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11:22 pm, December 5, 2021

Mac Apps

Thought i would start a post here on what app's i have found as windows alternatives, and other free and handy mac app's.

Screen Capture into GIF format

You can capture the screen with command shift 4 and record it with command shift 5 but to convert this to a gif requires you uploading the movie to some other app, which can be annoying. On windows i use ShareX which does an awesome job at this.

I found this one but not yet tested, will see how it goes. 

Tested this one and it seems to record the mouse moving around but not the things below it, which is a bit weird. Maybe its just a bug in this version?

Will keep searching...

On a forum i saw they suggested that you just record the movie, and then convert it to gif with Gifski which you can get on the app store or using the brew command in terminal, i will try this and see how annoying it is. Might be ok. 

brew install gifski

or install gifski via the app store

Monitor the Temp of Your Mac M1

This is an awesome little app called Hot, and shows the temp of the mac. 

You can download the latest version of Hot here.


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