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660+ Free Online Programming & Computer Science Courses You Can Start This July

Seven years ago, universities like MIT and Stanford first opened up free online courses to the public. Today, more than 900 schools[1] around the world have created thousands of f..

12:53 am, July 16, 2019

GitHub - HaschekSolutions/cryptotrader: This is an experimental trading bot framework written in PHP. It may contain bugs and should not be trusted with much money

3:38 am, July 16, 2018

I will tell you exactly what is going on here, this is critical information to understand if you are going to make money in this space. How prices work, and what moves them - and it's not money invested/withdrawn.

I've made a similar post in a few spots, and this is something that is absolutely critical for people to understand... what impacts price, and what is going on lately. Price has only a very minor corr..

2:40 am, February 6, 2018

Cryptocurrency trading news

11:38 pm, January 23, 2018

Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not - The New York Times

9:42 pm, January 14, 2018

Cryptocurrency news and discussions.

10:56 pm, January 8, 2018

Sia Mining Address

10:31 pm, January 7, 2018

GitHub - cazala/coin-hive-stratum: use CoinHive's JavaScript miner on any stratum pool

2:07 am, December 19, 2017


3:13 am, December 13, 2017

BlackCoin mining - Crypto Mining Blog

3:13 am, December 13, 2017

Securely Generating and Storing an Ethereum Wallet – Hacker Noon

2:59 am, December 13, 2017

Cryptocurrency Mining vs. Bitcoin Mining Profitability | CoinWarz

10:56 pm, December 7, 2017

GitHub - butor/blackbird: Blackbird Bitcoin Arbitrage: a long/short market-neutral strategy

2:42 am, November 29, 2017


This is my test area for webdev. I keep a collection of code snippits here, mostly for my reference. Also if i find a good site, i usually add it here.