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Chuwi Hi8 Pro ( CWI513 ) - Windows 10 x64 1607 Upgrade Notes

So i was trying to install the latest version of windows 10 on my Chuwi Hi8 and it basically has no space free on there to allow it. Tools ..

How to access the hidden news app in IOS9

Original Post Date: 2:54 am, September 18, 2015 So i updated to IOS 9 last night and was looking for the new news app. Now i dont know abou..


This is a site where i basically just post whatever i feel like at the time, it has no one particular topic but usually. Just my ideas and links and random bits of code that i find.

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Looking for the kruxor minecraft server mc.kruxor.com? we have migrated it to... icekraft.com if you want to play on there just connect to play.icekraft.com:25535 or mc.kruxor.com should also still work.

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