be activated. Hopefully this will not break anything.

I think it asked for a prod key due to the fact that i had downloaded the wrong version (again).

Ok tried for the third time to get the correct iso. Extracting the content of Win10_1607_English_x64.iso and then copying to the sd card. This PC took about 30 minutes to extract the files (yeah this pc is slow). Had to switch to android to copy the files over to the sd card as i don't have a card reader.

Installation took around 2.5 hours once the files were copied.

I logged in for the first time and it seemed fine, then it locked up. So i hard reset it. Logged in again and it locked up. Turns out i had the issue as i had put apps on another drive and that causes it to lock up until the kb3176938 update is installed. So how do i install it without having access to a working account?

Turns out that i had to enable the administrator account again, luckily i had bought the usb-c to regular usb adapter so i could connect a keyboard to the Chuwi as you need to press the restart button on the boot screen while holding shift. Once you do this it will give you some options, you want to go into Trouble shoot / advanced / startup settings and then choose boot in safe mode, and you want to choose safe mode with networking when it asks you.

Then you can login, and run the following command to enable the admin account.

Enable Admin Account in Windows 10

  1. Get a command prompt running, WIN + R, type cmd
  2. Type this in: net user administrator /active:yes

Restart the tablet again in normal mode.

Login as the administrator account.

Now i downloaded the patch manually and just installed it that way, but you can also go into windows updates and install the kb3176938 that way if you prefer.

Then do a disc cleanup and you should be good to go with windows 10 x64 build 1607!

I ended up with 4.6gig free after the installation and cleanup so back to how it was before pretty much. but the new version of windows is much better, so was worth the effort.