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4:36 am, September 6, 2022

basic section item with foundation wrap and grid - single item in section

section with inner and outer css selectors for reuse and basic layout formatting.

you can then search for "section-name" and replace it with your own section name. 

  • section-name
  • section-name-inner
  • section-name-content


<section class="section-name">
	<div class="grid-container">
		<div class="section-name-inner">
			<div class="grid-x grid-padding-x">
				<div class="large-12 cell">
					<div class="section-name-content">
						<h1>Section Main Title</h1>
						<h2>Section Sub Title</h2>
						<p>Section Text area in p tag. </p>


/* section-name */
.section-name {}
.section-name-inner {}
.section-name-content {}
.section-name h1 {}
.section-name h2 {}
.section-name p {}
/* section-name */

Section Main Title

Section Sub Title

Section Text area in p tag.

External Link for basic section item with foundation wrap and grid - single item in section

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